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Goh the Crow (鴉のゴウ Karasu no Gō) is a guest character that appears in Neptunia × Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars. She is a genderbent version of the amnesiac protagonist of Shinobido: Way of the Ninja.

In the Shinobido series, Goh is a ninja of the defunct Asuka Clan. He is the protagonist of Way of the Ninja and Tales of the Ninja. He is one of the three remaining members of the Asuka Clan, the others are Zaji and Kinu.

The Asuka, and Goh in particular, are known across Utakata as fearsome warriors and spies who strike from the shadows undetected. For this reason, all three warlords want him on their side, promising him peace, power, money and information on the missing Soul Fragments.

Despite his previous protagonist status he plays a very minor role in Revenge of Zen, appearing only after completing a special questline. This can be missed if the player interrupts the questline chain (accepting other missions before completing all the quests).

Ninja Wars' Description

Affiliation and School: Unknown

A mysterious black-clothed ninja who lost her memories.

She only remembers her name.

Possibly to find clues to her identity, she attacks any strong ninja she sees without hesitation.

Her catchphrase is "Be punished."


Goh was presumably born in the Asuka Ninja Village and trained all his life in the arts of ninjutsu. One day he, along with a reluctant Kinu, went to investigate a small old shrine in the Asuka Village. When he opened and removed the sacred sword within, evil energy started to come from the shrine, engulfing Kinu's arm and forcing him to cut it at her urgings then closing the shrine. The evil spirit, Gamuran, had already escaped however. After this he became increasingly influenced by Gamuran, which could have affected his judgment when he murdered Tateha during a clash between their clans, and when he revealed clan secrets and weaknesses to Gamuran himself.

Some time later, Gamuran returned to the village with an army of Taraba ninjas, razing it to the ground searching for a scroll which could grant total dominion over necromancy, scroll that had been guarded by the Asuka for 900 years. While on Gamuran's side at first, as Zaji witnessed, he snapped and ran looking for his master. He found him dying, and with his last breath instructed Goh to find and destroy the necromancy scroll, which he intended to but read it himself before doing so; Gamuran cornered him shortly after, ordering him to hand over the scroll, instead he threw it into the fire. To this the sorcerer responded by casting a spell to separate Goh's soul into eight jewels, now containing his memories of the scroll's secrets, with the intent of finding them first.