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Daidōji (大道寺, sometimes spelled "Daidouji") is a playable character of the Senran Kagura series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls.


A legendary senior who returns to Hanzō every year during the graduation period. In the past, she was Rin's underclassman and the two would spar together regularly. Master Kiriya noted that while Daidōji was stronger than Rin, she was unable to beat her senior due to Rin's unyielding nature.

Daidōji swore that she would one day make Rin admit defeat, but the chance never came. Shortly after Rin graduated, it was reported that she died while on a mission. The news devastated Kiriya, but Daidōji somehow knew that Rin was alive somewhere. She now patiently bides her time in anticipation of her final rematch with her senior; the fateful day that will be her true graduation exam.

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Bon Appétit!

Daidōji was at the zoo talking to a giraffe asking it if it was satisfied with its existence. She had come to the zoo by herself having heard of the “beasts” gathered there. But they were only tame animals, quelled and coddled by human touch. They were nothing close to “beasts.” They weren’t worth fighting. She asks it where its fangs were. She clenched her fists and raised her voice in anger. The giraffe obviously gave no response, other than nibbling on an apple. Daidōji asks what led to this giraffe and asked it if did not hunt others, consume their flesh and make its own stronger. Did the animal hear the frustration in her voice? If it did, it ignored her. She growled at the silence and assumes it lost its pride as a proud beast. She came to the zoo to find a dragon, she heard rumors that dragons had powers beyond any other creature in this mortal world. She wished to experience the challenge of hunting one. Conquering one. To defeat a formidable foe, consume its flesh and make hers stronger. That was the law of the natural world. But there were none. Only fangless captives who submissively rely on their keepers to feed them and serve their every need. But she “knew the truth.” Their keepers, humans, who removed their fangs. Was the great hunt a relic of a bygone age? With great sadness, she left the zoo. “Bring down your prey. Consume its flesh. Let the strength of its blood and bones be yours”. Were the words she said to herself. Their modern world had forgotten that simple rule. They all became hollow shells, insulated from the triumphs and terrors of their primal beginnings. That was why she hungered to live and fight on the edge of death. As she pondered that, she noticed a flyer that was announcing a Super Dish Gourmet Cook-Off. A 1-on-1 cooking battle with the region’s strongest warriors. She read. This was perfect, this would allow her to show them the way of survival. Cooking battle or no, a duel was a duel. To kill or to be killed. Yes, a duel is very much like a hunt. She then says to herself “Perfect. I will use all my resentment from the zoo and throw it into my Super Dishes.”

Round 1 Her first opponent was her underclassman, Hibari who was surprised at the sight of Daidōji. Who begins to narrate about how her first prey was a rabbit. Hibari begins to freak out after hearing the word “prey” and asks what she was planning on doing. Daidōji answers that she was hunting her with everything she had. Hibari pleads with her not to hunt her down and asks if she couldn’t see if she was her underclassman. Daidōji tells her a lion had no mercy for a rabbit. Underclassman or not she would not receive no quarter from her. Hibari decided that if that was how she wanted it then she won’t show her any mercy either. Daidōji takes note on how the “rabbit” had the will to survive and how her vigor would serve the “rabbit” well in Daidōji's chase. It was here that the first round of the cook-off began with Daidōji emerging the victor. Afterward Daidōji tells the “rabbit” she was hers. Hibari was emotional at her words and cries about how she was going to eat her. Daidōji tells her not to worry her flesh and bone were all hers. None of it would go to waste. Hibari was confused and asked if she wasn’t going to eat her. Daidōji informs her she already had; she consumed her spirit. Hibari ecstatically tells Daidōji she was too cool. At this point Daidōji decides to hunt her next target.

Round 4 Her next opponent was another underclassman, this time being Yagyū. Daidōji notes that her next prey was a squid. Yagyū tells her, she heard everything about how she tried to eat Hibari. Daidōji questions why this would concern her. Yagyū says she hadn’t taken a nibble out of Hibari yet, even if she was her senior, she can’t forgive her. Daidōji comments on the lively “squid” and how this would be a hearty meal. Yagyū warns her to not underestimate her just because she was a squid, she’ll crush her with her tentacles. Hearing the word “tentacles” Daidōji mentions the thought of that gave her great excitement and dares Yagyū to do her worst. Whenever a lion hunts a squid it takes no chances, she will hunt with every fiber of her being. There would be no waiting until the “squid” dried up for consumption. She will be swallowed raw. And at this moment the next round began with Daidōji winning again. Daidōji comments about being the victor. Yagyū then tells her to eat her. Daidōji took note of her accepting her fate and said how her resolve was admirable. However, she was not going to eat her. Yagyū was surprised and asked why. Daidōji goes on about how a real hunt represents a survival of the fittest but that was not what she was seeking. She was seeking the clash of two lives but not amongst weaklings. But strength against strength, each sharpening the other. That’s what she wanted, that was the true meaning of her hunt. Her purpose there had been fulfilled. To test herself against Yagyū’s strength to increase her own. Yagyū was moved by her words and says “No wonder they call you a legendary senior”. Daidōji at this point begins to search for her next quarry, wanting to face a warrior stronger than her.

Round 5 Her final opponent was yet another Hanzō girl and this time it was Katsuragi who takes note of Daidōji's presence. Daidōji felt something deep inside her and came to the realization. Katsuragi was the dragon. Katsuragi admits her guardian was the dragon and points out hers was the tiger and this fight would be fun. Daidōji talks about how she finally found the dragon and how she will bring her down and increase her own strength. Katsuragi wasn’t sure about that as she didn’t lose so easily. Daidōji agreed that she would have it no other way, this was what she was looking for. A fearsome battle between tiger and dragon. And thus, the final round of the cook-off began with Daidōji winning.

Epilogue Daidōji began congratulating herself for she finally hunted a dragon. Katsuragi tells her “Wouldn’t be legendary if you didn’t do stuff like that. I lost, fair and square” Daidōji says it would be no surprise if either of them won, she then tells her she had grown. Katsuragi thanks her as it meant a lot. She then asks what she would do now. Daidōji questions the word “now.” Katsuragi points out that after a dragon, what was her next prey. Daidōji admits it was a fair question. She goes on about mastering the essence of the hunt, she must continue to fight. But what would she hunt next, a wild beast stronger than a dragon. Katsuragi thinks about something, catching Daidōji's attention who asks what should she hunt. Sometime later in the Amazonian jungle in South America. Daidōji was calling out for a creature to come out. Katsuragi told her that the prey she was looking for did not appear where humans tread. This creature had never been captured on film and the only clues to its existence came from rumors whispered years ago. Its length was anywhere from five to ten meters. It had a long neck and tail like a snake and used its four legs to knock down trees as it crashes forward. The imagery alone made Daidōji's blood boil. There was no other opponent like it. This battle would be remembered. Despite searching for days Daidōji did not come across a single sign of it. She calls out at it again shouting “Where are you...Mokele-mbembe?!” This was the name of her next prey. Its name rested upon the lips of cryptozoologists around the world and was among the list of Unidentified Mysterious Animals. Katsuragi apparently learned of its existence in a sports newspaper article. Daidōji didn’t care if it was an UMA, no matter how many years it took her, she will search for it across the Amazon, just to fight it to the death. She then calls out to it once again. “Mokele-mbembe. Just you wait for me!”

  • She appears as a guest character in Uppers, a 3D beat-em-up for the Vita and PC developed by Marvelous. [1]



Ninja Flash! and Shinovi Master

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  • Daidōji's name literally means "Large Temple Road".
  • Daidōji's outfits evoke the archetype of how Japanese middle and high school delinquents are often portrayed in anime and manga. Her Ninja Turnover outfit is a tattered gakuran, following the stereotypical banchō look (of which Jotaro Kujo is the most known example); while her normal appearance resembles the sukeban style.
  • The kanji on the back of her gakuran reads ikki tō'oku (一騎当億, "one-man army"). Normally the idiom is written ikki tōsen (一騎当千), roughly translating as "one horseman standing up to a thousand men", but Daidōji's phrase replaces the last kanji with oku (億), changing it to "one horseman standing up to a hundred million men".
  • Her version from Guren no Hebi it is revealed to have feelings for her teacher, however her other counterparts (videogames, mangas, anime) don't share this affections.
  • When she was a junior, her abdominal muscles weren't as developed. This is particularly evident in the anime when she fought Rin and lost before being lectured by the latter.
  • Daidōji is the only character that the Old Hanzō Uniform has a long skirt for. Additionally, due to how alternate hair colors are handled, Daidōji is unable to have her wild hairstyle be blonde.
  • According to Nan Yaegashi, the series' character designer, Daidōji is:
    • The 3rd physically strongest character before Yozakura and after Ryōki.
    • The 5th scariest character before Ikaruga and after True Kagura.
    • The 7th character to receive chocolate from fangirls in-universe before Ginrei and after Ikaruga.

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