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Hibari (雲雀) is a playable character in the PlayStation sub-series of Senran Kagura.

A first-year student at Hanzō National Academy. Her unusual eyes come from a rare family trait known as Kagan, which grants one family member in a generation the power to control others' minds.

Being young and awkward, Hibari's still struggling to master that power, along with her other shinobi skills, in order to consider herself worthy of her peers. When she first started school, her fellow first-year Yagyū took her under her wing, and between Yagyū's tutelage and her own determination, she's started to catch up.

Despite her struggles, and her occasional mistakes, Hibari has made many friends – more than she thinks she deserves – thanks to her cheerful and genuine personality.



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Hibari is an upbeat girl with pink hair adorned with three black ribbons that tie it into two pigtails. Her outfit is reminiscent of a student in gym class. She has a light pink track jacket with the Hanzō emblem on the left chest area, dark blue biker shorts, black and white socks, and red and white sneakers. Her eyes are peculiarly dotted with two pink, cross-shaped pupils.


Hibari is exceedingly innocent, trusting and cheerful. Despite often depending on others, especially Yagyū, Hibari dislikes having to completely rely on others, as it makes her feel like she is holding everyone else behind. Although she often feels like she just isn't cut out for it, she always tries her best to keep up with the others and show just how much she can contribute to the team.


Shinovi Versus

In Shinovi Versus, Hibari's first mission involves battling her classmates as they're under Hibari's accidental Kagan spell. She fights Asuka and Yagyu in a tag team, followed by Ikaruga and Katsuragi in a tag team. Afterwards, she explains to the other girls the abilities of her eyes. She is later with the other girls as the Gessen students introduce themselves. Finally, she is present while Kiriya goes over the principles of the Shinobi Battle Royale.

In Chapter 2, she has to fight Minori in the Hanzō school, battling through waves of jobbers before facing the young Gessen student in a classroom. After the battle, Hibari is exhausted, while Minori (while possibly scratched up), appears unharmed, ready for Round 2. However, Minori gets bored and leaves, leaving Hibari to ponder over Minori's motif.

Though she has no mission in Chapter 3, she appears in the last mission to help Asuka along with the other Hanzō shinobi who had recently finished recuperating. She "assists" Katsuragi in teasing Murakumo, to Yagyu's chagrin, and eventually, Murakumo runs away.

In Chapter 4, she reunites with Haruka and trains with her, while everyone else trains with their respective Hebijo rivals. Hibari expresses a concern to Haruka, about how she feels like she's holding everyone else back with her weakness, a concern she had back in Burst. Haruka explains that her charm is one of her most finest features, which is one reason why Haruka wanted to make her into a doll. After their spar, Hibari learns her Absolute Secret Ninja Art: Crazy Rabbit.

In Chapter 5, she has a heated conversation with Minori on why she fights. She realizes that one of the main reason why Minori loves to play so much is because she wishes that everyone would stop fighting and get along. After the fight, she meets up with Asuka and the others, before joining all of the other girls from the other schools for a hot spring "celebration" for saving their school.

Estival Versus

It starts by Ryōna whispering to Hibari things about being a woman, to Hibari's wonderment. Hibari is tired of being considered childish by her friends and wants be considered a mature woman. Yagyū comes and barges in, ordering Ryōna to let Hibari alone and not teach her "strange things", upsetting Hibari who tells Yagyū that she can be mature like her friends. Yagyū, with confusion and implied indignation, asks her why she asked Ryōna to teach her, but Hibari refuses to listen to her, considering it is counter-productive if she wants to be taken seriously.

Ryōna wiggles her hips and tells Hibari to ask around about being a woman. Hibari, while considering Ryōna's butt wiggle womanly, approves her suggestion and shakes Yagyū's hand before leaving, determined to become mature.

"I want to be more mature. So what exactly does that mean...?" -Hibari
Hibari faces Imu on the Hebijo Castle Grounds, and asks her to teach her being a woman. Imu asks her why she asks her this, to which Hibari reply that Imu is a woman herself. Imu confirms and tries to explain, but Hibari interrupts her by screaming twice "WO-MAN!", to what Imu asks her what she is doing by that, and Hibari repeats "WO-MAN!" twice again.

When the duel against Imu starts, Hibari asks her how to be like her. Imu admits to her that she can't really answer the question, and Hibari replies by affirming that Imu is all mature herself, but Imu invalidates by telling that she is as much a young girl as Hibari is at heart, in her own ways. Hibari asks her which ways, and Imu replies by telling that Hibari should have this talk with someone else. This annoys Hibari, who feels that she is treated like a kid by Imu "like the others".

After she defeats Imu, Hibari wonders what does she need to be all mature.

"Hey, it's Haruka! She can teach me all about maturity!" -Hibari
Hibari faces Haruka and Yozakura in the Downtown at night. Hibari starts by calling and asking Haruka about how to be mature like her, to which Haruka reply that she will teach her everything about maturity very gently, actually implying something else. Yozakura, perturbed, asks Haruka what she plans to put Hibari through, and Haruka replies that will be doing "this and that". Hibari interrupts them by shouting and repeating "WO-MAN!" twice, and Yozakura tells Haruka to stay clean in her presence, and Hibari repeats "WO-MAN!" twice again.

When the fight against Haruka and Yozakura begins, Hibari tells Yozakura to not prevent Haruka from "helping her", oblivious to that Haruka wasn't exactly planning to teach her. Yozakura protests by claiming that Hibari's wishes as she understand them are not going to be satisfied by a pervert like Haruka, which irritates the latter. Thus, Hibari asks Yozakura to teach her, to which Yozakura replies with hesitation that Hibari would need a strong sense of responsibility, but Haruka interrupts her and tells her to teach Hibari through experience instead of talk. Hibari replies that Ryōna said the same thing as Haruka, and Yozakura protests by claiming that Hibari is learning from wrong people.

After having defeated Haruka and Yozakura, Hibari remarks that she still don't understand.

"Maybe someone older can teach me. Hmm, who should I ask?" -Hibari
Hibari faces Jasmine at the Training Grounds, and asks how to be a lady. Jasmine, seeming to not have listened, asks her if she has asked something, to which Hibari reply to never mind, nothing happening after. When the duel starts, Jasmine, made curious by Hibari's question, asks her to explain, to which Hibari complies by telling that as she wanted to be more mature, she thought Jasmine to be able to teach her. Jasmine interrupts her, guessing that Hibari thought that she would only teach her to be an old lady like her, irritated. Hibari stutters that she didn't mean it, but Jasmine gets angry and threatens her to teach her a "different" lesson for assumed consideration of her as old and useless. Hibari excuses to her, scared.

After the fight against Jasmine, Hibari sighs and comments that the encounter was scary.

"WO-MAN! WO-MAN! Wo...man?" -Hibari
Hibari faces Yagyū, Yomi and Mirai at the Mount Orochi Village. Yagyū starts by claiming that Hibari shouldn't worry about maturity yet as she is still young enough, followed by Mirai who, agreeing with her, claims Hibari should stay the same. Hibari protests by declaring that she wants to be as mature as them, to which Yomi chuckle and call Hibari precocious. Hibari starts to shout "WO-MAN!" twice, followed by Mirai who does same, irritating Hibari who orders her to not copy her. Mirai, rebellious, claims that she do want what she wants, and shouts "WO-MAN!" twice after Hibari takes it as a challenge she refuses to lose. Hibari shouts "WO-MAN!" twice again.

When the fight against Yagyū, Yomi and Mirai begins, Yagyū starts again by requiring Hibari to not try to change and to become more mature. Hibari asks Mirai as protestation if she wants to continue to grow, to which Mirai claims that she is already mature, which Yomi invalidates by gossiping that Mirai still has trouble going to the bathroom alone at night, to Mirai's protest. Hibari mocks Mirai by telling her she doesn't have trouble on her side for this, which Yagyū invalidates too by blurting out that Hibari wakes up at night for this, to Hibari's protest.

After the fight ended, Hibari says that there is only one person left for her to ask.

"SOMEONE must know all about being mature. ...Oh! Maybe should I ask her..." -Hibari
Hibari faces Miyabi at the Sensōji streets, and Miyabi starts by pondering about how to act more maturely. Hibari claims that if anyone would know how to act mature, Miyabi would, to which Miyabi asks her why does she thinks that. Hibari replies that Miyabi looks so grown-up that she is surprised that she is just a student. Miyabi stresses and tells her to not tell this, and Hibari starts to repeat twice "WO-MAN!", stressing Miyabi more who asks her again to stop, to which Hibari repeat again.

When the duel against Miyabi starts, Hibari pleads Miyabi to teach her maturity, which Miyabi refuses, broken, claiming that she is not in the mood as she feels that her spirit has been broken in half. Hibari replies that she wants to know absolutely, which Miyabi reply to that youth can never be regained once lost. Hibari shows compassion as Miyabi continues by telling Hibari to enjoy the youth she still have, and that what comes with age will come at the right time. Hibari accepts this as an answer.

After the fight ends, Hibari just says that she should stay herself.

Hibari EV SGH.jpg
At the end, Hibari thanks Miyabi and tells her she will finally stay herself, to which Miyabi ask confirmation. Hibari, still acknowledging she wants to be taken more seriously, thinks now that she don't need to force herself to become more mature, that her maturity will grow day by day and that she will enjoy each day. Due to this rush of self-confidence, she wants to go out and play, and asks Miyabi if the latter wants to hang out with her, to which Miyabi ask where to hang out. Hibari replies that they will hang out at the amusement park, to which Miyabi show hesitation.
Hibari grabs her hand to pull her along, as anyone can enjoy an amusement park and that adults can feel like kids again, and kids can go nuts there. Listing several attractions, Hibari declares that everyone can forget their troubles and play all they want, and has much fun with Miyabi.

Dual Shinobi Hearts

Dangerous Concoction

Hibari and Minori drink a concoction from Haruka's collection that will make them more mature by deepening their voices. Yozakura and Yagyū are in denial for them to drink anything that's been made by Haruka, however.


Hibari: "Here! I brought it, Minori. The medicine I got from Haruka the other day!"

Minori: "Is this really going to make us all womanly?"

Hibari: "Yup, Haruka says it will."

Hibari: "Haruka's medicines always work lickety-split. Let's try it right now!"

Minori: "But is it going to be fun being all mature?"

Hibari: "U-umm, when you say it like that..."

Hibari: "Well, at least when you're mature, people take you seriously, and nobody talks down to you."

Hibari: "So that sounds pretty good to me!"

Minori: "Okay! If you say so, I'll believe you!"

Hibari: "So here goes, Minori."

Hibari: "Say hello to the new young lady us-es!"

Minori: "Hello!"

Minori: "Ahh!"

Hibari: "..."

Hibari: "...Huh? Did anything change?"

Minori: *deeper tone* "...I wonder."

Hibari: "Huh? M-Minori... Your voice!"

Hibari: *deeper tone* "Your voice...seems more mature."

Minori: "Oh, wow. Yours as well, Hibari."

Hibari: "...How surprising. Who would've guessed that we would change this much?"

Yagyū: "Oh, Hibari! There you are."

Yagyū: "I had Yozakura sew you those Mr. Bunny panties you'd been asking for. They're very well-made."

Yozakura: "I made a pair for you too, Minori."

Hibari: "Mr. Bunny panties? I have no interest in such things."

Yagyū: "...Hmm?"

Minori: "Nor do I. Tee hee."

Yozakura: "What?"

Hibari: "I'd much prefer something more ladylike. Right, Minori?"

Minori: "Yes, indeed. None of this "Mr. Bunny" business. Rather, a leopard print, perhaps."

Yagyū: "...Wh-what's wrong, Hibari?!"

Yozakura: "Why are you talking like that? Are you playing some kind of game?"

Minori: "Tee hee. This is no game. Hibari and I have simply embraced our womanhood."

Hibari: "Indeed we have, thanks to Haruka's medicine."

Yozakura: "...Haruka's medicine?"

Yagyū: "...I see. So that's what this is."

Yagyū: "Let's make them spit it out, Yozakura! Haruka's medicines are no joke. I have a terrible feeling!"

Yozakura: "R-right!"

Hibari: "Please, stop. We've both wanted to be this way for quite some time, you know."

Minori: "Yes, and we've scarcely had time to enjoy it."

"Goodbye, playtime!" -Minori
"Hello, maturity!" -Hibari

Beginning of Mission:

Yozakura: "Spit it out, Minori!"

Minori: "I would never."

Yozakura: "If you spit it out, I'll play tag with you!"

Minori: "Tag? I have no need for such frivolity. Isn't that right, Hibari?"

Hibari: "Yes. We have other games we play now."

Yagyū: "...Wh-what? "Other games"...?"

Hibari: "Do you not understand, Yagyū? How sad. You are still so young..."

Hibari: "Minori, please explain to them. What other games are we talking about?

Minori: "Hee hee. Well, the kinds of games responsible adults play behind closed doors, such as..."

Yozakura: ""S-such as..." what?"

Minori: "..."

Minori: "...Hibari, if you would."

Hibari: "Of course. For example..."

Hibari: "For example... Ah, paying the bills."

Minori: "Ah, yes. Nothing says "maturity" like taking care of the household finances."

Yagyū: "You count that as a game?"

Minori: "Hee hee. You'll understand the fun of it one day."

Yozakura: "They may have "matured," but they sure haven't learned anything."

Minori: "Manners, Miss."

Yagyū: "Ack... We couldn't make them spit it out..."

Yozakura: "What is this? I think they're stronger than normal."

Minori: "Of course we are. We've matured in every way."

Hibari: "And on that note, we have to go rent a car, pay our bills and drink black coffee."

Minori: "That sounds wonderful. Ah, it's great to be so mature and independent!"

Yozakura: "...Their concept of "maturity" isn't all that mature, is it?"

Minori: "I'll take some black coffee and some alcohol-filled sweets."

Yozakura: "So you do still want sweets."

Minori: "Tee hee. Say what you will. You're clearly far too young to understand. Well, au revoir, Yozakura."

Yagyū: "Hibari, I...I know you've got bills to pay, and that's fine, but..."

Yagyū: "...I'm begging you. Please spit that medicine out, or drink a lot of water, or..."

Hibari: "Why would I do such a thing? Have I outgrown you? Do I have to be your adorable little sister for you to be infatuated with me?"

Yagyū: "That's not it. I have a feeling something bad is about to happen, and I just want to make sure you're..."

Hibari: *dry tone* "...Ah, put a sock in it! And don't you worry 'bout nothin', ya little whippersnapper!"

Yagyū: "What?"

Minori: *dry tone* "Hibari? Did yer voice just go all caddywumpus?"

Minori: "...Huh?"

Hibari: "Minori.... This is..."


Minori: "*cough* *cough* *hack*"

Hibari: "Wh-what'n tarnation is happenin'...?"

Yozakura: "...Now they sound like old people."

Yagyū: "Ack... Sometimes, I hate being right."

Hibari: "Well, heck, now what do we do? Guess we'd better mosey on back to Haruka's place and see if she can fix this whole mess up."

Minori: "You're darn tootin', we should."

Minori: "Maybe it's just me, but this maturity business is wearin' me out in my old age."

Hibari: *high tone* "Mm'kay, Yagoo. I go."

Yagyū: "Huh?"

Hibari: "...H-huh? Whuff diff...?"

Minori: *high tone* "Hibawi tawk wike baby!"

Minori: "...I tawk wike baby!"

Yozakura: "Hmm, from young ladies to old ladies, and then babies... I think they're in a loop."

Yagyū: "Does that mean we can just wait, and they'll turn back to normal?"

Hibari: "Gaga!"

Minori: "Googoo!"

Yozakura: "...You know, Yagyū, for some reason, I feel like this might not be a big deal."

Yagyū: "You might be right. When do we ever get to hear Hibari talking like a baby? Maybe we should just enjoy the moment."

Hibari: "Googoo! Pweaze, diff is fewiouf!"

Minori: "Dat's wight! Dat's wight!"

Yagyū: "Oh, what's wrong? Do you need a new diaper? Or do you want some breast milk?"

Yozakura: "Aww, I'm sorry. Our breasts don't make milk..."

Yozakura: "Oh, I know! How about some Mr. Bunny underwear! I'm sure it'd look perfect on you."

Minori: "Goo goo!"

Hibari: "Baboo! Baboo!"

Peach Beach Splash


She is shown alongside the other Hanzō girls attending a barbeque. During this their invitation to the Peach Beach Splash tournament suddenly strikes the grill Asuka was using.

Hanzō Arc

Paradise Episodes


Main Articles: Hibari/Shinovi Versus  · Hibari/Estival Versus  · Hibari/Peach Beach Splash

In-game, Hibari's fighting style is composed mostly of an odd hand-to-hand melee attacks in a style which she invented that she calls the "Odd Pummeling Martial Arts", a take on taijutsu that resembles a child in a scuffle. It also often uses static electricity to shock and stun her opponents. As she's not very good at fighting, this is often reflected in her combat ability in-game. However she excels at intelligence gathering. Her Ninpo utilizes the power of her rabbit Ninto and electricity together. She can also turn into a Giantess and cause chaos by sitting down on a group of enemies.

"Hibari is unarmed, making her range very limited. For that reason, it's often best to hurry into an Aerial Rave. After performing a Shinobi Transformation, a lot of her moves will have superior armor, making her attacks go through even after taking hits. Her Frantic Mode limits her moves as well as her range, so it has no real use other than to gain Yin experience points." -Estival Versus: Hibari's Battle Card

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Art

Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
Power of Kagan Shinovi Versus Hibari's theme. It also plays when you fight against her.
Hibari is HI-BA-RI! Estival Versus Hibari's theme after transforming. It also plays when you fight against her.