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Fubuki (雪不帰) is a character who debuts in Shinobi Master Senran Kagura: New Link. She is the hybrid child of a human male shinobi and a female Yōma

Originally the antagonist, she eventually turns around and becomes a supporting ally to the cast.




Fubuki has pale pure white skin and dead cold black eyes with shadows under them. She possesses long wavy black hair tied in long twin tails decorated by a white flower.

In the anime, her casual clothes are a tattered gray yukata, with bandages that covers everything but her face, and a large brown hooded winter coat. These casual clothes are never seen in New Link.

In her shinobi clothes, she wears revealing black kimono clothes mixed with an ankle-lengthened loincloth all lined with gold that reveals her chest and legs, and two small white flowers on her neck and the middle of her chest while the shoulder area has with black stripe straps on both shoulder in which the straps are actually stockings. Like Yumi she uses a Fan as her weapon, but the mobile game gives it a feathered appearance while the anime simply made it a black version of Yumi's weapon.

Yōma Mode

Akin to Yuyaki, Fubuki has a Yōma Mode that alters her appearance. In the anime, these were simply red tattoos on her face, resembling Kabuki makeup. These face tattoos remain in Senran Kagura: New Link, but in addition, her black hair is slicked back and longer, and she gains pointed ears. Unlike Yuyaki, her clothes do not change.


Like how Yumi's name relates to her personality, Fubuki's name expresses her personality in a way more colder disposition.

The anime, Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master -Tokyo Yōma-hen- shows that while usually appearing cool and calm, it masks Fubuki's intense hatred and ambition to destroy all Shinobi. She is not above betraying Shinobi like Senkō and Gekkō for her own goals, but cares for her Yōma caretaker, Rasetsu. 

However, she also displays a lonely side hinting that deep down, she desires companionship. This soft side of her is also shown during her younger years when she was under Kurokage's and Yumi's care.




The two became acquainted after Kurokage adopted Fubuki under Rasetsu's request. Despite their differences, they slowly became close to a real family. When Fubuki was taken back by Rasetsu and meets Yumi again after many years, Fubuki now sees Yumi as her enemy who could never understand her sorrow. In a final showdown, Yumi defeats Fubuki and managed to rekindle their old bonds while also becoming friendly rivals.


Yumi's grandfather and Fubuki's adoptive grandfather. Fubuki was given to Kurokage by a injured Yōma named Rasetsu shortly after Fubuki loses her parents to Shinobi sent to exterminate her mother. Kurokage adopted Fubuki before the other Gessen Shinobi, revealing that Fubuki was Kurokage's first adoptive daugher. While originally hostile to the old Shinobi, Fubuki slowly warmed up to Kurokage that she kept a small sword and shield pin given by him after they parted ways.


Gekkō, along with Senkō originally followed Fubuki because they knew she was adopted by Kurokage and believed that under Fubuki, they would carry on Kurokage's old ideal. However, Gekkō and Senkō were then abandoned by Fubuki when her true intentions were revealed. Despite the betrayal, after losing to Yumi, Gekkō decides to continue following Fubuki as a true companion.


Like Gekkō, Senkō originally followed Fubuki because they knew she was adopted by Kurokage but Fubuki deserts them when she revealed her true goals. However, after losing to Yumi, Senkō continues to remain loyal to Fubuki as a true companion.


A sentient Yōma that served Fubuki's mother and thus by extension, Fubuki. She is extremely loyal to Fubuki and Fubuki deeply cares for her. After Fubuki loses her parents, Rasetsu was the closest to family to her.


Fubuki was born between a Shinobi who was her father and a Yōma who was her mother. Her mother was the strongest Yōma to ever existed. She loses both her parents to Shinobi that were sent to exterminate her mother, with her father being among them. A injured Yōma named Rasetsu tried to protect Fubuki and her mother but only managed to flee with Fubuki. After escaping from the Shinobi, the two met Kurokage where Rasetsu allowed Kurokage to take care of Fubuki until Rasetsu fully recovered. Fubuki was then introduced to Yumi where all three became very close despite Fubuki's hatred towards Shinobi. After Rasetsu returns to retrieve Fubuki, Kurokage gives Fubuki a small pin that resembles a small sword and shield to remember them by. Fubuki, along with Rasetsu, would then set their plan to motion to exterminate all Shinobi, both Good and Evil. During this planning, Fubuki manages to recruit two Shinobi, Gekkō and Senkō due to their admiration of Kurokage's old ideals.




  • Fubuki's name means "Snowstorm", however the kanji of her name (雪不帰) can be translated as "Snowfree".
  • The anime adaption completely changes Fubuki's backstory from New Link. It's unknown why these changes were made.
  • In terms of character popularity, Fubuki closely rivals Yumi.