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This unnamed woman was a Yōma that appeared in the anime Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master -Tokyo Yōma-hen-. She is the only Yōma known to have fallen in love and had a child with a male shinobi.


At some point in the past, Fubuki's Mother fell in love with a shinobi, and they ultimately had a child together until she works with the shinobi clans along with him.

However, the shinobi clans, as they reveal her true identity that she was part of her race, decreed that she had to die. They sent many shinobi after her, but she was among the most powerful they had encountered and she was able to defeat them all.

Then Fubuki's Father showed up to fight her. She is at first hurt by his betrayal, but learns that he made a deal in order to protect their daughter and accepts it. They both give it their all, as they expect of one another, and Fubuki's Father comes out the winner.

Instead of killing Fubuki's Mother, he instead opts to use a Ninja Art to permanently seal her in another realm. While doing so, he himself stands within the energy. Afterwards Fubuki's Mother is gone and his body collapses to the ground. It is unknown if he transferred his soul to the other realm with her, or merely died using the Ninja Art.

Fubuki was nearby and witnessed all of this. In a panic, she attempts to rush to her father's corpse, but is intercepted by a group of shinobi.

Not believing that the shinobi would uphold the deal that Fubuki's Father made, Rasetsu--an injured Yōma who served Fubuki's Mother as one of her most trusted retainers--leaps in and grabs Fubuki. However, Rasetsu is heavily injured from recent fighting and is unable to make it far on her own.

Eventually Rasetsu collapses, but is found by Kurokage. Upon learning that Kurokage is no friend of Good or Evil Shinobi, she entrusts Fubuki to him for the time being.


  • The unnamed mother was shown to fight by telekinetically moving several ornate kunai around at once.
  • She is currently only seen in the anime, and her story is slightly different in the games. However, her name is still yet to be revealed.