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Ginrei(銀嶺) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave G Burst. She is one of the 10 new girls that were announced at the Senran Kagura live stream on January 8, 2014 and were released on February 14th, 2014.



Ginrei has a fair complexion and slightly slanted turquoise eyes. Her silver hair is worn in several curls to match her forelocks, while her straight cut bangs have a few loose strands and are adorned with a black headband with a flower on each side.

Her attire consists of a grey and black school uniform like outfit over a white shirt and a black tie with a flower drawing. Hanging on her shoulders and flowing behind her is a shiny black, silver, and gold scarf-like cape. She wears black and silver miniature boots with white stockings that have a grey design around the top.


Loyal to Leo above all others and possessing comparable combat prowess, she reigns as the team's Number 2.  However, she has a bad habit of mistaking her objectives and going off on a misdirected rampage. She also possesses a deep love for spiral-shaped sculpted objects, explaining her attire and her weapon.


Member of the Zodiac Star Committee and a second-year high school student.

She gets along well with Leo in both public and private, acting as her leader's right-hand woman.

Number 1 when it comes to simple physical strength, she freely wields her long drill lance in battle.



  • Ginrei's name means "Mingling" which is a mixing of sorts. This would refer to her curled locks, drill lance, and her strange attractions to spiral-shaped objects. Her name can also be translated as "Silver Bell", however the kanji of her name (銀嶺) can be translated as "Silvery Mountain" or "Silver Peak".
  • Ginrei shares the same birthday as Asuka.