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Haruka (春花) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls.


Her mother treated her obsessively and kept her in the house all the time and treated her like a doll. Her father, who was a doctor, was corrupt and having a bunch of affairs. Haruka was brought to the point where she wanted to burn her house down. Rin stepped in and stopped her and taught her puppetry skills. With those skills she forced her father to come forward and admit to his corruption. After that she effortlessly (i.e. had mad skills) enrolled into Hebijo. She was the first member to join the Elite Class and was already a 3rd year by the time the others joined.

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Bon Appétit!

Haruka was in her lab entering a short burst of laughter like a mad scientist. She had finally finished her newly perfected drug, she began to think about Hikage drinking it before bursting into laughter once more. She will never forget the time Hikage drank her special 'intensifier'. One drink Hikage ventured into the shopping district did the samba naked. Haruka watched the whole thing from the shadows, savoring every moment of it. She began to talk to herself about seeing Hikage in that same reverie*. Haruka's new creation was more potent than the original, and this time Hikage wouldn't do just the samba. She'd be doing the rumba, tango, jitterbug and the waltz. The thought alone began to make Haruka shiver. She then bit her excitement and went to greet Hikage. Unfortunately Hikage immediately identified it as a samba drug. Haruka tried to lie to her, only for Hikage to run off. Haruka chased after her. Eventually the chase ends with Hikage entering the Super Dish Gourmet Cook-Off venue and signing up to be a contestant. Haruka knowing she couldn't do anything to the "clever girl" while she was on stage. Decides to enter the tournament herself and vows that Hikage will dance for her.

  • Reverie: to be pleasantly lost in one's thoughts, basically a daydream.

First Round Haruka was looking for Hikage even calling out to her. Yomi addresses her by name catching Haruka's attention who questions if she entered the tournament as well. Haruka then asks her if she knew where Hikage was. Yomi tries to deny it, but her expression told Haruka she was lying. After having her expression pointed out to her, Yomi tells her even if she did she couldn't tell her. Yomi then takes note of Haruka's menacing look. Haruka began to laugh evilly. Yomi let out a shriek and Haruka tells her about her perfect timing, and how she should have a little appetizer before moving onto Hikage, and that Yomi looked delicious. Yomi takes note of her sinister aura and comments about how if she lost she didn't want to imagine the consequences. And so the first round of the tournament began with Haruka winning. After winning Haruka laughs while Yomi laments her defeat. Haruka then tells Yomi she was going to test out her drug on her. A brief struggle between the two begins with Haruka forcing Yomi to drink the new drug. Haruka asks her how it was, only for Yomi to fall to the floor. Haruka tries to wake Yomi who then wakes up and begins to speak in rhymes. Haruka asks herself about what she did to Yomi's sense of fear and says this was a complete failure. She then decides to go back to the drawing board, and was pleased that she tested it on Yomi first. Yomi meanwhile was continuing to speak in rhymes. Haruka then decides there was no time for this and it was best to leave her here until it wore off. She then tells Yomi to keep them laughing.

Fourth Round Her next opponent was Ikaruga whom she addresses. Ikaruga notices Haruka who begins to tell her it was good for her to be there, as she was hoping they could have a little discussion. She goes on about how she's been thinking their leaders have been a bit rambunctious, they have that in common and asks "Wouldn't you say?". Ikaruga admits they could both be reckless at times and agrees that she was thinking the same thing. Haruka asks about how Asuka was doing, if she was the same as usual. Ikaruga replies that she was afraid so, and how she always rushes straight into action without a plan. She then asks about Homura. Haruka tells her Homura was Homura, running around aimlessly crowing about this and that. Both of them sigh, Haruka points out they haven't battled yet and she was already drained. Ikaruga's feelings were mutual. Haruka asks if they could simply fight for now, and points out if they kept talking about this they'll both want to go home. Ikaruga agreed as it made sense and says for the battle to begin. And so the battle begins with Haruka emerging the victor. After the round they both sigh once more. Haruka suggests they talk more about their subject over dinner, which would mean more time and more privacy. Ikaruga tells her it sounded pleasant and points out it was funny how it seemed she was the only person she could talk to about that. Haruka admits she felt the same way. She then goes on about the hardships their reckless leaders made them bear and were theirs alone. Ikaruga asks Haruka if she could call her sometime. Haruka tells her she could, and was sure they would have a wonderful time together. Ikaruga was sure they would. Haruka's mind then goes back to the reason she was in the tournament. Hikage whom she still needed to find.

Fifth Round Her final opponent was her target Hikage whom Haruka comments about how she's found her at last. Hikage tells Haruka she was really annoying. Haruka monologues about making Hikage drinking her medicine and how she'd dance. Haruka then goes on saying "Samba to rumba to jitterbug to waltz! A whole carnival rolled into one!" Hikage questions why it had to be her, anybody could do that. She then asks Haruka if she knew anybody else who might want to dance. Haruka giggles and asks Hikage if she didn't understand at all. And says it was no fun if she used it on people who wanted to dance. Hikage tells her she had a problem. Haruka giggles and says she had no idea, but she couldn't stop and wouldn't stop. And so the final round of the tournament begins with Haruka beating Hikage.

Epilogue After winning the round she tells Hikage to drink the drug. Hikage was then forced to drink it. Haruka asks her if she wanted to dance. Hikage comments about the familiar feeling. She tried to resist. Haruka shouts out it was a success and it was time for the carnival to start. Hikage notes her body was moving on it's own. She then began to say the first bit of the word Samba before shouting it out. Haruka shouted out the word "yes!". Shortly afterward Haruka was on the stage for the cooking battles with a microphone and asks how everyone was doing and it was time to dance, and enthusiastically says it was time to work up a sweat and to get this samba carnival started. She had finally done it and shouts for Hikage to go for it. Hikage shakes her hips at the crowd with a smile Haruka never saw before. This was too much for her, a violent shiver of tears right through her goosebumps covered her from her feet to the tips of her nails. She found a whole new level of ecstasy. Hikage then complains about dancing alone and points out how sad that was and they were in this together. And she speaks in English saying "One for all, and all for one!" Hikage's dance moved Haruka then suddenly something unexpected happened. Yomi shouted out wanting to dance too for some reason and joins Hikage. The audience threw themselves into the dance with her. It was a samba fever. Young or old, boy or girl it didn't matter everyone was joining in the thrill of the dance, they formed a circle all of them smiling. Haruka pointed out to herself that she only drugged Hikage and questioned why this was affecting everyone. She watched Hikage danced and it donned on her. This the power of samba. Everyone, everywhere could enjoy this dance. Samba brought happiness, it transcended petty personal differences and united the people. It even did the same to her. She then shouted out in English "Let's samba!" Before she knew it she joined the circle. Having joined the fun she came to a realization: Samba was the key to peace on Earth.


  • Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows
  • Senran Kagura: After School (Anthology Comic)
  • Senran Kagura: Guren no Uroboros
  • Senran Kagura: Senshi Bankō no Haruka
  • Senran Enji Kyonyū-gumi


Ninja Flash! and Shinovi Master

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  • Haruka's name means "Spring Flower".
  • In Burst upon completing the Hebijo storyline she will break the fourth wall by mentioning that the dressing room shakes and tilts and how it felt like someone was blowing on it, almost as if it was some higher power wishing to put them in compromising positions. A reference to the 3DS's tilt controls and microphone and how the player can use these while using the dressing room after completing one of the stories.
  • Haruka shares the same birthday with Renka.

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