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Hikage (日影) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls.


Hikage's had issues with emotions even as a child. She never knew who her parents were, and grew up in an orphanage. There, the other kids would often poke fun at her expressionless face, calling her names such as "dead face".

Feeling uncomfortable, she eventually left the orphanage at the age of 8, taking to the streets alone and eventually running in with a gang of thugs thanks to the gang leader Hinata, whom Hikage clung to like a lost puppy. Hinata would always dote over her, becoming a great influence on her, practically becoming her surrogate mother. Hinata would always stick up for Hikage, saying that it's ok if she is expressionless, it's what makes her who she is.

After an incident involving members of their gang getting on a rival gangs bad side, countless members were being slaughtered. Hinata personally went to address the problem and see if she could get their forgiveness, but never returned. After days of waiting and searching, Hikage would eventually find her lifeless, mangled corpse laying in a dumpster in an alleyway. For the first time, Hikage had displayed emotion, a feeling she could only describe as a drip in her heart, rain inside her. Hikage was in tears. The knife she wields belonged to Hinata herself, Hikage keeping and holding it dearly as if Hinata's spirit still lived on in it.

Presumably due to her criminal affiliations, Hikage was recruited into the Hebijo academy where she quickly became a member of the Elite Class in her 1st year. She was the second member to join the Elite Class. Haruka being the first.

Other Appearances

Bon Appétit!

Hikage was being chased by Haruka who had been pursuing her for at least a few hours. Hikage tells Haruka to give up but knew she wouldn't listen but that wasn't going to stop Hikage from saying it. Haruka refused to give up not when her newest drug was in her words on the verge of greatness and apparently wanted to test it out on Hikage. She was not going to let that happen, she didn't want to deal with it she didn't even need emotions to know something was bad for her. While she kept running she asked Haruka what was in the new drug, Haruka answered that it was a new kind of medicine for strong, healthy energy. That set off all kinds of red flags. Hikage refused to take another one of Haruka's drugs after the last time she did. Which resulted in her getting naked and doing the samba in the shopping district and the police getting involved, although emotionally she didn't care she did not wanna go through that again. Hikage then asked her if that was the same drug as the samba one. Haruka tried to deny it only to confirm Hikage's suspicions. Hikage knew what Haruka was trying to make her do and this time she was going to film it. Hikage lies to Haruka about Hibari being nearby caught in a trap Haruka then looks around long enough for Hikage to shake her off. After losing her Hikage comments that Haruka was easy to fool but knew that she'll come chasing after her again once she sees Hibari wasn't there. She then notices there was a Super Dish Gourmet Cook-off happening nearby, she decides to hide among the crowd. She slips in through the back of the venue and sits on a crate she even thinks to herself that it had been a long time she had run that long without stopping. Out of nowhere a man with a staff armband says "There you are." and took her hand and takes her away. Hikage questions what this was about before realizing that the man must've mistaken her for a contestant. Hikage decides to go for it as it may be easier in the long run. That and it would keep Haruka off her back for a little while longer. So she shrugs and said yes, as she decides to partake in the competition.

First Round Her first opponent was Daidōji. Neither of them said a word to each other until Daidōji said to her "You...would do well to speak." Hikage tells her it was easy for her to say, as she (Hikage) could get pretty shy easily. Daidōji responds with "...As can I." Both were silent again until Daidōji said "...Cat." and Hikage replied with "...Tabby." Then Daidōji said "...Yorkshire." Hikage replies with "...Ermac." Daidōji then says Chapt only to change her words to chateau de versailles. Hikage tells her the word champion wins again. Daidōji comments how shameful it was to lose. Hikage then tells that they should get this other battle started. Daidōji agreed with her. And the first of the competition ended with Hikage winning. After the round Daidōji comments about being bested like that. Hikage hearing the word bested says it and then says buns. Daidōji replied with "...Second." Hikage said "...Danish bun." Daidōji responds with "...Pork bun." Hikage says "...Pork bun." Daidōji said "...Non-toxic." Hikage responded with "...Cinnomon bun." Daidōji said the word bun and proceeded to tell her to stop firing at her with buns. Hikage then says she wins again. Daidōji then says "What a disgrace."

Fourth Round Unfortunately for Hikage her next opponent was Haruka. Who tells her she finally found her. Hikage seeing Haruka comments about how she still hasn't given up. Haruka tells her of course not as this time there was more at stake than a little samba. This time she was dancing both the samba and the rumba. Hikage makes a sarcastic apology as sambas and rumbas weren't her thing. Haruka tells her she didn't say she had a choice and she might actually enjoy herself for once. Hikage saw through her words as it was all for her so it wasn't going to happen. Haruka tells her to hold still and drink her medicine. Hikage at this point tells her she should make her drink her it. However their round for the cook-off apparently begins with Hikage winning in the end. Hikage manages to get Haruka to drink the medicine. Haruka tries to get her to stop but ends up drinking the medicine. Hikage then asks her how it was and how she felt. Haruka only screamed "Samba!" Hikage then comments that, that didn't take long. Haruka was telling everyone to samba with enthusiasm. Hikage was disappointed as it wasn't living up to the hype as Haruka was like this all the time. Haruka tells Hikage she was being so mean but continues to samba. Hikage then leaves Haruka behind.

Fifth Round Hikage's final opponent was Yagyū. Which surprised Hikage. Yagyū tells her she wasn't planning on it, until her squid guardian in her words got her 'inking' that maybe she should try it out. Hikage then tells her she should get back to her octopus balls to make sure they didn't in her word 'suck.' Yagyū responds by telling her that she can't leave her squid in the booth, otherwise the whole booth will start to smell 'fishy.' Hikage then says that some slithering snakes were silently doing the samba. Yagyū says to her that she's steaming scores of shumai in her sister's shoe. Hikage then says it was time to toast tons of tomatoes in a twirling tornado. Yagyū tells her that was so twisted. Hikage then comments "...Well played." Yagyū tells her she could say the same. And so the final round of the cook-off begins with Hikage winning in the end.

Epilogue Yagyū makes a comment about how she at least won the battle of words. Hikage tells her she thought it was a draw. Yagyū tells her that they should continue if she took five ninjas, subtract five, and how many are left 'Noneja.'. Hikage having thought about Haruka comments that she probably won't chase her anymore which means there was no point in doing the word game anymore. Since she was tired she should probably return to the hideout. As she left Yagyū asked her what was the matter and if the last pun chased her off. When she was leaving another man grabs her arm which she questioned as the tournament was over, turns out he was a street vendor who traveled to various festivals. He apparently saw her cooking and wanted to scout her. He tells her she livens up the booths and asked if she'd like to make money doing it. Hikage tells him she wasn't interested as she had a whole different day job. The whole cooking thing just happened on its own. He tells her it wasn't just her cooking skills he was after. This confused Hikage. He flat out tells her it was her jokes, he wanted her to use her puns to liven up the booths. A few days later Hikage was cooking octopus balls at a festival booth. As she did she could hear all people laughing, whistles blowing, drums beating and children yelling in excitement, although her expression didn't change she could feel something inside, she began to think that maybe this lifestyle suited her. She was then told it was time for her to work the crowd. She thought about what to say before telling people not to buy their food from another booth because it bites. She didn't know if her puns were working or not, but regardless until festival season was over her status as a shinobi was on hiatus. Unknown to her Haruka was nearby looking for her.


  • Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows
  • Senran Kagura: After School (Anthology Comic)
  • Senran Kagura:Guren no Uroboros
  • Senran Kagura:Senshi Bankō no Haruka
  • Senran Enji Kyonyū-gumi


Ninja Flash! and Shinovi Master

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Non-Senran Kagura Appearances

  • Kandagawa Jet Girls: As a playable guest character in the game (DLC).


  • The leader of the gang, Hinata (日向), her name means "in the sun", while Hikage(日影) is the opposite, and means "out of the sun", or more precisely "among the shadows". However, Hikage's name can also mean "sunshine".
  • Although this hasn't been fully mentioned, she does work part-time at a restaurant.
  • She speaks in a Kansai dialect.
  • Hikage's body is covered with a number of tattoos. It is stated in the Senran Kagura: Official Design Works book that when Hinata was killed, she chose to tattoo herself in the same spot where Hinata's fatal injuries were, including her left breast, flank, and shoulder.
  • Hikage’s knife resembles Ivy Valentine’s snake sword from the Soul Calibur franchise.

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