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Not to be confused with the school, Hanzō National Academy.

Hanzo SKBA.png
Voiced By Kanehira Yamamoto
Gender Male
Personal Details
Status Alive
Alignment Good Shinobi
Occupation Sushi Restaurant Owner
Faction Hanzō National Academy
Family Sayuri (Wife)
Asuka (Granddaughter)
Unnamed Daughter
Unnamed Son-in-Law
Hair Color Gray

Hanzō(半蔵) is a character in the Senran Kagura video game series. He made his debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls. He is Asuka's grandfather and Hanzō Academy was named after him. Even though he is a well renowned Ninja, he's still an inexcusable pervert in Senran Kagura anime specials, Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit!, and most of the franchises.


Hanzō is a master of the hidden arts and known to all shinobi. He established a squad of operatives known as the Shinobi Unit in the First Division of the Cabinet's Secret Service.

To recognize his accomplishments and to motivate the students to follow his example, Hanzō National Academy was named after the legendary Hanzō.



  • Hanzō's name can mean "Basin" or "Wine Container", however the kanji of his name (半蔵) can be roughly translated as "Hidden Halfway".
  • Hanzō was asked by Kurokage to teach the Gessen girls about his point of view of justice. As the girls disliked him for being one of Kurokage's old enemies and a pervert, he performed the favor under the name Wang Pai, a pseudonym made to sound like "Oppai" ("Boob").

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