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Kagura Millennium Festival Emblem, only used by Ryōki

The Kagura Millenium Festival or Kagura Thousand-Years Festival is an event in the Senran Kagura Universe, and the main subject of Senran Kagura: Estival Versus.

Like its name suggests, it is a festival occurring every 1,000 years in order to celebrate True Kagura, and her work of Yōma extermination. It is also the occasion for deceased shinobi who still hold on to regrests to finally pass on and reach the afterlife.


The Millennium Festival is celebrated in another dimension, on an island within a post-apocalyptic world resulting from the attack of Shin. Aside from the island, the entire world is covered in water.

It is organized by one Kagura or ex-Kagura who is assisted by three Shrine Maidens. The Kagura can choose the help of a specific spirit in order to assist herself and have a fifth member in her team, constituting the Overseers of the Festival who watch, manage, and influence the Festival.

The Kagura can then summon specific groups of individuals, like shinobi teams constituted of 5 members each. The Kagura then organizes a "game" for them, the Shinobi Bon Dance, where the teams fight each other, with the path to the Kagura rank being opened to the winners. The Festival carries on for eight days and nights.

The island the Festival is set on is a large, tropical paradise surrounded by water. There are a few structures around including an hotel, some docks, a stage, and even a swimming pool and a bar. The sea around the island is populated by some species of octopus. However when fighting, the shinobi are able to alter the environment within the Shinobi Barrier to almost any scene for the battle.

During the Festival, time is essentially stopped in the outside world. However, some particularly strong shinobi may become aware of being frozen in time and be able to break themselves out of it.

Shinobi Bon Dance

The Shinobi Bon Dance is the main activity during the Festival, the guests are in teams of five and have to fight each other in order to destroy a Festival Platform, which is a wooden tower built for the occasion with a big firework triggered at the tower's destruction.

There are 81 Platforms as part of the Festival, so with five teams that's 16 Platforms per team plus 1 extra for the Overseers. The platform are to be protected by their team, and scattered everywhere on their grounds.

Each team has their own platform color.

Once all of a team's platforms have been destroyed, they are out of the race. The team with the last remaining platforms are considered the winner.


  • When it comes to gameplay, destroying Festival Platforms is entirely optional, but doing so unlocks things like Shinobi Girls' Hearts missions. The story will proceed as if platforms are being destroyed regardless of what you do.
  • Although it is said there are 81 platforms, over the course of the Story Mode you only find and destroy 80.