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Fūma (風魔) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave. A descendant of Fūma Kotarō (風魔小太郎), she comes from a historically righteous and good family. She struggles in school and is a frequenter of supplementary lessons, however she is constantly cheerful and positive. Having the same circumstances as Asuka, she feels a sense of affinity with her.

Wielding chains with shuriken attached to them, she excels at long range slashing attacks.



Fūma has short spiked orange hair with a small amount pulled into a ponytail held by a thin white ribbon. Her eyes are a pale golden-brown. She is often depicted with monkey ears and a tail, or with a cheeky expression. Her outfit is composed of a revealing white tank-top lined by thin black stitching and a gold bow on the front and back that matches the bandanna tied around her neck like a scarf. She wears long black fingerless gloves with a strap of dark gold and brown on top of them that ties beneath the arm. A single ring of dull, dark green is below the cuff. For bottoms, she wears plain black spandex shorts and her shoes are black with a brown section on top of them, covering her lower leg.

When wearing the Hanzō Academy uniform, Fūma wears a yellow neckerchief - this is one way to determine if she is disguising herself as Asuka. Another noticeable trait will be the small tufts of orange hair on the bottom of her head.





  • Fūma's name can mean "Wind Corrosion", however the kanji of her name (風魔) can be translated as "Wind Demon" or "Wind Witch".
  • Her hair is the same color as Fūma Kotarō when displayed in modern fiction.
  • Fūma Kotarō was an enemy to Hattori Hanzō, who served under Tokugawa Ieyasu.
  • The large shuriken she wields is sometimes called a Fūma (lit. Demon wind) shuriken.