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Ikaruga (斑鳩) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls.

A third-year student at Hanzō National Academy, she represents it well, which makes her the class representative. Formal and collected, she stands out to others as a kind older-sister type. But when she gets mad, she starts getting aggressive.


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Ikaruga comes from a lesser, distant branch of a rich and noble shinobi clan whose outward appearance is that of a large zaibatsu known as the Phoenix Conglomerate. Because their only son, Murasame lacked sufficient talent as a ninja, they were in in a very desperate situation. After being alerted of a distant relative who showed great promise as a ninja, Ikaruga was adopted by them, and inherited the family treasure Hien, which earned her the resentment of her new older brother.

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Because of this, she harbors large amounts of guilt, feeling partially responsible for ruining his dream of being the heir to the family's shinobi legacy. This problem has also affected her behavior.

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By the time she enlisted in Hanzō National Academy, she became distant from others as she created walls around herself and felt nothing but loneliness. She encountered Katsuragi in the same Ninja Studies class and the two didn't get along with one another right away.

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However, as the two interacted more often and understood one another, Ikaruga's behavior slowly started to alter as she started to realize that she isn't lonely at all.

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Bon Appétit!

Ikaruga was reading the baffling flyer in her hands. It was for a Super Dish Gourmet Cook-Off. It mentioned that the winner would receive a Secret Ninja Art Scroll that could grant one wish. Ikaruga thought about the scroll. She initially dismisses it as it couldn’t possibly be real, it was barely even worth passing thought. A scroll that granted any wish, given away in some foolhardy contest sounded more like a cheap promotional stunt. But when she begins thinking about it, would she be able to say with 100 percent certainty that it wasn’t possible. If even there is a one percent chance of it being true, it would be unethical to ignore it. If such a scroll were to fall into the wrong hands. And she thinks of all the “wrong hands” out there. A question burned itself into the back of her mind. What if Katsuragi got it? She’d seize control of all the breasts in the world and treat everyone as her personal harem for eternity. “Life would be an unending nightmare...” Ikaruga utters to herself before her thoughts turned to Yomi. She’d use it to create a sea of bean sprouts spilling over the horizon and Yomi would gleefully swim through that sea. “The environmental damage would be incalculable.” Ikaruga says to herself in horror. Refusing to let the scroll fall into nefarious hands. Ikaruga was racing to the tournament grounds and declared. “For the safety of this world, I must win!”

Round 1 When she arrives at her first round in the tournament her opponent speaks to her, Ikaruga’s opponent? Haruka. Ikaruga comments about how the first scoundrel has already arrived and how she cannot allow her to advance in the tournament. Haruka asks what made her say scoundrel. Ikaruga questions Haruka on what she planned on wishing for. Haruka answers that she was going to be queen of the world, she goes on about how she planned on building a new world where everybody would throw off their inhibitions, a world without secrets, a world without clothes. Ikaruga was shocked by her answer and asks how such a world could be possible. She does say a few words after this, but they won’t be mentioned here due to several of the words being censored. Ikaruga does say that Haruka’s plan was malignant and it was giving her a headrush. Haruka goes on with her censored talking. Ikaruga had enough at this point and tells Haruka to stop, she then declares that for the sake of the world she will not lose. And so, the first round of the tournament began with Ikaruga emerging victorious. After winning Ikaruga catches her breath and comments on how she somehow won. Haruka laments about how she was this close to releasing all of humanity. Ikaruga’s fears were confirmed a scroll that could grant any wish was dangerous, she had to win this tournament for she fully intended to destroy the scroll. However, she began to think she could reconsider due to the possibility that it could grant her wish. To create a world where she was in charge of its discipline. She immediately shoots down her idea and states that we should achieve what we wish for with our own strength and not have it magically handed it to us.

Round 4 Her next opponent was her friend Yomi whom she addresses. Yomi was surprised to see her going for the scroll as it was unlike her to give into temptation. Ikaruga tells her she was only there to destroy the wishing scroll, it had nothing to do with her own wishes. Yomi breathed a sigh of relief and comments on how she was worried. Ikaruga proceeds to ask what Yomi intended to wish for. Yomi tells her she planned on wishing for a peaceful world. Ikaruga apologizes to her and informs her that she thought she’d wish for something dreadful. Yomi didn’t mind that as Ikaruga was always on guard for the worst. Yomi offers her hand for the two of them to reach the top together for a world without war and all sprouts. Ikaruga says to her. “I-I knew it all along! I had you pegged from the start!” Yomi begins chanting the word “sprouts.” Ikaruga informs her friend that she was now going to have to stop her and she will protect the world from the bean sprouts. Ikaruga proceeds to win the next round. Ikaruga comments on how she once again protected the world, but she couldn’t rest until she destroyed the scroll. Yomi tries to get Ikaruga to be true to herself and to yield to her desires. Ikaruga tells her she did have wishes that she’d like to have granted, but she was going to bring them to reality with her own hands. She didn’t need shortcuts. Yomi says to her, she expected nothing less from her, she truly was magnificent and how she should learn from her and try to achieve her own wishes day by day and how one day the land would be covered in bean sprouts, she will make it happen with her own power. Ikaruga wishes her luck with a bit of hesitance.

Round 5 Her final opponent was her teammate Katsuragi who was talking about how she just needed to go a bit further and her wish will be granted. Ikaruga shouted out to her. “Not while I stand, Katsuragi!” Katsuragi responds with how it was too late and nobody could stop her. Ikaruga tells her she knew what her wish was. Katsuragi giggles and says how she’d be the queen of the hooters harem, she then starts saying “Roar, Squeezy Squeezy Jet Pistol! Tremble, Squeezy Squeezy Jet Gatling!”. Ikaruga tells her teammate that she didn’t understand how pitiful it was and how in many ways she became a terrible person. Katsuragi giggles and replies by saying she’ll use the power of the scroll to live in bliss, surrounded by infinite melons. Hanzō suddenly approaches the two girls and says how he wanted to get in on Katsuragi’s dream. Ikaruga was shocked to see Hanzō. Katsuragi declares how nobody would get in the way of their dream. Hanzō gives her a few words of encouragement by telling her to give it her all. Unfortunately for the two perverts the final round of the cook-off ended with Ikaruga winning.

Epilogue After losing the tournament and the wishing scroll Katsuragi begins to mourn for her “hooters harem.” Ikaruga snaps at her telling her that, that vivacious fantasy would never come to pass under her watch. Hanzō speaks up saying this didn’t go as planned and how he didn’t expect Ikaruga would actually do that well. Ikaruga takes note of as planned. She asks Hanzō if this was all a charade for his amusement. He defensively says he was just holding a cook-off. But Ikaruga goes on a tangent at him for running amok and recklessly exploiting people’s desires and gleefully causing one problem after another as a result and asks what he had to say for himself. Hanzō tries to tell her he didn’t know what she was talking about. Ikaruga ran out of patience and demands he sat where he stood. Ikaruga began hitting Hanzō with her words she’d been building up inside her, she was going on about how he was a legendary shinobi, a role model for students everywhere and he stooped to this, she didn’t have words. Playing with people’s desires and having them fight over this sham. Was there any purpose was there any excuse. Master or not Hanzō had this coming. She questions what this tournament was for. Hanzō does try to answer before he begins to laugh softly. Ikaruga noticed his smile unabashedly turned into a lecherous grin even his eyes grinned. She sharpened her tone further and decided that this couldn’t go unpunished. But he was not the only offender in this fiasco midway through her lecture she turned towards Kiriya, called out his name and asks him why he participated in this tournament. Kiriya tried to get out of this by asking who Kiriya was and how he was just the announcer. “Enough blabbering! Sit down!” Ikaruga barked at him. He immediately obliged, she then turned to attention to Katsuragi and ordered her to sit down. She began scolding the three of them until her throat was sore. She went on a tangent about how dreams and wishes aren’t supposed to come easy, they existed to motivate their struggles. In her head she had no doubt her words would sink in, she did acknowledge she was being very harsh and not very passionate, but in her heart, it was for their own good, this would help them and hoped that her passion would put them on the path to virtue. Unfortunately for Ikaruga what she didn’t notice was that her outfit (despite the competition being about cooking and not physical fighting) was torn so much her butt was exposed and currently she had her back turned toward them. Much to the joy of Hanzō and Katsuragi who respectively and silently commented. “Heh heh heh heh... Ikaruga’s outfit is so irresistible...” “Hee hee... Just as planned...” Kiriya on the other hand was embarrassed for his student and silently apologized to her.


Skirting Shadows

Guren no Uroboros


Ninja Flash! and Shinovi Master

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Non-Senran Kagura Appearances

  • Kandagawa Jet Girls: As a playable guest character in the game (DLC).


  • Due to a strong resemblance, it's highly possible Kagura Mikazuchi of Fairy Tail was based off of Ikaruga. The same could also be possible regarding Satsuki Kiryūin from Kill la Kill.
    • Her style seems an archetype in and of itself as Nagisa from Phantasy Star 2 Infinity has similar clothing and hair style. It's unknown what character was the first to have this style.
    • Ikaruga has a resemblance to Saeko Busujima, both of whom have long, straight dark hair and bright blue eyes.
  • Her outfit/weapon style contrasts Yomi's, ala east vs west.
  • Ikaruga's name means "Spotted Dove".
  • Ikaruga is one of the few characters whose colour theme changes. In Portrait of Girls and Burst, her attacks and strikes were stylized by an orange highlight. In all games that came after, they are stylized with blue. This included her Special attacks and is most evident by comparing her Oukaensen attacks with one another.
  • In DEAD OR ALIVE 5 LAST ROUND , Phase 4 uses Ikaruga's Shinobi outfit in the Senran Kagura Mash-up set (Which was promoting Senran Kagura: Estival Versus at the time).
  • Ikaruga was named after the game itself.

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