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Fuga (風雅) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave. 3rd year at Sakigei Municipal In a school where lots of ninja manipulate the atmosphere, Fuga is at the top of her class. A gentle personality, she's popular for her looks. But she has a unique dialect that is at least not irreparable. By scattering fireworks from the strings on her shamisen, she lets loose a flame attack.


Appearance & Personality

Fuga has very long, slightly curled pale green hair and bright cyan eyes. In turn over form she pulls some of her hair up into two, bow-shaped buns with some hair held by four gold sticks and a single silver kunai. She also gains a little bit of makeup and a large, flame tattoo marking on her chest.

She wears a lavender, revealing kimono with a large slit on the right leg to reveal most of it, along with a weapon tied around her leg. The kimono is lined in thick bands of pale gold and thin lines of white around her collar, while below her chest is a light orange band decorated by flowers and various other designs, and held by a very thin red string. She wears large, metal sandals with two huge cuts in the heel, making it resemble a large E. The toe straps are red.





  • Fuga's name (風雅) can mean "Elegance".