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Daidōji (大道寺, sometimes spelled "Daidouji") is a playable character in the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in the Second Timeline of the series, in  Shinovi Versus, and chronologically in Senran Kagura Burst: Re:Newal.

A third-year at Hanzo Academy, she is an enigmatic and legendary senior student who emanates a dangerous aura.

Despite her age and sparse attendance record, she continues to reign over the school. She possesses overwhelming speed and power, and in contrast to her ninja training, never bothers with stealth tactics.

Her earth-shattering, air-splitting fighting style focuses on attacking her enemies head-on.



Daidōji is a tall, muscular woman with long, flowing black hair and reddish-brown eyes. She wears a tattered gakuran with a cap and metal epaulets, a rope belt, and a pair of tengu-geta. She wraps her bosom in a sarashi, and her wrists with the bandages typical of open-hand fighters.


Daidōji has a very "Punch first, ask questions while punching" personality. She has a strong sense of justice, she views her old upperclassman and best friend, Rin as more of a rival, rather that a mortal enemy. Even though she lost every match against her, she only strives to try again the next day.


Shinovi Versus

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Estival Versus

Shinobi Girl's Heart

The scene starts off with Daidōji comtemplating that the world is strange, and that the universe holds even more mysteries to itself. But what she truly believes is a pure mystery is the black hole, and thinks there is a powerful being at the core, awaiting for another opponent to challenge them. After sharing that belief, Daidōji intends to battle mythical creatures on Earth as well (such as Bigfoot, zombies, etc).

And that is when Daidōji brings up that yesterday, Rin introduced her with a new era of mystery; if she obtains a bit of femininity, she will grow much stronger than what she is now.

Daidōji instantly took on the challenge, knowing that she can become powerful, but is unknown of what femininity is and how one acquires it. Asking Rin was fruitless, for she had nothing else to say about it. After their conversation, Daidōji suffered a fit of anger, and grew more frustrated as time passed on. No matter what extreme activity and challenge she surpasses, she can never find a answer to the question.

With no other choices left, Daidōji's remaining option is to ask the other girls about femininity, though she doesn't like bothering others with her own problems. Daidōji will take any advice from anyone, whether they're good or evil, in order to unlock her feminine so she can become more powerful.

And so, without anymore hampering, she goes to find the first person she can come across.

Daidōji first comes across Yumi (who was probably in the middle of dance practice) and right off the bat, asks her what femininity is. Dumbfounded of the question, Yumi was unsure about how to answer to Daidouji, because out of all the people, she'd never expect her to be the one to wonder about an odd subject. Growing impatient, Daidōji then repeats the question with to Yumi with vast aggression.

Yumi hesitates to answer Daidōji's question, only to get more pressured by more of her commitment. Yumi then proclaims to Daidōji that having delicacy in speech is what it means to be feminine. Daidōji was unsure of her response, and Yumi means by talking cutely, like a baby (en exampuh wood bee wike diff won). After trying it out and getting the hang of it, Daidōji was truly convinced that speech impediment is one of the ways to obtain her femininity.

After winning her duel with Yumi, Daidōji proceeds onto the next person who has another answer for her, all the while talking cutely on the way.

Treading into the Forest of Requiem, Daidōji meets Ryōki and Jasmine and tells them that it has been a while since their last encounter, while talking cutely from her fight with Yumi. As expected, Ryōki was bewildered of her new speech impediment, and Jasmine believed that Daidōji was now punch drunk at this point. Daidōji cutely asks if she is more feminine than before, and Ryōki wonders if Daidōji was hungry for lunch. Meanwhile, Jasmine states that she requires treatment for a splitting headache that she got from Daidōji's unorthodox talking.

Daidōji proclaims to the two that in order to get stronger, she needs to be more feminine. Jasmine recommended not talking like a baby and instead, impersonating someone that's feminine. Ryōki was surprised when Jasmine took her for an example. When Jasmine said that there was no one that was a better model than her, Daidōji turned towards Ryōki for an example of her femininity. For her example of being feminine, Ryōki introduced herself by giggling first and saying her name. Daidōji tries it out and after doing it, asks how her introduction was to Jasmine and Ryōki. Both of them have no reply, which made Daidōji repeat it to master her saying with pride.

Once Jasmine and Ryōki were beaten, Daidōji moves on to find more people with answers for her, now that she learned that delicacy in speech and a feminine motto were keys to unlock her true potential.

Coming across Hikage, Daidōji introduces herself with her cute motto talk. Hikage was unaware of what was going on. After hearing that Daidōji wanted her to teach her to be more feminine, Hikage says that she doesn't know much about feminism. Daidōji points out to Hikage that she is lying and she seems very feminine from her looks. Hikage still didn't get it, even if Daidōji says it cutely.

Spelling it out for Hikage, Daidōji tells her that her femininity lies in her laid-back attitude, in which Hikage was still confused and says she does not get it. Daidōji then decides to use Hikage's words for herself, and says she doesn't get it since she has no emotions, while using her speech delicacy. Hikage was growing agitated, but couldn't get mad when Daidōji asked if she was. Suddenly, Daidōji realizes that Hikage is more laid-back then the others because she's original, and used her laid-back attitude in her motto. Hikage had no idea what Daidōji was doing, and says she wasn't making any sense at all.

Defeating Hikage has gotten Daidōji another way of achieving feminism, by being laid-back and talking cutely in her motto. And with those in hand, she goes on to find more answers to being feminine.

While minding their own business at Hanzō Academy, Asuka, Ikaruga and Katsuragi hear a faint voice coming their way in the distance. They soon realize that it was Daidōji speaking, but way different than what they were expecting. Daidōji, just like before, was cutely giving out her feminine motto she got from the past girls, and it wasn't obvious that all three shinobis were thrown off by this. When asked what was wrong, Daidōji avoided the question by repeating her motto to the three shinobis to show them her newly gained femininity, not for a reaction.

When confronting the three shinobis, Daidōji was able to see through Kasturagi because she believes that her femininity comes from her sexual harrassment. Katsuragi disagreed with this statement by telling Daidōji that sexual harrassment isn't really a feminine thing to do. She then questioned if there was anything else that was feminine about her, and Daidōji simply replied with one, flat 'nope'. While Katsuragi was in disbelief, Daidōji planned to absorb her technique and turned it into her own special; The Ultimate Groping Technique, to which both Asuka and Ikaruga were stupefied. Now, for her motto, Daidōji adds to her speech that boobs are squeezable and butts are smooth as silk. After doing such a absurd thing, Daidōji claims that she has now mastered the way of femininity.

After all three Hanzō shinobis were defeated, Daidōji concludes that she has obtained substantial femininsm and now heads off towards Rin to show her all of her rewarded progress.

"Tee hee. I'm Daidōji. I don't weawwy get it, thinthe I got no feewings. Boobs go squeezy! Butt is thmooth as thilk."

Arrived at Hebijō Academy, Daidōji confronts Rin, who welcomes her and asks if she has mastered femininity already. Daidōji said she has, and wanted Rin to witness her ultimate feminism. Rin readied herself, and told Daidōji to show her well-made progress. Without hesitation, Daidōji gave out her feminine motto by giving her introduction from Ryōki, her laid-back attitude she got from Hikage, and finishing it off with sexual harrassment sayings she absorbed from Katsuragi, all the while talking cutely from Yumi's speech lesson. After that, there was a slight bit of silence between the two master shinobis. And then after a delay of no words, Rin was starting to stutter slowly and quietly. All of a sudden, she screames out loud with mighty panic and horror.

It has come to notice that Rin has become traumatized instead of impressed, because she thinks Daidōji went down the wrong path of achieving femininity and is in need of an ambulance immediately. Daidōji giggling afterwards didn't help the situation, for it made Rin desperately plead to her to stop right away. Then, what really made Rin believe she was going insane was when Daidōji said to her cutely that boobs are soft and butts are slippery. Because of that, Rin cries out to get help from someone, even though there is no one else around except for her and Daidōji.

After defeating Rin with all of her femininity, Daidōji triumphantly laughs with glee, and pronounces loudly and cutely that she has ultimately mastered femininity and obtained a new level of power for herself.

Daidouji EV SGH.jpg
As it turns out, Rin was ashamed of Daidōji for her ridiculous ways of achieving feminism, but confesses that she cannot beat her for now. Seeing that Rin is biting her lip, Daiōji grew complacent of her victory. But then, she soon realized that getting stronger was not only to strengthen your body, but to strengthen your heart as well. When she thought about it, Daidōji also realized that being feminine can be really scary to even the fearless warriors. And on that, Rin agrees also.

Just then, Rin lowers her head to Daiōji, and asks her to teach her about being feminine. Daidōji could not believe what she was hearing, for she considered Rin to be feminine already, but apparently not.

To Rin, she wanted to know feminism so she can grow strong enough to defeat the yōmas, and to look good doing it, just so she can show her feminine self to Master Kiriya. Understanding her desire, Daidōji decided to teach Rin about the subject, and wants her to do exactly as she says.

To start, Daidōji gives out her feminine motto and wants Rin to repeat it with her speech delicacy. Rin mimics Daidōji in the first try, but Daidōji sharply noticed a hint of embarrassment from her. To get Rin to master feminism, Daidōji must have her throw all doubts away, by making her say it again with dignity.

Daidōji's motivations to master feminity were now Rin's also. Daidōji gives out her feminine motto one last time with Rin to say, and that's when the scene ends and the credits roll.

Peach Beach Splash

Paradise Episodes

Unparralleled Rivals

Daidōji is shouting out her name and she seeks the true mastery of the fist. Her scream echoes throughout the open bath house. Nobody responds and it would appear that the other person still hasn’t arrived yet. She was waiting for Rin at the hot springs. She thinks of her as a friend before deciding it would be more fitting to call her a rival. Ever since the two had commuted to school together they’d been as one in friendship and in training. Today she had invited Rin there as she had something she needed to confirm with her. They had to make this clear at some point, which of them was the greater champion. As she sank herself into the bath she sensed a familiar presence at the entrance. She had arrived. Rin enters apologizing for keeping her waiting. It was her but dressed as Miss R. Daidōji asks her she wore that outfit to a bath house. Rin tells her as long as she was on this island she’ll dress the way Mr. K does. As he wouldn’t approve if she changed back to normal without him. Daidōji tells her that Kiriya takes priority for her but still they were in a hot spring and tells her to remove that stupid outfit. She frowns at her while Rin smiles at her. Who tells her she grew soft. Daidōji asks her what she said. Rin tells her if she wanted to remove it she can try, with force if she thought she could. Daidōji climbs out of the bath to unleash the power inside. And tells her it was time for a heart-to-heart talk. They both pick up their water guns. Daidōji says she’d normally talk with their fists and Rin tells her how about a little cold water instead. In her hands a water pistol was like a water bazooka Rin was her internal rival and it was time for them to dance together in the synchronized swim of death. Daidōji shouts out “Now, let’s go!”

They begin their water gun fight in the hot springs. Miss R asks if she could master the water gun. Daidōji tells her fists guns it made no difference to her only the warrior’s mindset matters. She even mentions that clothing is irrelevant as the naked warrior was indomitable for she fears nothing. Miss R understood but she didn’t want to get naked. Daidōji eventually ends up the victor of their fight and comments about how her fists will never fail.

During the fight Ikaruga sees them fighting and approaches. Daidōji upon seeing her asks her to do battle. Rin wanting a rematch tells her that the young Miss R will face her as well. Daidōji tells her that the words do not make her young. Rin responds by telling her that was low and points out to Daidōji that mental attacks weren’t her style. Daidōji tells her she was stating the truth and was sure Ikaruga felt the same way. Ikaruga asks her senior to not get her involved. Daidōji beats both of them in a water gun fight and declared that they all stood beneath the same sky.

Murakumo was having writers block once again and was out and about searching for an idea. She stumbles upon Daidōji and Rin and comments about them competing against one another. Seeing this opportunity, she spectates them for a reference for her work. As she watches Rin jump into the air she narrates how Miss R flew through the air like a hurricane. Rin tells Daidōji to try and top what she just did. Murakumo watches Daidōji pound the ground into dust and says how she wasn’t surprised. Daidōji then tells Rin to top that. Who responds with how a shinobi needs speed over power. Daidōji tells her it was power. Murakumo seeing the fighting spirit between them says they’re both supernatural as there was no other way to put it. Daidōji tells Rin she was giving her a bit of a warmup.

Daidōji tells Rin after all the battles her stamina was impressive. Rin tells her she could say the same for her. Murasaki approaches and tells them they were close and she was jealous. Daidōji tells her they had and unbreakable bond and unrivaled relationship or so she thought. Rin upon hearing so she thought asks about the past tense. Daidōji tells her she began to suspect a certain something. So she invited her to confirm it. Rin tells her she doesn’t understand what she meant. Daidōji doesn’t say something right away but tells her it seemed they needed to settle this once and for all.

Daidōji tells Rin it must be now. Rin tells her to come on. Daidōji tells her they’ve been together for a long while now. Rin tells her she was right about that. Daidōji tells Rin she’d traveled through many worlds, but there’s no one who can drive her like she could. Rin tells her that the same was for her and she was very special to her. Daidōji asks her even more than Kiriya. Rin questions why was she bringing Master Kiriya into this. Daidōji asks her again if she was more special to her than Kiriya that’s what she wanted to know. Rin tries to come up with a response but isn’t able to get a sentence together. Daidōji points out as she thought Kiriya was her special someone.

Daidōji continues to question Rin which of them was more special to her, Kiriya or her. She always wondered who exactly was she to Rin. To her Rin was an unparalleled rival and there is no other. Then one day it dawned on her. Rin had a second rival. Kiriya. She was mortified at the realization she wanted to be her peerless rival. Just as she was to her. Daidōji demands her answer which of them was her rival. Herself or Kiriya who mattered more to her. Rin tried to answer but couldn’t. Before finally answering Daidōji and told her who mattered more that was tough. Daidōji noticed Rin’s cheeks began glowing. Daidōji finally decided to settle it right now. Rin asked what she was planning.

Daidouji Steals the Show.jpg
Daidōji tells her she was going to challenge Kiriya, if she defeated him then their rivalry would be unmatched. Rin tries to stop Daidōji pointing out it wasn’t like that Master Kiriya was but she isn’t able to finish as Daidoji begins to leave saying that Kiriya should wait for her as she wasn’t letting Rin go without a fight. Rin grabs onto Daidōji pleading with her to stop and to not fight over her.

Burst: Re:Newal


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"Daidōji rules the campus when it comes to raw power. Her physical attacks hit like a truck, if the truck were made out of dynamite. Hold down the attack button to throw more punches, with even more power behind them. She maintains a high defense during most of her moves, enabling her to wade through a crowd and punch at will. If that's not enough, her Frantic Mode gives her still more strength and reach, so feel free to use it. Her Secret Ninja Arts and Ultimate Ninja Art are all fantastically deadly as well." -Estival Versus: Daidōji's Battle Card

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Art


The music tracks played for Daidōji in the games.

Name Description - Game Track (If available)
The Reason to Stay

Daidōji's Shinobi Transform theme

- SV, EV and BR:N (DLC, if chosen)

To My Comrades

Daidōji's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting her.

- EV and BR:N (DLC, if chosen)

Dance Fever

Daidōji's Pre-Transform theme

- BR:N

One I Must Protect

Daidōji's Shinobi Transform theme

- BR:N