“I'll show you a dance cloaked in shadows!”
—The tagline for Hanzo Academy.

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Hanzo Academy's Emblem

Hanzō National Academy (国立半蔵学院, Kokuritsu Hanzō Gakuin, National Hanzou Academy) is a prestigious ninja school. It was founded by and named after Asuka's grandfather, Hanzo. It is affiliated with good ninja. The school debuted in Portrait of Girls, while its associated characters debuted in both Portrait of Girls (Asuka, Ikaruga, Katsuragi, Yagyū, Hibari, Daidōji, Kiriya) and New Wave (Fuuma, Hijikata, Ayame, Seimei, Muramasa).


A famous prep school which, having been founded in 1919, is nearing its 100th anniversary. One thousand students are enrolled
Hanzo National Academy

Hanzo National Academy

there. However, mixed in with the ordinary student are a small number of students in the shinobi training course. The academy was originally founded as a normal high school, but when the shinobi course began it
Hanzo Academy school grounds

School grounds

changed its name to "Hanzo", after the legendary shinobi. The only people who know of the shinobi course's existence other than the instructor, Kiriya, are the principal and vice principal.

In addition to shinobi classes, Kiriya also teaches ordinary math classes. And this place is a very well know ninja school.

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  • The game never reveals Hanzo Academy's location, but the surroundings shown in the anime series are reminiscent of the Asakusa neighborhood of Tokyo. Asuka also says this is her hometown in the anime.
    • To further add to this a number of stages in the game are specifically titled to be in Asakusa shopping district in the Japanese games. This may be proof that the academy is located in the Asakusa district of Tokyo.

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