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Haruka (春花) is a playable character in the second timeline of Senran Kagura.

A former third-year student at Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy. She's a sadistic character who acts like the queen of the castle, and her favorite thing in the world is to tease the weak. Yet despite this, she cradles her juniors’ feelings and acts almost like a mother figure to them.

Though she and her four friends walk the path of evil, she tries to keep an open mind and nurture them so they don’t succumb to the inevitable sorrow that typically accompanies their choice of lifestyle. She uses chemical weapons and puppetry, concealing the inner workings of her strategies under her white coat.



Haruka has blonde hair that is curled at the ends with a large pink bow on top. She wears what resembles pink and white lingerie with the bottom of her breasts left uncovered and a diamond shaped opening revealing her cleavage. On her legs and arms are white garments, and she wears a thin white bottom with simple pink high heels. On her back is a large white lab coat lined with many different vials filled with hazardous chemicals.


“To be honest, I couldn't get my mind off of you either. Your cries were so...fulfilling.”
—Haruka, Shinovi Versus
Haruka is a sophisticated young lady who finds the utmost pleasure in toying with her opponents. She treats her enemies like they are toys and is shown to be quite a dominatrix. Haruka likes to pick on weaker people, this explains why she seems to have her eyes on Hibari.

She is a very hard person to read and enjoys messing with the feelings of other people. Despite this, like the others, she has been shown to be quite considerate and caring towards those she considers her friends.


Shinovi Versus

Homura's Crimson Squad

Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy

Gessen Girls' Academy

Hanzo National Academy

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Haruka was in the basement of their hideout or as she called it the punishment room. She was kicking a guy multiple times much to his (drug-induced) joy. She kicked him mercilessly until it started to hurt her. She had kicked him for approximately two hours as there was no clock in the room. But regardless her servant rubs himself against her leg with a smile her medicine had done what it was supposed to do, he was tamed. Although she loved taming people with her body and tongue, she had a reason for making a medicine to speed up the process. Because some people she knew needed a little extra persuasion. She talks to herself about how with her medicine everyone would serve her, even certain young ladies. She questioned what would it feel like if they kneeled before her in unison, it’d feel like a whole new kind of ecstasy for sure. She then sets out to hunt her prey.

Her first target was her own teammate Homura. When Haruka approached her Homura greeted her only to be suddenly given some of her teammate’s medicine. Haruka tells her she was doing well. Homura brushed off what she just heard and demands to know what it was that Haruka gave her. She even guessed that it was her new medicine. Haruka asks how did she guess it and calls her a fool. Homura after a bit of confusion asks her to repeat what she just said once more. Haruka asks her if she liked that kind of foreplay and says what should she do. Homura asks her if she didn’t hear what she just said and asks her to repeat what she said earlier. Haruka knowing it was working asks Homura to spell it out to her as she couldn’t understand. Homura pleads with Haruka to call her a fool again and again. Haruka tells Homura to listen to herself and she says this medicine was a smashing success. She then comments about why should she stop at just one success and wonders who should the medicine be tested out on next.

She sets out to Hanzō academy disguising herself as Asuka to lure Katsuragi to her. Her plan works as Katsuragi sees who she thinks is Asuka and gropes her only to almost immediately notice that the boobs she was groping were too big to be Asuka’s. Haruka says to her “Overwhelming, aren’t they?” Katsuragi seeing Haruka starts to question why she was doing this but she doesn’t get to finish as Haruka immediately gave her target the medicine. She then questions Katsuragi what she thought of Mistress Haruka’s special obedient servant medication. Katsuragi hearing the word servant brushes off what she heard and tells Haruka not to make her laugh as who would want to serve her. Haruka tells her she wouldn’t expect her to serve her without compensation and decides to reward her by touching her. Katsuragi tells her to stop and questions where was she trying to touch her. Haruka playfully asks her if she wanted her to stop. Katsuragi tries to tell her if she didn’t do it that made room for her. Haruka tells her she looked like she was waiting to be groped, she finds this unexciting as she needed more resistance. Haruka was disappointed with Katsuragi and decides she needed another test subject.

She next comes across Ikagura and asks her if she could trouble her for advice. Ikaruga not knowing what was coming tells her it was no trouble at all as helping everyone solve their problems was apart of her duty. Haruka thanks her and asks her to drink her medicine. Ikaruga drinks it without question. Haruka then asks what she thought of it. Ikaruga tells her it had an odd scent but the taste wasn’t bad. Haruka hearing this decides to be on her way. Ikaruga stops her and tells her, her outfit was a bit over the line. Haruka tells her it wasn’t and it was quite snug. Ikaruga from where she was standing says to her it looked that way but she was afraid she couldn’t just take her word she’d have to take a closer look, a much closer look. Haruka then beats Ikaruga and asks her if she thought she could examine her body for free.

She next targets Imu whom she finds at Hebijo academy who was by herself thinking about Miyabi and says she loves her. Haruka approaches her lying about how her beloved Miyabi asked her to bring her a special gift. Imu jumps at the sight of Haruka and asks if she was spying on her and questions what gift she was talking about. Haruka lies to her about how Miyabi told her Imu has been such help and how she wanted to thank her with a drink. Imu falling for this takes the medicine and drinks it. Imu then questions her where Miyabi was. Haruka brushes the question off with “Oh, who knows?” Imu hearing this tells her that Miyabi just gave her the drink but before she finishes she realizes she was deceived and asks Haruka if she lied to her. Haruka confessed and tells her she’ll believe anything she'd hear if she heard Miyabi’s name wouldn’t she. Imu admits every time she thought about her everything else just goes away, it was stupid she was stupid and someone needed to beat some sense into her. Haruka hearing this goes through with it and proceeds to kick Imu without mercy. Who asks her to kick her some more. Haruka eventually decides to stop beating Imu and move on to the next target.

Her final target is Ryōna who approaches her and asks her to bully her as she couldn’t go on if nobody does so. Haruka in response gives Ryōna the medicine. Ryōna seeing the mystery drink sees it as a whole new kind of foreplay and was excited by it. Haruka asks her how it was and Ryōna says it smelled funny but she chooses to keep drinking it even though it was nasty and pleads with Haruka to bully her. Haruka asks her if she felt hot, which Ryōna confirms and asks her to bully her. Haruka sees that she hasn’t changed much and tries to leave. Ryōna pleads for her not to leave her and continues asking her to bully her and notice her. Haruka notes that there was no apparent effect on this test subject. She then comments that this was a let-down.

Having gathered all her servants in the punishment room she thanks them all for coming. Her new servants were kneeling before her. She felt a rush just looking at them, to feel their adoration. She tells them they’ll feel right at home here and she’ll treat them just as well as they deserved. She ponders what she should teach them first and felt excited about it, until Homura suddenly started growling. Haruka in response asked what was wrong with her and asks if she was being naughty and demands she sit and stay. But she didn’t listen. She started creeping closer with a frightening look on her face. Ryōna also started to growl. Haruka seeing this realizes something was wrong. They were changing as if someone flipped a switch inside them and wonders if this was a side effect of the medicine. She then notices all five of them had her surrounded and all of them stared at her with sadistic glee in their eyes. All five of them gang up on her at once and this was the last thing Haruka remembered before blacking out.

Haruka's Punishment.jpg
She wakes up to find her hands tied it was clear her new medicine had a few kinks to work out, it turned all of them into cruel, vicious fiends. The five continue beating her Ikaruga asking her if this was what she wanted and Homura telling her to cry like a pig and to let them hear her scream. They continue doing unspeakable things to her. Haruka tells them it felt good. She resigns herself to this knowing the only thing she could do now is endure her punishments until the medicine wears off.

Estival Versus

Shinobi Girl's Heart

"I've concocted a new medicine. I wonder what it does..." -Haruka

Peach Beach Splash


She is shown with the rest of her team working at a carnival, where they suddenly get their invitation to the Peach Beach Splash tournament.

Paradise Episodes


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Haruka utilizes her puppet, Amanō, for most of her attacks in her movesets. Not only that, but she is one of the only characters that can apply multiple status effects on her opponents.

"Most of Haruka's stats are well-balanced, but her defense is fairly low. Her Normal fighting style is very different from her Shinobi Transformation style. Her basic Flash combos have great range, and her Yang combos cover even the areas behind her. This makes it tough for enemies to attack you from the back. Some of her Secret Ninja Arts have status effects, and can leave foes at your mercy if timed correctly." -Estival Versus: Haruka's Battle Card

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Art

Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
Fun for Adults Shinovi Versus Haruka's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting her.
Pink Sadism Estival Versus Haruka's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting her.

Senran Kagura Estival Versus OST - The Pink Sadism