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A Guardian (秘伝動物, Hiden Dōbutsu, or Secret Animal) is the animal used as the foundation for a shinobi's Secret Ninja Arts.

The animal of choice can be real or fictional, and all that matters is whether or not the animal of choice matches the person's innate characteristics or in other words "compatibility. It is also possible for a person to have more than one animal.


Shinobi draw on the power of nature to use their supernatural techniques. Secret Ninja Arts, in particular, allow a shinobi to use his or her spirit animal avatar to unleash extra-powerful attacks. These beings are called Secret Animals.

The degree to which a guardian actually manifests depends on each shinobi's abilities. Some can summon imaginary animals, like Ikaruga with her phoenix and Katsuragi with her dragon, while others summon ordinary animals such as Hibari with her ninja rabbit and Yagyū with her squid. Most shinobi though do not refer to their guardians nor use them usually.

List of Character Guardians

Hanzō National Academy

Homura's Crimson Squad

Gessen Girls' Academy

Hebjio Clandestine Girls' Academy

Overseers of the Festival

Tohno Tengu Shinobi Group

Zodiac Star Committee

  • Leo - Lion (Presumed)

Senki Shu

  • Hyōki - Leopard (Presumed)
  • Reki - Moth (Presumed)


  • In Senran Kagura: Burst, a character's guardian animal flashes on screen anytime they use a Ninja Art. Hikage's actually flashes twice (using two different artworks) when she uses her Aerial Ninja Art, The Breaking.
  • Homura's Crimson Squad all have types of snakes for their Guardians.
  • All but Asuka of Hanzō National Academy's members summon their guardian in their Arts in one form or another outside of SV. Excluding the mobile games' factions, it is the only faction in which most members reference their guardians as in other teams, few to no members reference their secret animals at all.
  • Most characters in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus directly summon their Guardian in some form for their Ultimate Secret Ninja Art.
  • Miyabi is the only known character to have more than one Guardian. A Top Secret File in Senran Kagura: Burst Re:Newal attributes this to possible multiple personalities, something seen when she talks to her other self during her Abyssal storyline.
  • With the Phoenix, Dragon, and Tiger, Hanzō National Academy has three of the Four Auspicious Beasts from Chinese mythology. They are only missing the Turtle.