Portrait of Girls Homura

Homura Burst

Homura DC2

Homura SK2

Voiced By Eri Kitamura
Gender Female
Birthday January, 3rd (Capricorn)
Blood Type B
Laterality Right
Guardian Japanese Rat Snake
Weapon Hexa Katana, Nodachi (Engetsuka)
Personal Details
Status Alive
Occupation Renegade Shinobi
Faction Hebijo (2nd-year) (Formerly)
Crimson Squad (Current)
Hobby Fights/Battles
Favorite Food Japanese Food and meat
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Height 163cm (5'4")
Bust 87cm (34")
Cup 67E
Bust Volume 1257.2ml
Waist 57cm (22")
Hips 85cm (33")

Homura (焔) is a playable character and deuteragonist of the Senran Kagura Nintendo 3DS series. She has a fierce rivalry with main protagonist, Asuka.

She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls and becomes playable in Senran Kagura Burst as a second 2nd-year student and leader of the Hebijo elite before going rogue and forming the Crimson Squad.




Homura has tanned skin and her dark brown hair is tied in a long ponytail with a white ribbon, the ends of the ribbon standing straight up. In Portrait of Girls and Burst, she dons the usual Hebijo uniform, which is an all black sailor fuku with red trim. Like Asuka, she wears wrist guards on her forearms with bandages underneath. She wears white loose socks with brown dress shoes.

In Deep Crimson, she wears a short black dress that looks similar to her old uniform, and covers it with a small, light grey jacket, with samurai leg armor on each side. Around her neck is a long black cape with white trim.

Crimson Mode

Crimson Homura

In addition to six katana which she wields at the same time, she carries a nodachi known as Engetsuka on her back that she only uses when in her Crimson mode.

In her Crimson mode, Homura's appearance changes ever so slightly. That being that her hair is now dyed red/orange (crimson) color and is let from its usual ponytail state. Her eyes also change color, where they become red to accommodate her red hair.


“"I'm not going to die. I will not. Not while I bear the mark of the ninja way!”
—Homura, taken from the Senran Kagura Burst Official website.
At the surface of her appearance, Homura has a rather cool demeanor to her upon interaction. She can be calm until a present situation calls for her to get serious. She's not one for conversation as she believes that actions speak louder than words. She also follows the ideal from her former sensei, Rin, that silence is a shinobi's best weapon.

She can become rather impatient at times and tends to display headstrong qualities when trying to solve a present problem. Her desire to get things done tends to land her in awkward situations, especially if it is concerning Hanzo. This normally leads to her saying the complete opposite of what she truly means and is often teased of this by her comrades; being called a mindless thinker who often doesn't want others to know how she feels; especially by Haruka.

When fighting, she becomes very intense and focuses mainly on testing her opponent's strength to see them worthy of even fighting. This is especially displayed towards her heated rivalry with Asuka. When fighting a well versed enemy, Homura can become ruthless and is not afraid to kill another if presented the chance/reason.

Homura has shown to have trust issues due to her history of being a shinobi. She does not like being deceived but accepts the fact that it can be used as a tool in the shinobi world. Her own relationship with her comrades was not always strong, seeing as how none of them trusted her or even liked each other for that matter. However, leading to the incident that forced Homura into exile, her relationship grew stronger with her comrades as they chose to follow instead of abandoning her. Now Homura has a strong urge and responsibility to become a strong enough leader so that she can not only lead her team but protect them as they grow to become fearsome shinobi.



Crimson Girls

During her first year she was fighting several Hebijo upperclassmen, however she easily beat them and complained they weren't anything special. She is then approached by another girl who asked her if she beat all the upperclassmen and tells her she was as every bit of untamable as the rumors said she was. Homura asks her if she wanted to fight and decides to do so as she still wasn't satisfied. The girl tells Homura she admired her enthusiasm but informs her that all students are comrades and personal grudge matches were prohibited. Homura comments about the rule against fighting in school and calls everyone a bunch of cowards. The girl tells her to not get her wrong grudge matches were prohibited, however if you called it independent training then you're fine. Even if one died it was no issue it's considered a routine possibility under the circumstances. Homura comments it was interesting and asks the girl to do independent training with her and she'll be her opponent. The girl declines saying she uses puppets for her independent training and tells Homura that if she told her that she'd like to be her puppet that's a different story. Homura hearing the word puppets tells the girl not to screw with her. The girl responds with no independent training then and tells Homura to not be like that and for both of them to try and be friends. The girl then leaves Homura alone who correctly identifies her as Haruka from the elite class and proceeds to call her a bitch. Thinking about Haruka for a moment she comments that with someone like her around Hebijo may be more entertaining than she thought. Later Homura senses that someone was watching her and calls out to them and Haruka appears who tells her there was no need to make a scary face as it was just her. She then tells Homura she heard she'd been looking for trouble among the upperclassmen. Homura points out to her that she hasn't challenged anyone, they've been attacking her. Haruka tells her that if someone from the elite class were to drop out they'd get replaced by one of the regular students and how everyone wanted in, so if they thought a first year was an easy target they'd try it. Homura comments sarcastically on the no personal grudges rule. Haruka points out to her that wanting to be apart of the elite class wasn't a personal grudge but more like an ambition to become stronger. Homura tells her she was pretty glib. Haruka notices some upperclassmen approaching them and points them out to Homura, who decides to fight fire with fire. Homura then proceeds to beat the stuffing out of all the upperclassmen. After this Haruka approaches her commenting about how strong she was and asks her if she really was a first year. Homura tells Haruka she was starting to understand, everyone at the school besides herself was an enemy. Haruka says to her that she doesn't think enemy was the right word and how Hebijo students are essentially comrades who can't afford to get close to one another. Homura was confused after hearing the word comrades. Haruka tells her that since they can't be friendly they can fight but comrades were still comrades. Homura thinking about what she just heard decides that comrades who sometimes kill each other was fine by her and leaves Haruka to herself. Homura later approaches Haruka who was instructing the underclassmen, she confirms but also comments that kids these days were hopeless they're so spoiled they avoid the difficult training and how none of them were like Homura, they didn't have her absurd, single-minded thirst for blood. And tells Homura the was amazing because of all that. Homura asks Haruka if she was mocking her. Haruka then has an idea she'll use her ninja arts to discipline them, then they won't be able to avoid their difficult training. Homura didn't see that going very well. Haruka tells her to wait and see and proceeds to use her art of seduction technique. Homura makes a comment about how well played that was. Haruka then tells everyone to come at her and beats everyone that came after her and comments that should be some decent training for them. Homura tells Haruka that something was off about them. They looked a little happy that they got beaten a little too happy. Haruka was only growing more confused at what she was trying to say. Homura points out that they were wandering around in a blissed-out state. A few of them were drooling. Haruka sees that her technique was a little too effective. Homura tells her they were her responsibility and to deal with them and leaves her to it.

A month into her second year she was waiting for the newest member of her team, Mirai in one of the classrooms. She approaches her saying she must be the new student. She confirms she was Mirai. Neither of them said or did anything to each other for a few moments until Homura smiled at Mirai telling her it took a simpleton to open her heart to a complete stranger. Haruka then walks into the room where Homura and Mirai were and introduces herself to Mirai and plays with her for a few moments before leaving. Homura then tells Mirai there were two others she had to introduce her to. She then touches a wall which spun around revealing a secret elevator. She then tells Mirai that this was the ninja room for the elite members. She opens the door and they both see Yomi holding Hikage while stuffing bean sprouts into her mouth while questioning her if she had been avoiding bean sprouts recently. Hikage breaks free after confirming she was due to her forcing them onto her. Neither girl notices Homura and Mirai until the former shouts out to them that she brought a new student. Both of them face Mirai who introduces herself to them. Yomi approaches her and feeds her bean sprouts.
Homura then introduces both Yomi and Hikage to Mirai. A month later during Mirai's training was she thinking about the breasts of her teammates and about her flat breasts until Homura shouted out at her to stay focused. She snapped out of her daydream narrowly dodged the throwing daggers one of which grazed her hip tearing up her skirt revealing her bear panties. Her embarrassment soon turned to rage due to Haruka's words about her panties and runs off. Homura calls out to her asking where she was going but she didn't look back. They followed Mirai to a tree she goes to outside of town and hears Mirai say to herself if her bust was bigger she'd fit in with everyone. Homura responds by telling her, her bust size had nothing to do with it and how her appearance is a childish concern as it had no bearing on her strength as a shinobi. Mirai comments about it being true but didn't look convinced. Seeing this Homura lets out a sigh and tells her junior to take a good look at her as she took off her outfit revealing her pajamas. Pink, frilly, cute pajamas the kind Mirai didn't imagine she'd wear. Homura with a beet-red face tells Mirai she too had her own childish side. She shouldn't be embarrassed about her bust or her panties. Her words slapped Mirai in the face making her see her senior did care for her. At this point the others appeared in nearby trees and began to show Mirai they too cared for her. Homura then flat out tells Mirai she had no memory of every treating her like a child making Mirai realize all those times the others treated her like a child were all in her head. Homura then tells her she didn't need to regard her as a senior, they were both comrades from Hebijo no juniors or seniors. She wanted to be treated as equals. She then tells her to address her by name which she does so with tears running down her face. Mirai thanks Homura and wipes her tears in embarrassment. After Mirai is asked by Yomi and Haruka to call them "Sis" and "Mistress Haruka" she lets out a wryly smile and Homura let out a cheerful laugh with the others joining in aside from Hikage who does let out a faint smile. Later Homura informed Mirai that today they'd be facing against wooden puppets and she'd go first. There would be no coordination this time she'd be fighting alone. Mirai grows nervous about that and hopes that she can do it. Homura tells her all Hebijo students were there for a reason. Whatever the circumstances they all ended up there and how she was no different. She's there because she wanted to accomplish something. When Mirai said yes Homura tells her that since she understood that she'll follow her instincts and give it a try, she'd fight in a way that's appropriate for her. Mirai hearing this understood and decides to give it a try. After she nearly completes her training she assumes she finished until Homura shouted out to her that one was still standing and takes it out for her asking her if she was alright. Mirai having just witnessed Homura's six blade style was star struck for a few moments before saying to her that it was amazing and begins to wonder if she should try hiding six blades in her skirt too. Homura tells her to hold off on that as it was dangerous. Mirai takes notices of the seventh sword still sheathed on her back and asks Homura why doesn't she use it. Homura tells her it wasn't that she doesn't use it. It was because she can't. Mirai was confused by what she just heard. Homura tells her that until she discovered true power the sword can't be drawn. Mirai tells her that she looked strong enough to her and questions why she can't draw it. Homura says that it must be because she still had something left to learn. Mirai speculates for a moment before joking that maybe it wanted her to slim down more. This angers Homura who tells her it was time to change her training. She was going to take her on, no holds barred. Mirai hearing this freaks out and apologizes.

Deep Crimson

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Super Secret Ninja Arts

Aerial Ninja Arts

Secret Fusion Ninja Arts


Homura is a fierce fighter who utilizes six katana at will. She slashes about and overpowers her enemies with fierce strikes and her duel wielding capabilities allow her a great range of reach for her attacks to hit.

The nodachi placed upon her back is a powerful tool that allows her to enter her Crimson Mode. This sword also allows her to wield all seven of her swords (including the nodachi) and acts as both a guide and an enabler for more ferocious attacks. In that event, she becomes far more powerful than before as the Crimson energy flowing through her body and sword fuse together to create a monstrous foe.

Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
The Crimson Law Portrait of Girls/Crimson Girls The opening song for Senran Kagura Burst: Crimson Girls. It is sung by Homura (Eri Kitamura).
The Crimson Law
The Crimson Warrior Homura's theme before transforming.
The Crimson Warrior
To the Strongest! Homura's theme after transforming.
To the Strongest!
The Strongest Shinobi's Way of Life Deep Crimson Homura's theme. It plays after she transforms.
The Strongest Shinobi's Way of Life
Crimson The ending song for the game. It is sung by Asuka (Hitomi Harada) and Homura (Eri Kitamura).


  • In Senran Kagura 2: DEEP CRIMSON, Homura is the only other person to have a Secret Fusion Ninja Art exclusively with Rin (that other being Daidoji).
  • In the original Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls, Homura refers to her Crimson form as her Shinobi Transformation. This was removed from Burst onward, likely to accommodate the fact that she has a separate transformation.


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