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Hisui(飛彗) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave. A 2nd year at Shinozuka Technical High School.

Though it looks like a toy, she specializes in using her light saber to beat down enemies.



Hisui has light tan skin and amber-colored eyes. Her short blue hair reaches her shoulders, curling up on the end with slightly shorter forelocks and no bangs. She wears gold goggles with triangular shapes resembling cat ears attached to them. She is seen with multiple bandages, including one on each elbow and one on her nose. Paired with her school uniform, she wears grey arm pieces accented with gold, and a decorative belt.

In Shinobi form, Hisui's hair appears slicked back and she wears a white helmet on her head with a lime green visor covering her eyes. Her attire resembles a white and black leotard with fishnet material at the middle of the torso and accents of lime green and pale blue. Her boots and gloves are made to match it. Around her neck is a golden-orange scarf, while her belt changes form and is attached to a large gold and white shuriken-shaped ornament.


She's a cosplayer with intense love for special effects. She longs to be a masked hero, in order to be able to exterminate monsters in the coolest way possible. She diligently trains every day.





  • She, along with the other girls from Shinozuka Industrial, make a cameo at the end of Murakumo's story in Bon Appetit buying her manga.
  • Hisui's name means "Jade", however the kanji of her name (飛彗) can be roughly translated as "Flying Comet".