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The Dressing Room is a prominent feature in the Senran Kagura series. It has been featured in every game in the series excluding Senran Kagura: New Wave.

The Dressing Room is a feature where the girls are posed in a 3-dimensional space and the player can change the chosen character's outfits. Among other things, the player may also harass the girls or even use the opportunity to get a better look at them, usually resulting in an appropriate reaction from them.

Portrait of Girls and Burst


In Portrait of Girls and Burst, the basic mechanics were established.

Upon entering the Dressing Room, the character that was used to enter is displayed before the player. Each one has their own unique idle animation and lines of dialog.

The player can choose the given characters School Uniform, Swimsuit, Shinobi Outfit and Accessories, which are unlocked by playing through the story. Each outfit is aligned with a category and cannot be used in another. (Ex: The Hebijo Uniform can only be worn as a School uniform).

Pressing the L/R Shoulder Buttons or tapping the appropriate icon on the touch screen allows the player to cycle between the categories. The character will be displayed in the outfit that was assigned to the given category when selected. The player can cycle through 4 different color sets for each outfit by pressing the Left/Right buttons on the 3DS D-Pad or moving the Circle Pad either Left or Right. Accessories are accessed through the "Extra" category and are toggled on or off upon being selected. Accessories that occupy the same spot replace each other when selected. Some accessories cannot be used by certain characters.


The character can be moved up and down by holding the X Button while either pressing Up or Down on the D-Pad or moving the Circle Pad in the appropriate direction. Pressing Left or Right on the D-Pad while holding X will rotate the character. The Camera can be zoomed in and out by holding the X button pressing and holding the L/R Shoulder buttons. Pressing the L and R Buttons at the same time while Holding the X button resets the camera to its default position.

The Y button accesses the character select screen.

Pressing the Select Button will toggle the Dressing Room controls Display Guide, which is on the upper left corner of the screen.

Some outfits will have minor to drastic differences depending on the character who is wearing it. essentially giving each character their own version. Other characters are also unable to use certain accessories.

In Burst, the player unlocks the Gyroscope and Microphone controls. Microphone controls allow the player to blow the girls skirts up by steadily blowing into the 3DS Microphone. The character will react by trying to keep it down. Gyroscope controls allow the player to move the character forwards and backwards by holding the X button and moving the Nintendo 3DS towards and away from them.

Unlike Portrait of Girls, the dressing room in Burst is also in fully stereoscopic 3D.

Shinovi Versus and Bon Appétit


The Dressing Room in Shinobi Versus and Bon Appétit, the dressing room works mostly the same, but with a few functional differences, most of them thanks to the games being on PlayStation Vita, as well as a few added features

"Hair" is given its own category, and "Accessories" are given their own individual slots, starting with 1 while a maximum or 4 are obtainable though purchasing them in the store. "Swimsuits" have now been replaced with a "Lingerie" category.

The categories are now displayed to the left side, from top to bottom, while the given character is placed on the right. The player can cycle through them by pressing Up or Down on the D-pad, or by moving the Left Analog stick. Selecting a category opens that categories' menu, listing all the clothing the player has in that given category.

The player can rotate through characters of the faction/school by pressing the L/R shoulder buttons.

Using the Right Analog stick, the player can rotate and move the character up and down. The player can also touch the character in various places for different reactions from them by touching the PlayStation Vita screen. The player can also flip their skirts by flicking it via touching the screen and even destroy their outfit by vigorously moving their fingers back and forth on both the Vita screen and the touch pad on the back of the Vita at the same time.

Pressing the Square Button allows the player to enter Viewing Mode. In it, all menus are cleared and the character is put in the center of the screen. The controls are then displayed on the bottom left corner of the screen.

The L/R buttons now toggle between displaying the character Horizontally or Vertically. The Left Analog stick now zooms the camera in and out. Moving the PlayStation Vita while holding the X button allows for the gyroscope controls, rotating the character in all directions. Pressing the Start Button Toggles the controls display tab. Pressing Select resets the camera to its default position. Pressing the Square or Circle Buttons exits Viewing Mode.

In Viewing Mode, zooming into the characters will net different reactions depending on the character.

Unlike the previous games, color variations must be obtained individually. Lingerie is also obtained through a raffle system. Characters no longer have Individual/Multiple versions of outfits, but each character now has access to all existing ones.

The "Accessories" tab is subdivided into "Head", "Face", "Body", "Arms" and "Legs" categories. By pressing the Triangle Button while selecting an accessory, the player can adjust the size, position and angle of each accessory, as well as changing what part of the body it is assigned to.

The player is also able to save outfit sets under "Favorite" by pressing the Start Button from the main Dressing Room menu. Up to 25 sets can be saved. The player can also assign Favorites to multiple characters at once as well as revert any given characters outfit to its original/default set.

Unlike in Portrait of Girls and Burst, Lingerie applies to all forms when Clothing Destruction occurs or when entering Frantic Mode.

Some outfits are also purchasable through DLC.

Deep Crimson


The Dressing Room in Deep Crimson functions similarly to the one in Shinovi Versus, but with several additions.

There is no longer a distinction between Shinobi Outfit and Uniform, allowing all types of clothing to be applied to either. There is also a separate option for Swimsuits in both the pre-transformed and post-transformed states.

This Dressing Room also allows the option to chose which state accessories apply to. The Dressing Room also allows for 2 characters to be displayed at once, as well as the option to change the characters' pose and expression, as well as chose backdrops for taking pictures that are then saved to the SD card on the system.

Additionally, it also features an AR function using the 3DS camera that allowing the posing of the characters in real life environments.

Deep Crimson also includes a DLC that allows you to adjust the girls' bust size in the Dressing Room.

Estival Versus, Peach Beach Splash and Burst Re:Newal

The Dressing Room in Estival Versus, Peach Beach Splash and Burst Re:Newal functions similarly to the one in Shinovi Versus and Deep Crimson.

This Dressing Room allows five characters to view and edit. It also includes the Diorama mode, which allows to change the characters' pose and expression, adjust their position and change the background for taking pictures to share on social media, if the player has their Twitter account linked to their PSN account.

The Dressing Room also includes an "Intimacy" mode, allowing you to "interact" with a character you're viewing. This was included in all versions of Estival Versus and Peach Beach Splash, but was removed in the PS4 version of Burst Re:Newal to "respect the wishes of the platform holder".


  • Unlike Portrait of Girls and Burst, the games that came after don't have unique idle animations for the characters in the dressing room. This is because they use the same base model with a few differences such as face and bust size for all the girls in later entries.
  • In Portrait of Girls and Burst, the characters' lingerie was dependent on their Shinobi Outfit and could only be seen after taking enough clothing damage. Doing so in the normal state would simply leave the character in their swimsuit.
    • The default lingerie for some of the characters in Shinovi Versus matches their Default Shinobi Form Lingerie in Burst.
  • In Portrait of Girls and Burst respectively, Daidōji and Rin's outfits could not be changed, however their default outfit's color could be swapped.
    • Additionally in Burst, Suzune could be unlocked and viewed in the Dressing Room, despite not being playable separately.
  • Funnily enough, Deep Crimson's Miiverse page not allowing one to post in-game screenshots is not due to the game's racy content, but the game's AR functionality, as it would have potentially allowed people to post images of themselves or their location.