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Homura (焔) is a playable character in the second timeline of the Senran Kagura series. She is the leader of the Crimson Squad faction.

A former second-year student at Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy who wound up killing Dōgen, the main investor of Hebijo, and must now live as a fugitive with the rest of her class.

She is grateful to her friends and relentless toward her rivals, but respects and admires the strong regardless of their affiliation. Her fighting style involves wielding six swords at once.




Homura has tanned skin and her dark brown hair is tied in a long ponytail with a white ribbon, the ends of the ribbon standing straight up. She wears a short black dress that looks similar to her old Hebijo uniform, and covers it with a small, light grey jacket, with samurai leg armor on each side. Around her neck is a long black cape with white trim.

Crimson Mode

In addition to six katana which she wields at the same time, she carries a Nodachi known as Engetsuka on her back that she only uses when in her Crimson mode.

In her Crimson mode, Homura's appearance changes ever so slightly. That being that her hair is now dyed red/orange (crimson) color and is let from its usual ponytail state. Her eyes also change color, where they become red to accommodate her red hair.


At the surface of her appearance, Homura has a rather cool demeanor to her upon interaction. She can be calm until a present situation calls for her to get serious. She's not one for conversation as she believes that actions speak louder than words. She also follows the ideal from her former sensei, Rin, that silence is a shinobi's best weapon.

She can become rather impatient at times and tends to display headstrong qualities when trying to solve a present problem. Her desire to get things done tends to land her in awkward situations, especially if it is concerning Hanzō. This normally leads to her saying the complete opposite of what she truly means and is often teased of this by her comrades; being called a mindless thinker who often doesn't want others to know how she feels; especially by Haruka.

When fighting, she becomes very intense and focuses mainly on testing her opponent's strength to see them worthy of even fighting. This is especially displayed towards her heated rivalry with Asuka. When fighting a well versed enemy, Homura can become ruthless and is not afraid to kill another if presented the chance/reason.

Homura has shown to have trust issues due to her history of being a shinobi. She does not like being deceived but accepts the fact that it can be used as a tool in the shinobi world. Her own relationship with her comrades was not always strong, seeing as how none of them trusted her or even liked each other for that matter. However, leading to the incident that forced Homura into exile, her relationship grew stronger with her comrades as they chose to follow instead of abandoning her. Now Homura has a strong urge and responsibility to become a strong enough leader so that she can not only lead her team but protect them as they grow to become fearsome shinobi.

She has also shown she has a very poor grasp at the concept of humor as her sense of humor is that she makes poses of sea creatures such as crabs, shrimp, etc. while saying the name of the creature she is doing, even using her swords for the pose.


Shinovi Versus

“"What the hell are you doing, tits-for-brains?! Nobody else can beat you but me!"”
—Homura, Shinovi Versus

Homura's Crimson Squad

Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy

Gessen Girls' Academy

Hanzō National Academy

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Homura was returning to the hideout expecting to find her comrades training. However, she was greeted by laughter instead and quickly became irritated at their horsing around. She barged in rather boldly, reminding them all that they were renegades and needn't be fooling around. She was cut off mid sentence by the others all laughing and gathered around a seemingly sick Hikage. It seemed as though she had caught a cold and was now sneezing all over herself; and for some odd reason, everyone but Homura found it to be hilarious. It wasn't long before they had noticed Homura standing there dumbfounded at their laughter. They all averted their eyes from her, which gave Homura the impression that they thought she had no funny material. This made her frustrated and so she decided to ask around for some funny material to add to the group.

Homura approaches Haruka, who immediately states what's on her mind before she even asks. Homura's is rather surprised at this whereas Haruka states that it was as obvious as day.

She then tell Homura that she has a “smashing idea” and begins to tell her rather unsettling things. This makes Homura incredibly uncomfortable as she states that her “jokes” were filthy. She even went as far as implying that she was trying to corrupt her, having Haruka only believing Homura was “inflexible” for her taste in humor.

Thus Homura moved on, saying she'd like to find jokes that were more “safe” for her ears.

Homura makes her way over to Gessen and upon traveling the Snowy mountains, she hears barking off in the distance.

Not too long before she stumbles upon Murakumo. She approaches her, trying to verify with Murakumo if she was indeed the person making those barking noises and asks if she would teach her how to make them herself. Unfortunately, Murakumo denies this claim, only to state that Homura was part of some enemy raid.

Homura tried to assure her that she was not there to fight, but Murakumo proceeded to attack. Homura ultimately defeats her and learns nothing from their encounter; further questioning how to become good at impressions.

Homura travels further into the peak of the snowy mountains, later running into Shiki.

Believing Shiki knows all things cool, Homura quickly approached her about her problem. Shiki nodded and agreed to teach Homura a cool technique for her act.

She takes her hat and begins to speak for it. This confuses Homura, not understanding what it is that she was doing. She heard a voice but could not pinpoint where it was coming from. Shiki explains that this is ventriloquism; the person speaks for and inanimate object or puppet without their mouth noticeably moving.

After this experience, Homura determined that Shiki's hat was speaking for itself and found it utterly impossible for her to copy.

Homura wanders into Hebijo territory and finds her way to the square garden, where she stumbles upon a rare sight. Murasaki was unusually chipper, thus having Homura question why that was.

Murasaki tells her that Bebeby, her stuffed bear, told her something she found rather amusing. Murasaki tells a story of how her sister, Imu, got injured a day ago after making a careless mistake, calling her a klutz.

She then continued to tell stories of other incidences involving other members of her squad, which Homura found in no way funny. Her stories would frustrate Homura to a point where she could not longer listen to them and immediately ejects herself from the scene.

Homura's final stop was at Hanzō National academy where she encounters Ikaruga in the gymnasium. While Ikaruga is happy to see Homura, the same couldn't be said for Homura.

She thought it'd be pointless to even ask for advice from Ikaruga, boldly stating that she was not the type to be telling jokes. Ikaruga quickly denied that claim and went as far to say that she could make jokes whenever she wanted to. Surprised at this, Homura asked her if she could tell her any jokes she knew, which in turn, she did.

Ikaruga tells a joke, later explaining why the joke was funny. Homura grew irritated at the fact that she did explain why it was funny. She felt that it made the joke lose its purpose if explained.

Ikaruga tries to tell her another joke, but Homura quickly shut her down before she could even speak. Then ejected herself from the area.

On her way back to her hideout, Homura couldn't help but be impressed by Ikaruga. Her jokes were outright terrible but she was very confident in her delivery.

She then came to the conclusion that the most important thing was to have faith in herself and to do whatever she thought was funny right in the moment. Homura puts together a quick routine and hurries back to the hideout.

Back at the hideout, Homura gathers everyone into the Ninja Room to witness her amazing comedic debut. Once she has everyone's undivided attention, Homura quickly grabbed a blanket and crawled underneath it. Then she stuck her swords out in front of it and proclaims she is a Hermit crab.

"It's perfect! It's hilarious! It was indeed the perfect gag!" Of course, that was what she was telling herself as not a single one of her comrades utter a word. Homura thought the idea was funny and believed they were speechless at its originality. She figured that they would come to their senses and laugh soon enough. So until then, she decided to keep the gag rolling.

Last Battle

Homura is on her way to face Asuka in the battle they promised to have. She recalls the time she first met Asuka. While she originally thought she was an idiot, Asuka's strength of her feeling for her friends caught her off guard. Eventually she began to understand Asuka's point about friendship and caring for others, and how important it was.

She wonders what would happen if she hadn't met Asuka and concludes that if they had never met, she would be a renegade all by herself. She questions to herself if Asuka knows how much she's changed because of her, but says she probably doesn't -- and doesn't need to either. She says the two of them are light ad shadow. They stand back to back, both together and apart.

Homura is the first to arrive with Asuka coming a bit later. Asuka apologized for keeping Homura waiting, but Homura tells her not to be and just to get ready so they can fight. As the two take their stances, Homura reaches for her special seventh blade on her back -- Engetsuka.

She explains how it can only be drawn by the strongest-hearted veterans and chooses its master. It was given to her as a parting gift from her parents and how she wasn't psychically strong enough to draw it at first, but also that her heart was clouded up from her family drama. As she draws Engetsuka, she thanks Asuka as she is the reason why she can draw the sword now. Asuka has made her stronger in every way.

Asuka agrees, saying that Homura has done the same for her as well. They end their conversation and Homura takes Engetsuka into a battle stance, starting the battle.

After Homura wins she asks Asuka what kind of training she underwent. She had been training as hard as she could every day for their fight and was planning to take Asuka out in one hit, but she put up a good fight. Asuka says she asked Kiriya to push her as hard as possible; but it doesn't mean anything when you lose. Despite being frustrated at her loss, Asuka thinks it's also fun. She is unsure on how to explain her feeling. Homura says to let her know when she can clearly explain it and that they'll listen to it over Hanzō's sushi.

Asuka happily agrees and Homura decides to get back to training. She tells Asuka to get stronger and stronger, and that she'll show her that she'll always be on step above her. Asuka calls her competitive, but Homura says Asuka is the same. The two share a laugh and then go their separate ways.

After Homura parts with Asuka, she heads home. She is satisfied with the battle win or lose, because she showed her everything she had. Which is all she ever wanted. As a renegade, her Path of the Shinobi will be long and winding, but if she can walk that path with Asuka, she thinks it won't be so bad.

Estival Versus

Festival Eve Full of Swimsuits (Anime OVA)

Kagura Millennium Festival

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Homura has lost her voice. She can't find any medicine to help her get it back since she doesn't know where Haruka keeps it... and she doesn't trust Haruka's concoctions anyway because they sometimes have bizarre effects. She decides to find somebody else to help her. She knows she'll have to mime to communicate but she's confident in her self-rated superb acting ability. Without further ado she heads off to find Asuka.

Asuka is surprised when she encounters the speechless Homura since usually Homura just charges in shouting "ASUKA!!!" whenever they meet. Asuka assumes that Homura still wants to fight as usual, which is fine by her. As they duel Asuka is confused by Homura's strange attempts to communicate. Asuka misinterprets Homura's miming and grunting as Homura conceding that Asuka is the stronger of the two and thinks that Homura is just too embarrassed to say it out loud. Homura angrily tries to deny this but Asuka just thinks she's doing an impression of a crab. Frustrated, Homura defeats Asuka and heads off to find someone else who might be able to help.

Homura finds herself in the Forest of Requiem confronted by Ryōbi and Ryōki and a group of shinobi spirits. Ryōbi is creeped out by Homura's muffled grunts and mimes and Ryōki wonders if Homura is unwell. Ryōbi decides that Homura is just trying to taunt them and testily accepts Homura's 'challenge'. As they fight in the center of the forest Homura still tries in vain to communicate with the two sisters. They think she's trying to tell them about how much she likes to wear loincloths and then following it up with a crab impersonation. Giving up on communication with these two, Homura defeats her opponents and moves on.

This time Homura comes across Ryōna in the Hebijo Academy grounds. Much to Homura's consternation Ryōna is delighted by Homura's strange gestures and behavior, thinking them wonderfully shameless and wondering if Homura embarrassing herself in public like this means she has awakened to the pleasures of masochism. Ryōna doesn't want to lose in a masochist contest and shows Homura her doggie pose. Homura's alarmed reply is misunderstood as a request to be tied up and spanked. Realizing that Ryōna is a lost cause, Homura wins their duel and continues her search for help.

Homura finds Miyabi, Yumi and Shiki at the Snow Festival Grounds. Miyabi thinks that Homura's miming is an impersonation of a Yōma. Yumi agrees but is confused as to why anyone would do that. Shiki replies that Homura must have come over to 'play Kagura', with the three of them playing the Kaguras and Homura being the pretend Yōma. Miyabi thinks that sounds like fun. Homura's wordless protestations go over their heads, with Yumi earnestly complimenting Homura on her realistic Yōma calls and movements and Miyabi saying it chills her to the bone. As Homura gets angry the three start to wonder if she might actually be possessed by a Yōma and resolve to defeat this evil spirit. They fail and are beaten by Homura. She leaves them, still not having found someone to get her some throat medicine and dispirited over her failure to get through to people.

Homura finally meets Hikage in Mt Orochi village. Hikage quickly realizes that something is wrong with Homura but thinks she just needs cheering up with a good training session. When Homura doesn't speak in reply Hikage asks her if there's something wrong with her throat. Homura is happy to finally get through to someone and Hikage says that they should just get Haruka to make some medicine. Hikage does exactly that after Homura wins their training bout.

Homura EV SGH.jpg
Homura's voice is restored by Haruka's medicine with no apparent bad side effects. Homura thanks Hikage and praises her for being able to understand Homura's gestures and mimes. Hikage replies that she has no idea what any of that weird stuff was supposed to mean and that she just assumed Homura must have something wrong with her throat if she wasn't talking. Homura humbly concedes to herself that her acting skills might not have been at the high standard she'd thought, but is glad to have a wonderful, understanding friend like Hikage. This is a sentiment she doesn't think she can express in words so, silently, she decides to convey her feelings through the medium of dance. A confused Hikage offers no comment.

Duel Shinobi Hearts

A Heated Battle

Special Missions

Peach Beach Splash


She is shown with the rest of her team working at a carnival, where they suddenly get their invitation to the Peach Beach Splash tournament.

Paradise Episodes


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Homura is a fierce fighter who utilizes six katana at will. She slashes about and overpowers her enemies with fierce strikes and her duel wielding capabilities allow her a great range of reach for her attacks to hit.

The Nodachi placed upon her back, called Engetsuka, is a powerful tool that allows her to enter her Crimson Mode. This sword also allows her to wield all seven of her swords (including the Nodachi) and acts as both a guide and an enabler for more ferocious attacks. In that event, she becomes far more powerful than before as the Crimson energy flowing through her body and sword fuse together to create a monstrous foe.

"Homura's high endurance means she rarely gets staggered. However, her defense and health are low, so make sure to keep an eye on her remaining HP during battle. Homura's key features are her high attack power and speed. Her basic strategy is to use her Flash combos, which have wide range. Her Ultimate Secret Ninja Art puts her Crimson Mode, where her weapon of choice becomes her Engetsuka, which has a much longer range than her normal swords. On top of having higher attack power, Crimson Mode also has armor, so even other shinobis' Secret Ninja Arts won't be able to stagger her. If you've got some spare scrolls to burn, don't hesitate to use them." -Estival Versus: Homura's Battle Card

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Arts

Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
Crimson Heart Shinovi Versus Homura's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting her.
Moonlight The ending song for the game. It is sung by Miyabi (Hiromi Hirata) and Homura (Eri Kitamura).
Slash On Through to Mastery! Estival Versus Homura's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting her.

Creation and Development

“Of the old cast, she had the biggest change in costume. Originally, her outfit didn't change that much since we wanted to focus on her Crimson mode. But since she has to remove her uniform for story purposes this time, we decided to go with a wandering traveler design. I've always wanted to play around with her design ever since Burst, so this worked out great.”
—Producer commentary from the Shinovi Versus Shinovi Syllabus


  • Homura's character theme in SHINOVI VERSUS plays out strikingly similar to that of Date Masamune's theme (as far as his theme in Sengoku Basara 3)