Crimson Squad Emblem

Crimson Squad Emblem

Homura's Crimson Squad (焔紅蓮隊, Homura Gurentai) is a shinobi group consisting of former members from Hebijō Academy. Led by Homura, who became a renegade when she killed Dougen, they live in a cave to hide from their pursuers. It first appears in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus.


For reasons of their own, the five former Hebijō Elites chose to let their school burn rather than defend it to the death. Six months later after the events of Senran Kagura Burst, they continue to pay for that decision. Together on the run, they live as renegades, eking out a menial living by day, keeping one eye open every night.

Notable Characters

  • Homura: Leader and former second-year shinobi from Hebijo.
  • Yomi: Former second-year shinobi from Hebijō.
  • Hikage: Former third-year shinobi from Hebijō.
  • Mirai: Former first-year shinobi from Hebijō.
  • Haruka: Former third-year shinobi from Hebijō.


  • In Shinovi Versus, much of their in-battle dialogue consists of rerecorded versions of lines from Burst. Of particular note, all of the members have their original battle intros present as taunts.