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The Forest of Requiem is a location appearing in Senran Kagura: Estival Versus and Senran Kagura: Burst Re:Newal at the occasion of several missions.

In Estival Versus, it is where Ryōki was supposed to be freed until Ryōna crash the ceremony, and sometimes the map for Ryōki related missions.

In Burst Re:Newal, it is a DLC map used for 3 missions in the Abyssal Story, all related to the Incident of Ryōki's death. A variant called the Forest of Lamentation also appears in the missions.


Estival Versus

In Estival Versus, it is a large green forest, constituted of huge trees, 4 main clearings relied together by trails.

The first clearing is lost in an extremity of the map, surrounded by the forest and linked to the Second Clearing by a trail covered by a huge fallen log with a hole serving as a way on the sides. The clearing itself is a small flower-covered meadow with a mushroom lost somewhere around, serving as a special finish.

The Second Clearing is a medium relatively flat ground with two huge trees on a side, and a broken puppet crumbled on one of those trees, and the ground is scattered of big roots. It is linked to the Third Clearing by two trails, one going directly through another huge fallen log opened on it's side which on some occasions have two loot tubs, and a trail with several broken puppets that direct to above the fallen log, and this path can hide some interesting bonuses on occasion.

The Third Clearing is a medium rocky ground with a void cliff on the side and small suspended islands and big roots. Fighting here can be found hard because of the rocks. It is relied to the Fourth Clearing by a single sinuous mounting trail, with two mysterious large dark hollows.

The Fourth Clearing is a quite small flat ground on the other extremity of the map (compared to the First Clearing) with a caged fire releasing a large column of wind. This is supposedly where SKEV began.

Burst Re:Newal

In Burst Re:Newal, the map is quasi-identical except that there is only the First Clearing accessible. It is the place of the 3 missions. It is the same bright green forest normally.

The Forest of Lamentation is the same location, same clearing, with the Yōma specific memetic effect applied, giving the forest a red ambiance.


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