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Hanabi (華毘) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura series.

She makes her playable debut in Senran Kagura: Estival Versus. The middle child among the Mikagura Sisters, Hanabi acts and speaks just how she thinks.



In her usual outfit, she usually wears her shrine maiden outfit. But, in her Shinobi attire, she wears a striped tank top along with a loosely worn kimono with a smiley face pin. On her forehead, she wears a white hachimaki and her lower body attire consists of a denim skirt with a white ribbon tied on it and white flip flops.


An energetic and athletic girl, she’s not one for subtlety in her thinking, only able to think in a straightforward manner. Asking her any tough questions just might end up making her literally blow up in a fireworks blast, in spite of anything fragile in her range. When it’s all said and done, while she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, she’s nonetheless self-aware of her actions and feels bad when she does something wrong. She is also very skilled and passionate in all things pertaining to gunpowder: she doesn't mind surprising others with an unarmed bomb.


She is the middle of the Priestesses, and like her siblings,  she was educated in a secluded traditional village, the same one that Naraku comes from.

Through, she happens, with her sisters, to play frequently with a strange girl, slightly older than them, in a white cult dress, and with several red ribbons around her hair. They play with her even if the village has forbidden contact between them and the outside world.

One day, while playing, they asks the stranger girl if she is a shinobi, to which the girl responds that yes, she is some kind of, but has a particular destiny, and another day, she asks them to warn the whole village: a monster is coming tonight.

Fearing the reactions of the elders about their source, and don't seriously believing the warning, the Mikagura do nothing of it. And they're almost going to regret it.

When night falls, and the whole village is sleeping, the Mikagura are woken up by sounds of combat: A Yōma, a parasitic demon, and one of the kinds to figure "human flesh" on their menu.

They notice the strange girl shredding the monster. They admire  her strength, and try to encourage her, but quickly notice that she is tired, and annoyed by the presence of so many potential victims for the yōma, resulting in her being swallowed by it.

The Yōma, happy to have taken it's entry, and about to take the main meal, suddenly explodes in pieces of demonic flesh. The stranger girl ended it by the outside with a kamikaze technique. All  the Mikagura find left of her is one of her flowery ribbons.

The girl shares most characteristics with Kagura in her first form: a small girl with a white cult dress, red flowery ribbons around the hair and a playful personality. This is also a character that only few characters know, and the Mikagura never know her, and think she was a normal young shinobi that is dead-dead, while she is actually not.


Estival Versus

She serves with her fellows Mikagura Sis to dynamise the Festival: If the guest teams don't take the  Shinobi Bon Dance seriously, there is no reason for  her and her sisters to not arrive and to not smash or just taunt some of their members. At least it was what she was supposed to do and doing at the beginning.

The specificity with Hanabi is that she was about to explode at least 3 times: the First and Third times were calmed by belly-dancing by her siblings, both Renka (Both times) and Kafuru (Third time). The Second was calmly solved by a punch by Sayuri.

The longer the Festival goes on, the lesser the Mikagura try to dynamise it, and explore the island to find Kagura, thinking her as a deceased shinobi. They keep it secret, but their inactivity, and shaddy preparations are discovered by Sayuri, with the help of Ryōki. They try to arrest the Mikagura, who resist in vain. Kafuru "saves" them by telling a seems-true lie to Ryōki, that releases them as kind as she is.

They never succeeds in finding Kagura, they searched the whole island, checked every stone they could, but it's only by some  randomness that Kagura  speaks to them, and put them in defy to become Kaguras (the grade this time) in order to see her.

It's only after that they take the initiative to destroy every rival festival platform and win the Shinobi Bon Dance. Even if they suceeds in defeating the Homura's Crimson Squad by ambushing them shortly after Jasmine beat them, Asuka put them out of course. They fail at becoming Kagura, but Asuka sympathizes but still tell them she is not going to give up her objectives.

Shinobi Girls Heart

Peach Beach Splash


She and her sisters are shown reading their invitation to the PBS tournament. Kafuru wanted to participate however Hanabi didn't want to go until their training was done at this point they turn back towards Sayuri standing on the stairway above them to let her decide what they do.

Paradise Episodes


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"Hanabi is a power fighter who wields a giant hammer. Since her attacks are slow and have little range, it can be hard to showcase her high attack power. Make sure to take full advantage of her Jumping Weak Attacks. Before touching the ground, hold the Weak Attack button to launch enemies up into the air and go for an Aerial Rave. When there are fewer enemies on the field, charge her Breach Art to hit multiple times as well as build her Ninja Art gauge. Her recommended Secret Ninja Arts are her Special! Big Rocket Fireworks or her Ultimate Secret Ninja Art." -Estival Versus: Hanabi's Battle Card

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Art

Other Appearances


New Wave

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Hanabi makes an appearance in Senran Kagura: New Wave G Burst alongside her sisters as a playable character with her own set of cards.


  • Hanabi's name is written with the kanji for "flower, gorgeous" and "assist". It's also a homophone for hanabi (花火, "fireworks"), which is fitting given her interests and techniques.
  • Hanabi cause explosions when she thinks , especially complicated questions. Through, distracting her, if she isn't bored of that distraction, it can prevent her from blowing up.
  • Hanabi's pre-transformation outfit that she uses in missions is not available for any character except for her and her sisters to wear. While all characters have a "Mikagura Outfit 1" in Estival Versus, Renka and Hanabi have three versions, and Kafuru has four available. Additionally, what other characters call Outfit 1 is actually Outfit 3 for the sisters. For Hanabi, Outfit 1 is the version she and both her sisters use in missions while Outfit 3 is the version she uses in cutscenes (with the jacket and noticeably shorter skirt, even though the sleeveless battle version has a long skirt like her sisters). Outfit 2 is Renka's cutscene version. All of this remains true for Peach Beach Splash except the other characters now correctly identify the outfit they have access to as Outfit 3 (and still don't have access to any of the other versions).
  • Senran Kagura: New Wave confirms that Hanabi and her sisters are from the Goshin Village in Timeline 1, and that Sayuri brought them to Timeline 2 to help with the Kagura Millennium Festival, and hasn't sent them back yet because there is still something they must do in Timeline 2.