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Kaede(楓) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave. A 3rd year at Shinozuka Technical High School.

Her fighting style involves throwing the stationary in her messenger bag.



Kaede is lightly tanned skin with long black hair pulled into braided pigtails. She has short bangs and a small, curled cowlick and eyes of light blue.

In turnover form, Kaede wears a light blue denim jumper that appears tight on the torso, but loose on the lower half of it. One leg is covered with material while the other ends below her knee. She wears brown and gold arm pieces and gold with brown accent miniature boots. She wears a strap-less bra to cover the lower half of her chest, while on top of her head is a red beret. Her pigtails are held by shuriken.


She's the tsundere president of the manga research club, however she will never tell anyone about what kind of manga she draws.

If there's a doujinshi event happening, she will skip out on missions and go participate, she hasn't got her priorities in order.





  • Expanding upon one of the series' April Fools jokes, it was revealed that she was the one responsible for creating the male versions of the Hanzō National Academy girls.
  • Kaede's name (楓) can mean "Maple".
  • Kaede shares the same birthday as Murakumo.
  • She and the rest of her team make a cameo appearance at the end of Murakumo's story in Bon Appétit.