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Ikaruga (斑鳩) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls.


Ikaruga Backstory (Anime) 2

Ikaruga comes from a lesser, distant branch of a rich and noble shinobi clan whose outward appearance is that of a large zaibatsu known as the Phoenix Conglomerate. Because their only son, Murasame lacked sufficient talent as a ninja, they were in in a very desperate situation. After being alerted of a distant relative who showed great promise as a ninja, Ikaruga was adopted by them, and inherited the family treasure Hien, which earned her the resentment of her new older brother.

Ikaruga Backstory (Anime)

Because of this, she harbors a huge amount of guilt, feeling partially responsible for ruining his dream of being the heir to the family's shinobi legacy. This problem has also affected her behavior.

Ikaruga Backstory (Anime) 3

By the time she enlisted in Hanzo National Academy, she became distant from others as she created walls around herself and felt nothing but loneliness. She encountered Katsuragi in the same Ninja Studies class and the two didn't get along with one another right away.

Ikaruga Backstory (Anime) 4

However, as the two interacted more often and understood one another, Ikaruga's behavior slowly started to alter as she started to realize that she isn't lonely at all.

Other Appearances


New Wave

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Ikaruga appears as a playable character in the mobile card collection game, Senran Kagura: New Wave, alongside the other members of Hanzo Academy.

Bon Appétit

In disbelief, Ikaruga observes the flyer she came across. Whoever wins the "Super Dish Gourmet Cook-Off" will be given a secret ninja art scroll that can grant one wish. Right away she doesn't believe its worth any attention; assuming its nothing more than some promotional stunt. However she finds herself concerned, because if it was real and someone bad won it, someone namely like Katsuragi or Yomi, the world would surely suffer.

With that, Ikaruga sets a resolve to defend the world from the likes of a world-wide girls harem or an overpopulation of Bean Sprouts.

First Match
Ikaruga winds up having to face Haruka first and quickly prepares to face off against the "scoundrel". Haruka questions the comment and reveals her plans to wish to become Queen of the World - should she win. Then she will make a world with no secrets or inhibitions; one without clothing.

At first Ikaruga is stunned, then quickly grows flustered as Haruka continues speaking and angrily tries to get her to stop.

After defeating her, Ikaruga complains, realizing her fears were right after all. She decides the best thing would be to destroy the scroll. She starts to reconsider for a moment, but quickly forces herself to stop.

Fourth Match

Later, she faces against Yomi. For a moment Yomi worries that Ikaruga joined after falling to temptation, but she insists this isn't the case. With relief, Yomi reveals her desire to create a peaceful world, and Ikaruga apologizes since she thought it would be used for something bad. Yomi is understanding - but when she ends up pointing out her desire to fill the world with sprouts after all, Ikaruga quickly prepares for the next round.

After winning, Ikaruga informs her that protecting the world from a poor wish is in her best interest. While she'd like to make a wish, she will get it through means of hard work. Yomi, inspired by this promises that one day the world will be full of bean sprouts, causing Ikaruga to awkwardly wish her luck before taking off.

Fifth Match
Ikaruga happens to find Katsuragi awaiting at the final stage. She attempts to talk Katsuragi into reconsidering her desire, but she refuses to listen. Suddenly, Hanzo appears to join Katsuragi and agrees with her wish; causing Ikaruga shock before they prepare to start.


Katsuragi laments her disappointment while Ikaruga chastises the both of them. But to her surprise, Hanzo reveals he set up this entire event just for the sake of some amusement. Angrily Ikaruga demands they both stay still and take their punishment, hitting Hanzo for the uproar he caused. While berating their behavior she makes Kiriya join them in hopes all three of them learn a valuable lesson from her stern lecture.

However, none of them focus on her words. Instead, Hanzo and Katsuragi focus on her torn up outfit and how much skin is revealed.


Skirting Shadows

Guren no Uroboros


Ninja Flash! and Shinovi Master

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Non-Senran Kagura Appearances

  • Kandagawa Jet Girls: As a playable guest character in the game (DLC).


  • Due to a strong resemblance, it is highly possible Kagura Mikazuchi of Fairy Tail was based off of Ikaruga. The same could also be possible regarding Satsuki Kiryūin from Kill la Kill.
    • Her style seems an archetype in and of itself as Nagisa from Phantasy Star 2 Infinity has similar clothing and hair style. It's unknown what character was the first to have this style.
    • Ikaruga has a resemblance to Saeko Busujima. Both of whom have long, straight dark hair and bright blue eyes.
  • Her outfit/weapon style contrasts Yomi's, ala east vs west.
  • Ikaruga's name means "Spotted Dove".
  • Ikaruga is one of the few characters who's colour theme changes. In Portrait of Girls and Burst, her attacks and strikes were stylized by an orange highlight. In all games that came after, they are stylized with blue. This included her Special attacks and is most evident by comparing her Oukaensen attacks with one another.
  • In DEAD OR ALIVE 5 LAST ROUND , Phase 4 uses Ikaruga's Shinobi outfit in the Senran Kagura Mashup set (Which was promoting Senran Kagura: Estival Versus at the time)

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