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Hinata(日向) is a minor character from the Senran Kagura series. She was the leader of the gang that Hikage ended up joining, acting as Hikage's mentor/parental figure before meeting her death at the hands of an enemy gang. Hikage now wields her knife as a keepsake.


Hinata was 20 years old or so and had smooth silky skin and always wore trendy clothes, looking more like a model than a gang member. Despite her looks, she was deadly with a knife. According to Hikage, she was downright sadistic in a fight, which terrified everyone around her.


Just like Hikage, Hinata had escaped an orphanage before becoming a gang leader, of which Hikage would later find herself joining. Hinata was very supportive of her, and would always take care of her. Even though the other gang members would make fun of Hikage's expressionless face, she'd tell her that there was nothing strange about her and that she was fine the way she was,

After some of the members of the gang "pissed off" a rival gang, they began slaughtering members one by one. Hinata then decided she would try to reason with them personally. Hinata was not found for days, before Hikage found her corpse shredded to ribbons in a dumpster in an alleyway, her favorite knife by her side.

Hikage then picked it up and gripped it tightly as if it bore her soul as she mourned her passing.


  • Hinata's appearance has only been seen in the third volume of the manga Senran Kagura: Crimson Snakes. However, artist Nan Yaegashi who did most of the Senran Kagura character designs posted an alternate version on his twitter.