Haruka (SK)

Haruka SKB

Haruka SKDC

Voiced By Megumi Toyoguchi
Gender Female
Birthday July, 20th (Cancer)
Blood Type AB
Laterality Left
Guardian Japanese Keelback
Weapon Chemicals / Puppet
Personal Details
Hobby Doll making
Favorite Food Sweetened kombu
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Height 169cm (5'7")
Bust 99cm (39")
Cup 70I
Bust Volume 2761.8ml
Waist 55cm (22")
Hips 88cm (35")

Haruka (春花) is a playable character in the Senran Kagura Nintendo 3DS series.

She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls and becomes playable in Senran Kagura Burst as a second 3rd-year student and member of the Hebijo elite before going rogue and joining the Crimson Squad.



Haruka has blonde hair that is curled at the ends with a large pink bow on top. She wears what resembles pink and white lingerie with white cups, and a diamond shaped opening revealing her cleavage. On her legs and arms are white garments, and she wears thin white bottom with simple pink high heels. On her back is a large white lab coat lined with many different vials filled with hazardous chemicals.


Haruka is a sophisticated young lady who finds the utmost pleasure in toying with her opponents. She treats her enemies like they are toys and is shown to be quite a dominatrix. Haruka likes to pick on weaker people, this explains why she seems to have her eyes on Hibari. She is a very hard person to read and enjoys messing with the feelings of other people. Despite this, like the others, she has been shown to be quite considerate and caring towards those she considers her friends.



Crimson Girls

During her first year she approaches a green haired girl and asks her if she was one of the elite members. She confirms. Haruka introduces herself to the girl who introduces herself as Hikage. Haruka notices Hikage didn't look cheerful and asks her if she was a first year and where her enthusiasm was. Hikage didn't understand what she meant and tells her, she doesn't have emotions. Haruka was surprised to hear that and tells her that it made her sound more like a doll than a human. Hikage agreed with her telling her if that's what it meant. Haruka found this intriguing and tells Hikage that maybe they had something in common and says she thinks they'll be good friends. Hikage didn't understand what she meant but if she said so they can be friends. Haruka in her words found this lovely.

During her second year she sees a girl beating all the upperclassmen and approaches her asking her if she beat all of them and tells her she seemed to be every bit of the untamable shrews the rumors said she was and calls her by her name, Miss Homura. Homura asks her if she wanted to fight her and makes the decision for her telling her she wasn't satisfied. Haruka tells her she admired her enthusiasm but tells her all Hebijo students are comrades personal grudge matches were prohibited. Homura comments about the rule against fighting in school and calls everyone a bunch of cowards. Haruka tells her not to get her wrong grudge matches were prohibited unless you call it independent training then you were fine. Even if one died it wasn't an issue, it was considered a routine possibility under such circumstances. Homura found this interesting and asks Haruka for independent training and she'll be her opponent. Haruka declines saying she uses her puppets for her independent training. Unless Homura told her if she'd like to be one of her puppets that's a different story. Hearing the word puppets Homura tells Haruka not to screw with her. Haruka hearing this tells Homura no independent training then. She then asks Homura to not be like that and for them to try and be friends. She then leaves Homura to herself. Later she watches Homura who senses another presence and shouts out at them. Haruka appears to her and tells her not to make a scary face as it was just her. Haruka tells Homura she heard she'd been looking for trouble among the upperclassmen. Homura tells her she hasn't challenged anyone, they've been attacking her. Haruka tells her if someone from the elite class were to drop out she'd get replaced by one of the regular students. Everyone wanted in so if they thought a first year like her would make an easy target they'd try. Homura makes a sarcastic remark about the no personal grudges rule. Haruka tells her that wanting to be apart of the elite class isn't a personal grudge, but more of an ambition to become stronger. Homura responds by telling Haruka she was pretty glib. Haruka then notices several upperclassmen arriving and points it out to Homura and leaves her to fend for herself. After Homura beats them Haruka was impressed and asks her if she was really only a first year. Homura tells her she was starting to understand. Everyone at school was an enemy besides herself. Haruka points out that enemy wasn't the right word and tells her Hebijo students are comrades who can't afford to get close to one another. Homura didn't understand what she meant by comrades. Haruka tells her since they can't be friendly they can fight, but comrades were still comrades. Homura takes this to mean that comrades who sometimes kill each other and that was fine by her and leaves Haruka by herself. Haruka says to herself that she got the sense she hasn't gotten it yet. But it didn't matter until the next first year came she'll give Homura all the training she needed. Sometime later she was overseeing the training of several junior students. Homura approaches her asking if she was instructing them. Haruka confirms but says kids these days were hopeless they're so spoiled they avoided the difficult training. She tells them they weren't like Homura none of them had her absurd single-minded thirst for blood. She continues on by telling her she was amazing, the foolish single-mindedness and all that. Homura questions Haruka if she was mocking her. Haruka is then struck by a lovely idea. She'll use her own secret ninja art to discipline them, then they'd have no means of avoiding the more difficult training. Homura comments that she didn't see that going very well. Haruka tells her to wait and see. She then uses her technique: Art of Seduction. Homura comments about how well played that was. Haruka eager to get started tells the junior students to come at her. Haruka then proceeds to beat the stuffing out of all the junior students. She then comments that should have been decent training for them. Homura takes notice that something was off about them. She points out to Haruka that they look a little happy that they got beaten, a little too happy. They were wandering around in a blissed out daze, a few were even drooling. Noticing this Haruka comments that the Art of Seduction was perhaps a little too effective. Homura tells her they were her responsibility and to deal with them. She then leaves Haruka alone to handle them. Haruka decides that Homura was right, but shrugs it off and continues to smack them around.

A month into her third year she approaches Homura and Mirai to introduce herself to their newest teammate. She jokingly asks who the new girl with the big boobs was. She introduces herself to Mirai and tells her if looks could kill and she was adorable. She got close to her and whispered into her ear how'd she like to be one of her dolls. She then tells her about the process that would happen if she wanted to be one. She'd encase her in wax so she couldn't move and hang her up on the wall in her room. Mirai was unsettled by this and began to think she was serious about turning her into a doll. Mirai tells Haruka she was sorry and to forgive her as she was a new student she couldn't talk back to her senior and shook her head as if her life depended on it. Haruka whispered into her ear about what she should do and asks her to call her Mistress Haruka. When Mirai said Mistress Haruka, she responds by telling her if she called her Mistress Haruka she'll forgive her. Haruka then leaves the two girls by themselves. A month later during Mirai's training while she was daydreaming about the rest of her teammates boobs until Homura shouts at her to snap out of it. Several of the training dummies threw daggers at her and she narrowly avoids serious injury but her skirt was torn in the process exposing her panties which had a bear on them. Haruka upon seeing them begins to laugh and points out to a confused Mirai her 'bear' ass was exposed Mirai took notice of her skirt and saw her panties were visible. She tried covering them but Haruka only laughed harder who told Mirai not to be shy as bear panties were so her, they're innocent and pokes to where the bear was printed and comments about the cuteness. Mirai's embarrassment begins to turn to anger and screams out what was wrong with having those kind of panties. She then runs off to the tree she went to on the outskirts of town. The others followed her and when she commented that if her bust was bigger she'd fit in with everyone else and Homura tells her that her appearance was a childish concern. They all began to show her they cared about her. Haruka tosses Mirai her negligee and Hikage's thong telling her the negligee was a present from her and if she wore those she'd graduate from a child and winked at her. When Homura told Mirai she had no recollection of treating her like a child Mirai realized that they never treated her like a child those were just projections she was throwing at them. Homura then tells Mirai she didn't need to treat her like a senior but an equal. Mirai was then told to address her by name and did so. Tears went down her face and after Homura tells her there were no formalities here they were all equals. When Yomi asked her to address her as sis, Haruka tells Mirai to unsurprisingly continue referring her as Mistress Haruka. Homura then let out a burst of laughter which almost everyone joined in on.

Deep Crimson

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

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Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
Portrait of Girls/Crimson Girls Haruka's theme before transforming.
Haruka's theme after transforming.
Deep Crimson Haruka's theme. It plays after she transforms.


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