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“Sink into the dreams of sleeping souls.”
—The tagline for Gessen Academy.

Gessen's Emblem

Gessen Girls' Academy (死塾月閃女学館, Shijuku Gessen Jogakkan, Literally Meaning: Death Training Gessen Girls Academy) is a super-elite school for good shinobi attended by the girls of famous shinobi families. This school and its associated characters debuted in Shinovi Versus.


The Academy was established during the Azuchi-Momoyama Period, so the students' families have all amassed immense wealth over the generations. As such, the facilities are particularly high-class, with an immaculate Japanese-style garden situated between the buildings.

Defining Characteristics

  • Uniforms: The surface of the uniform consists of a gray sailor uniform blazer, gray skirt, and black pantyhose. Underneath it all is a white dress that is layered over by a low neckline black shirt with long sleeves.
  • Scrolls: The students all have gray scrolls with pink floral print.




Gessen Academy.png

Leading up to the school are multiple flights of stone steps decorated with traditional styled lamps. Right before reaching the main building which has an old-fashioned gate with double-doors and a torii, there is an open area separating the previous flight of steps and the steps which lead to the front gate.

The Academy on the outside takes on somewhat octagonal shape and is several stories high. The building is built of gray stone and has a number of windows decorating the front of the building on each floor. The courtyard of the school is a rock garden surrounded by lamps with a stone path going straight through the middle and connected to the stone stairs which lead up to the to the doors of the school.


Gessen Academy Roof.png

The rooftop of the Academy is a wide and open area with a number of pillars that contain lamps. It is located in the very center of the surrounding buildings.

The outer circumference has a stone surface and a metal fence circling around it to enclose the roof, as well as several lounge chairs circling around the lower half near the school's entrance. Towards the center all the way to the very front the is large stage-like area with a wooden surface with connected steps.


First Floor

The first floor is a wide a wide area with an octangular shape. It has red wall and wooden floors with red carpet going straight through the middle.

From the entrance one can see the cherry blossom tree in the middle of a small rock garden on the center platform which is connected to the main platform by two moon bridges on the left and right sides. In the open cavity surrounding the two platforms, there a stream of water flowing on the bottom surface.

In the upper left and right hand corners of the area there are rooms which have noren dividers in the doorway. Additionally, between these areas is the area that contains the stairwell which leads further up into the school building.

Second Floor

The second floor is similar to the first floor. It retains it's octangular structure, red walls, and dual wooden and red carpet floor. There are also yellow ceiling lamps hanging from up top and lounge. This entire floor has rooms which have green noren in the doorways. It is possible to see the other floors by looking out of the window frame.

Third Floor

The third floor is similar to the second floor. The only difference being that the noren are purple instead of green and the floor is white stone with a gold-trimmed red carpet through the center. The ceiling is also different -- having a white stone look instead of wooden.

Ninja Room

Gessen Ninja Room.png

Gessen has a traditional Japanese styled Ninja Room. The walls and carpet are red, while the sliding doors vary in color -- each having it's own traditional styled portrait of nature and time of day on it. The Ninja Room itself is actually raised and has water flowing under it.

On the far left side of the room with chairs -- most likely where they eat as there are cabinets that contain dishes behind it. There are two moon bridges leading towards two separate sliding doors -- one with a portrait of night time and the other with a portrait of day time.

At the front top of the right side there is a gold partition placed on a wide tatami mat. Behind the partition are two gray gargoyle statues, and on the tatami mat there are three pink zabuton neatly stacked on each other. On the left side of the partition there is a sliding door that has a portrait of dusk. On the left there are two rooms separated by purple and green noren.

At the bottom of the right side there is a rock garden with stepping stones and two tōrō. On the upper-left hand corner there are moss covered rocks and a fountain that has a shishi-odoshi. The bottom-right has a red lounger with a matching parasol attached to it.

Junior Academy

Sk nl gessenjr00.png

The Junior Academy is the middle school for Gessen Academy, covering grades 7, 8, and 9. It features in Shinobi Masters anime, as well as in Senran Kagura: New Link.

The anime depicts it looking much like a regular school, but it is unknown if this is canon for the games as well.

The Junior Academy has a slightly different uniform from Gessen Academy.

Notable Characters


  • "Wang Pai" (Current, who was actually Hanzō under an alias)


First Years

  • Shiki (Member of the elite class)
  • Minori (Member of the elite class)

Second Years

Third Years

  • Murakumo (Member of the elite class)
  • Yumi (Leader of the elite class)

Junior Academy

Second Years


  • Ryōki (Graduate/Killed-In-Action)
  • Fubuki (Graduated in New Link, not the Anime)

Former Students

Musical Themes

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Name Game Description Audio
At Gessen Academy Shinovi Versus The theme for all Gessen Academy stages.
Gessen Ninja Room The theme for Gessen Ninja Room.
Chinkon no Yumezōshi -Gessen Girl's Academy Japan Arrange Medley- A mixed arrangement Yumi, Murakumo, Yozakura, Shiki, and Minori's character themes. It appears on the arranged soundtrack.
The Bewitching Gessen Girls' Academy Estival Versus The theme for all Gessen Academy stages.
Moonlight Shadows A mixed arrangement Yumi, Murakumo, Yozakura, Shiki, and Minori's character themes. It appears on the Sunbeam's Kiss arranged soundtrack with the PS4 Limited Edition version of the game.
Snow Moon Garden An arrangement of Gessen Academy stage theme. It appears on the Sunbeam's Kiss arranged soundtrack with the PS4 Limited Edition version of the game.


  • The name of the school contains the characters for death (死) and tutoring (塾) when put together sound like word for "Private School" (私塾 Shijuku), giving an alternate meaning to the name of the school when pronounced phonetically: Private School Gessen Girls Academy.
  • The faction emblem has the kanji for "Moon" (the first of the two characters for the name "Gessen") over top of a snowflake with a spider descending from above.
  • In Bon Appétit! this is the only team to not have a single member have their respective story revolve around them going after the wishing scroll. Although coincidentally they all appear in at least one Hebijo girl story that did have them going after the wishing scroll. Each member's reason for participating are listed below.
    • Yumi: She decided that cuteness was a bride who could cook.
    • Murakumo: She was looking for ideas for her manga.
    • Yozakura: She simply wanted to sharpen her ability to make Super Dishes.
    • Shiki: She was trying to help Murakumo gather ideas for her manga.
    • Minori: She just wanted to make giant pancakes.