Daidoji DC Render

Voiced By Yū Asakawa
Gender Female
Birthday November, 11th (Scorpio)
Blood Type B
Laterality Ambidextrous
Guardian Tiger
Weapon Weaponless
Personal Details
Hobby Exceeding Limits
Favorite Food Meat
Hair Color Dirty Blonde (Originally)
Black (Transformed)
Eye Color Red
Height 170cm (5'7")
Bust 100cm (39")
Cup J
Bust Volume 2484.2ml
Waist 58cm (23")
Hips 98cm (38")

Daidōji (大道寺) is a playable character in the Nintendo 3DS series of Senran Kagura. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls and becomes playable Senran Kagura Burst. A third year at Hanzo Academy, she is an enigmatic and legendary senior student who emanates a dangerous aura.

Despite her age and sparse attendance record, she continues to reign over the school. She possesses overwhelming speed and power, and in contrast to her ninja training, never bothers with stealth tactics.



Daidōji is a tall, muscular woman with long, flowing black hair and reddish-brown eyes. She wears a tattered gakuran with a cap and metal epaulets, a rope belt, and a pair of tengu-geta. She wraps her bosom in a sarashi, and her wrists with the bandages typical of open-hand fighters.


Daidōji has a very "Punch first, ask questions while punching" personality. She has a strong sense of justice, she sees her best friend Rin as more of a rival and not a mortal enemy. Even though she lost every match against her, she only strives to try again the next day.


Portrait of Girls & Burst

Daidōji first appears in Chapter 3, taking out a wave of Hebijo jobbers before introducing herself to Asuka. She explains that she only wished for a fight, and wasn't intentionally trying to help her underclassman, before leaving her.

After clearing the main story, she appears once again a Hanzo Academy. She requests that her five kouhais battle her as a a form of training and to test their strength. First is Ikaruga, then Katsuragi, then Yagyu, then Hibari, then finally Asuka. Once victory is achieved, then Daidōji is added as a playable character, with superior speed, power, and durability.

In Burst, after unlocking Suzune/Rin, a new mission is unlocked where she has to battle Daidōji, who's accompanied by robo puppets. The mission is hard, near impossible if Rin is somewhat under-leveled.

Deep Crimson

Daidouji makes a few major appearances in Deep Crimson, both times in the Deep Crimson Chapter. The first time she appears with Rin on request of Hanzo, where she and Rin battle Asuka and Homura for training. The second time, she goes against a tag team of Katsuragi and Ikaruga, while also referencing their last confrontation, when Kat and Ikaruga were first years and had to defeat her to pass their semester exam.

The third time she appears is in the latter part of the chapter, alongside Rin. This time she is playable along with Rin, in order to buy Asuka and Homura time to catch up to Dogen, fighting with Rin against the yoma Mikami. After the battle, she tells Rin to go on ahead and assist the younger kunoichi, while she stays behind to kill the other yoma that have gathered.

Daidōji also makes a minor appearance in the downloadable content Waist-Deep chapter, which takes place shortly after the events of the main story, dining with Hanzō at the hot springs inn. When the other Shinobi present at the inn had been shrunk down to super-deformed (i.e. chibi) proportions as a result of ingesting Yōma Red Orbs (which had been planted into their food by Mirai), Daidōji bears witness to a super-deformed Asuka approaching her Grandfather for help.

Curious to see if such a transformation would have an effect on her abilities, Daidōji willingly ingests a Red Orb and is similarly shrunk down in size. She overhears Mirai talking to herself, admitting to being the cause of the predicament and chastises her for attempting to run away. After beating Mirai into submission, Daidōji manages to convince her to apologize. She appears in the ending CG, having returned to normal size.

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