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Hikage (日影) is a playable character in the second timeline of Senran Kagura. She is a member of Homura's Crimson Squad.

A former third-year student at Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy. She's expressionless and largely wordless, to the point that nobody can ever quite tell what she’s thinking.

She claims to have no emotions, but she’s surrounded by friends who are frank and upfront with their feelings, giving her an almost scientific curiosity about the very concept of human emotion. Her weapon of choice is the knife, which she wields with grace and aplomb.



Hikage is a pale skin girl with medium length green hair and amber eyes in a furtive or feral glance and an emotionless expression. She tends to stick her tongue out when on the prowl. She wears a dingy torn up yellow and black striped shirt with a snake patterned and black frill trim that is very short, stopping at the bust line, showing a lot of cleavage. Because of this, it can only properly cover one of her shoulders.

She has thin necklaces around her neck, and black leather constricts going down her arms and legs, which carry knives. Her blue jeans have gashes and rips. The zipper is down and the belt unbuckled, with leather constricts below the knees and a red snake pattern on the left thigh. She has snake tattoos on her left hip and breast, and her neck.


“"Their actions and reactions stand in direct contrast to their feelings. I seriously don't understand at all.”
—Hikage, Shinovi Versus
Hikage rarely, if ever, displays emotion and when she does, it is to a very low degree. She herself states that the best way to describe her is a "cicada husk". Because of this, her mood is hard to read. She also has a very apathetic and languorous demeanor and when faced with a problem, she usually tends to space out, losing herself in thought.

Often though, she just is outright oblivious to everything going on around her, usually landing her in peculiar situations. She tends to just go with the flow of things, curious as to how everything plays out. She tries her best to make up for her lack of expression by being vocal and explicit about her thoughts and opinions, often making her come across as socially awkward. She is also very frank and honest about things, stating things the way she sees them, sometimes coming off as rude or inconsiderate of others feelings.

Although Hikage doesn't understand emotions, she does have the strong desire to understand them. Originally, Hikage never gave them a second thought, stating that their fleeting nature always struck her as a "pain in the ass". However, she starts shows personal interest in them after meeting Katsuragi, stating that she has never felt so alive while fighting her. Thus paving a new path for her to take on.


Shinovi Versus

Homura's Crimson Squad

Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy

Gessen Girls' Academy

Hanzō National Academy

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Estival Versus

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Hikage is eating at a fast-food restaurant and chattering 'gal'-style with her best friend Shiki when outside a high-pitched voice screams that it's going to crush the town flat. It's a giant Mirai on the rampage, again, despite Hikage's prior warnings. For the sake of protecting the city, Hikage transforms by drinking one of Haruka's potions, making her grow into the giant-sized hero called Giant Heart. She gets into an argument with Giant Mirai about her inconsistent style of roaring before realizing this situation all seems strange. It's strange because it's a dream. The sound of a (real) construction site nearby wakes her up. Still tired, and curious about that odd dream, Hikage sets out on a search for a new napping spot.

The first place Hikage reaches is the Festival Grounds at night. For some reason she thinks this looks like a good place to sleep. Unfortunately for Hikage, Hanabi is there too along with the usual attendant explosions and loud cries. She's playing with a new batch of fireworks. Hikage asks her if she wouldn't mind being a quiet for a bit. Hanabi can't hear her over all the noise that she's making. Hikage says that even though she's emotionless, if all the kaboom-ing doesn't stop then she's going to go 'kaboom' herself. Hikage beats Hanabi up but decides the festival grounds aren't a good place to nap anyway.

The next spot is the Gessen Academy roof. For some reason Hikage thinks this might be suitable. It isn't. Shiki and Murakumo are up there shouting and making a lot of noise. Hikage wonders what all the fuss is about and asks them. Murakumo replies that she's making a manga about a kung-fu heroine and Shiki is modelling for her. The shouting was Shiki's kung-fu cries. Murakumo asks Hikage to help out by letting Shiki kick her a few times. Hikage says she's too sleepy. Murakumo is determined to have her way though and Shiki regretfully tells Hikage that Murakumo won't give up on the idea until Hikage says yes. The three of them fight and Hikage emerges the winner and heads off to find somewhere else to sleep.

Hikage reaches the Training Grounds in the countryside where she finds Ikaruga cheering and whooping, which Hikage thinks is unusual for the normally straight-laced Hanzō class representative. She asks if Ikaruga is alright, since she seems to be going wild. Ikaruga, surprised, embarrassedly says she was just taking a breather, calling it 'yahoo time'. She explains to an uncomprehending Hikage that it's for relieving stress and she does it out here where she won't be a nuisance to anyone. Hikage notes that Ikaruga must a lot of trouble to deal with and offers to help her relieve her stress. The pair have a stress-relieving duel, which Hikage wins. Hikage concludes that, in the end, this wasn't a place where she could take a nap either.

Hikage ends up inside the Hot Springs, declaring that she's going to sleep no matter what. Unfortunately she immediately encounters Kafuru, Imu and her main rival Katsuragi. It seems that Imu has been looking for her and Hikage says she's a pain, which rather upsets Imu. Imu says it's time for them to settle matters between them, which Hikage replies she thought they'd already done. Imu says that there are new matters to settle: she just had a dream where Hikage did all kinds of cruel things to her. Katsuragi apologizes to Hikage for getting involved - Imu offered to buy her sushi in return for her help. Kafuru was apparently willing to join in just for money. Hikage prevails against her three opponents but, in her words, she's now at max sleepiness.

Hikage sleepwalks to the Forest of Requiem. Murasaki wakes her up and says this spot is where she and her stuffed toy Bebe-tan like to take naps. She demands that Hikage give the spot back to her. Murasaki won't give it up without a fight. They duel for possession of the napping spot. Hikage is the victor and says that finally she can sleep in peace.

Hikage EV SGH.jpg
Hikage is late for school. Her mother Haruka didn't wake her up early enough. She runs down the street, a piece of toast in her mouth, but crashes headlong into Imu. She apologizes to an angry Imu but doesn't have time to hang around, despite Imu's protestations. Hikage finally makes it in time for just another day at school. She pulls up short though, remembering that she used to go to a shinobi school and not to a normal school, and that she already left Hebijo Academy anyway. As she looks up at schoolgirls Homura and Yomi waving from an upper window, she realizes this is just another dream too. Rather than waking up, she decides she might as well keep on with this dream for now, and lets out a little chuckle in her sleep.

Dual Shinobi Hearts

Deadly Word Games

When Hikage and Murakumo run into each other, they don't really have anything to talk about, which leads to a short utter silence. They then decide to play a little word game with each other to pass the time while facing off some shinobi grunts.


Murakumo: "Hikage..."

Hikage: "Well if it isn't Murakumo."

Murakumo: "..."

Hikage: "..."

Murakumo "..."

Hikage: "..."

Murakumo: "Don't people usually start conversations when they run into each other like this?"

Hikage: "Sure. Let's chat."

Murakumo: "All right..."

Hikage: "..."

Murakumo: "..."

Murakumo: "Anything you want to talk about?"

Hikage: "Not really."

Murakumo: "Me neither."

Hikage: "..."

Murakumo: "..."

Hikage: "Bean sprouts."

Murakumo: "Bean sprouts?"

Hikage: "Let's play "last letter, first letter." Here, Murakumo... Sprouts."

Murakumo: "S... S... Mr. Seahorse."

Hikage: "Nope. No proper nouns."

Murakumo: "Fine, then just "seahorse.""

Hikage: "E... E... Elephant."

Murakumo: "T... T... Mr. Tiger."

Hikage: "You like putting "Mr." in front of your animals, don't you?"

Murakumo: "Sorry. It's a habit. Just disregard the "Mr." from now on."

Hikage: "Let's see, R... R... R... Rival."

Murakumo: "L... L... Mr. Lufengosaurus."

Hikage: "What's that?"

Murakumo: "A dinosaur that lived in the early Jurassic period."

Hikage: "Oh. Huh. You know your stuff. S... S... Skirt with a concealed machine gun."

Murakumo: "Sentences are okay too? I always played it "one noun only.""

Hikage: "All right, "skirt." But then you have to drop the "Mr.""

Murakumo: "Oh, off topic, Hikage...we're surrounded by enemies."

Hikage: "Oh, huh. We are. Looks like they're ready to go."

Murakumo: "It seems we'll have to oblige them, then."

Hikage: "Yeah, okay, let's do what we can here."

Murakumo: "...So I won the word game, right?"

Hikage: "Not yet. The battle's just getting started."

Murakumo: "Skirt... Mr. Tortoise... I mean "Tortoise.""

Hikage: "Éclair."

Murakumo: "Reindeer."

Hikage: "Raisin."

Murakumo: "Norfolk Terrier."

Hikage: "Raspberry."

Murakumo: "Yak."

Hikage: "Kiwi."

Murakumo: "Imam."

Hikage: "Mess."

Murakumo: "..."Mess"?"

Hikage: "Mess."

Murakumo: "...Siberian Tiger."

Hikage: "Rhinoceros."

Murakumo: "Siberian Moose."

Hikage: "Eggs."

Murakumo: "Siberian Lynx."

Hikage: "Xenosaurus."

Murakumo: "Siberian Yak."

Hikage: "Knights."

Murakumo: "Siberian Musk Deer."

Hikage: "Siberia... What a dangerous place."

Hikage: "But I am impressed, Murakumo."

Murakumo: "How so?"

Hikage: "You kept up with all my words. That's admirable."

Murakumo: "It's not my skills... It's thanks to Siberia."

Hikage: "No, it's because you knew so much about animals. I really respect that."

Murakumo: "Really...? But you were strong too, Hikage."

Hikage: "I lost this time. But the next time we face off, I'll win."

Murakumo: "Yeah. Let's do this again."

Hikage: "Oh, those people who attacked us just now, do you have any idea who they were?"

Murakumo: "Nope, but...I guess it doesn't matter."

Hikage: "Yeah, you're right. See you later, then."

Murakumo: "Sure thing."

Peach Beach Splash


She is shown with the rest of her team working at a carnival, where they suddenly get their invitation to the Peach Beach Splash tournament.

Paradise Episodes

Hikage in the heat

Hikage sits somewhere on the island under the sun near the rest of the Crimson Squad, not having fun at the beach or the pool, as she says, and she feels and complains about the heat and is too tired to even move. Mirai warns her about getting an heatstroke by sitting under the sun, and Hikage notices her worry and starts looking for a cooler place. Unfortunately; she gets the heatstroke that Mirai warned her about and thinks suddenly about "Samba"*, for no reason, and shouts. Mirai, and then the rest of the Squad, gather around Hikage to snap her out of it, thinking she went crazy because of the heat, and Yomi suggesting to drench her in water, Hikage decides to oppose to them and take them all on alone.

  • Samba is a style of African and Brazilian dance.

Hikage have to fight alone all the 4 other members of the Crimson Squad. She shouts "Samba" multiple times happily, and Yomi tells others to splash water on her. Haruka, noticing that she has fun, suggest to leave Hikage as she is, which Homura agree to, telling that having Hikage with emotions is a nice change of pace. Mirai gets opposed to them, arguing that's just the effect of heat, and request Hikage to come back to normal, for no effect.

Hikage happens to successfully defeat them all, shouting "Samba" again, and commenting about finding out how happiness is.

In Bon Appétit kitchen map, Hikage face the others members of the Crimson Squad. She shouts angrily "Samba" multiple times, Haruka noticing her anger, and Homura telling that the team has to fight back to not be beaten by Hikage. Mirai urges Hikage to calm down, but Hikage reply that she can't calm down from some unknown thing. Yomi asks her which, and Hikage replies to her that she doesn't know, which leads to Mirai concluding it's heat's fault again.

Hikage defeats them again, and ask "What's wrong with all these youngsters nowadays?!", to which Homura comment about the mess her emotions are, to Haruka's approval.

In the Snow Castle map, Hikage has to face again the Crimson Squad's other members. This time, Hikage shouts "Samba" sadly, and whimpers, which Homura notices. Haruka suggests that Hikage's emotions are going haywire. Hikage asks why no one dance Samba with her, Yomi tries to explain but Haruka interrupts her and asks her to dance with Hikage, telling that may be what Hikage wants. Yomi accepts and try to enter in Hikage's ravings, but Hikage tells her that's "not the samba", to Yomi's incomprehension and Homura telling Yomi to not worry about it.

Hikage achieves to beat them all, through she whimpers "Samba" to end the fight.

Hikage fights the other members of the Crimson Squad in PBS's stadium. She starts by grabbing Yomi's chest and shouts happily about it, both to Yomi's embarrassment and incomprehension, stating that they established that wasn't the samba, and shouts "Samba" in fun, and then rubs Yomi's bum. Homura remarks that Hikage is having fun, and Haruka tells that she finds lovely to see Hikage in touch of her feelings. Homura wonders if Hikage is evolving, but Mirai denies and reminds that she said it was because of the heat.

Hikage defeat them, and shouts happily that life is full of fun.

The fight between Hikage and her fellows returns to the Peach Beach Island, at nighttime. Hikage is now incoherent in what she says, being happy, angry, sad, and funny at the same time, with Homura remarking that all of her emotions were going off at once, Hikage shouting "Samba" in random moods. Haruka tells others that leaving Hikage like that is not right, to which Homura reply in agreement that the usual Hikage remains the best Hikage, even without any emotion. Mirai and Yomi agree with that.

Hikage ends the fight, and returns to normal, not knowing what she just done all the day.

Hikage feels generally better, now that the heatstroke she suffered was done, wonders if she has to feel sorry about what she just did, and then stops wondering about that. All the other members of the team ask her about how she feels now, and notices that she got refreshed now. Hikage remarks that everyone is worried about her and tells that whatever if she has emotions, if she goes through things like a heatstroke, she can only feels a little crazy. She reassures them, but Homura want to test if she's actually back to normal, and do her "crab" posture with her swords. Seeing that Hikage doesn't laugh, she concludes that Hikage really snapped out of all this. When Homura tells Hikage that she is only person to not laugh to her ultimate gag, everyone but Hikage laughs to this.

Hikage finish by telling that in such times, she would like to laugh along, but that she has no emotions and friends that want her to stay that way.


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Hikage's fighting style mostly focuses on speed, mobility and delivering multiple swift continued hits. When she is pushed too far or really gets into the fight, she enters a berserk state where her emotions run wild, giving her a considerable boost to her speed, mobility and attack range. She uses her knives for both close range combat and as projectiles for, which may cause poisoning effects. Her combat expertise has been described as almost machine-like, using a fighting style that seems chaotic, despite being very deliberate, making her hard to read and follow.

"Hikage is a specialist in speed and nothing but speed. Her best approach is to dish out pressure with multi-hitting attacks. Since her range is short, it's best to keep up quick attacks and then carry them with an Aerial Rave. For projectile-based enemies, close the gap by jumping in. While going Frantic does increase her speed even further, her range becomes very limited, so it is not recommended." -Estival Versus: Hikage's Battle Card

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Art

Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
Shadow and Light Shinovi Versus Hikage's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting her.
I Began to Feel It in My Heart Estival Versus Hikage's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting her.