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Kagura 3rd form

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Voiced By Yuki Matsuoka
Starting Age Pending Awakening
Current Age Over 100 days (current incarnation)
Over 900 years (total)
Gender Female
Birthday September 22nd (Virgo)
Blood Type  ???
Laterality Right
Personal Details
Status Alive
Favorite Food  ???
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Height 173cm (5'8")
Bust 95cm (38")
Cup 65I
Bust Volume 2585.7ml
Waist 55cm (22")
Hips 87cm (34")

Kagura (かぐら, 神楽) is a unique and eternal being who repeatedly reincarnates every 100 years solely to eradicate Yōma. Records of her date back as far as 900 years.

Kagura gains power and advances in stages to become more powerful. To do so, she needs to consume Red Orbs from Yoma she defeats.



In her first form, she takes the form of a young child. She has short black hair with red ribbons in her hair, she wears a long white and red overcoat with pink bloomers that have red etching on them. Her expression is usually happy and she has odd emblems where her pupils should be. She's always barefoot.

In her third form, she takes on the appearance of an adult, with a black dress with brown trimmings and black shoes. Her hair is also much longer. Her face and expression are usually ruthless.

As True Kagura, her appearance is largely similar to her adult form, though her eyes now glow red. She wears a black breastplate and red cape, both bearing the symbol present in her eyes.


First Form: Kagura is a happy and carefree little girl. She doesn't fear be on Naraku's Steel balls and join her in combat.

Third Form: She tends to be fierce, determined to use her powers to gain more power, while seeming to enjoy them. She tends to say all the time that she can't be defeated, and encourages her opponents to just give up. She even often laughs in a sadistic manner.

True Kagura: She has unlocked the full extent of her powers, and fights ruthlessly her opponents, not without getting a certain pleasure from doing so.


In her child and teen form, Kagura's abilities are almost non-existent, but in her Adult form, she has reached her awakened state. She possess the ability to freely manipulate space and can teleport or tear rifts in reality.

In her fully Awakened form as True Kagura, she has the ability to instantly smite any yōma. She has total mastery of spatial manipulation and could even flip the world upside down. She breaks and tear rifts in reality and shape them as lasers in a more efficient and dangerous manner.


Estival Versus

Kagura does not make a physical appearance, but she is mentioned in a flashback for the Mikagura sisters.

When they were younger, they used to play with another small girl who came from outside their village in secret. One day, that girl instructed them to tell everyone in the village to run away for the night to avoid the yōma that would come. The sisters did not believe her, and were also afraid of confessing to the adults that they had broken the village's rules by interacting with an outsider, so they told no one.

Later, they went out that night and heard a beastly cry, which they followed. This lead them to a scene of the girl that had played with earlier tearing yōma apart with her bare fists. While initially, it looked like she was effortlessly destroying the monsters, her fatigue got the best of her and she consumed by a yōma while trying to defend the sisters and their village.

The chance to meet her again and apologize for causing her death is the reason for Renka, Hanabi, and Kafuru volunteering to help Sayuri hold the Millennium Kagura Festival and working toward becoming Kagura themselves.

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  • During the Millennium Kagura Festival, Renka; Hanabi; and Kafuru describe a girl they met when they were kids whose outfit has a striking resemblance to Kagura's first form. After the DLC for Kagura and Naraku was added, having Kagura or Naraku at the main title sequence shows the three Mikagura sisters look in surprise at Kagura's appearance.
  • Her alleged birthday, September 22nd, is likely a reference of the release date of the very first game in the series: Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls.


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