DEATH×KISS is one of Haruka's Secret Ninja Arts that appears throughout the Senran Kagura series.



Haruka blows a kiss towards her enemies. Once it lands, the impact is dispersed, releasing several hearts that float outward in a ring around her, each damaging the first target hit.

Deep Crimson


Haruka blows a kiss, releasing several hearts that damage and charm the enemy, preventing them from attacking for a duration. In this instance of time, Haruka is free to attack any enemies that are currently under the heart's affects. This attack moves in a linear fashion, beaming down out any enemies that are caught in the attack's way.

Shinovi Versus


Haruka projects five hearts, any one of which can freeze, zap, burn, and poison all at once. The hearts travel in front of her and also have homing capabilities. If she's locked onto a target, the hearts will automatically lock on as well. Once ensnared, there is nothing the enemy can do as Haruka is free to attack them for the duration of time they are either frozen or stunned.

Estival Versus


In this game, this attack stays largely the same to that of it's predecessors. Like in Deep Crimson, Haruka blows a kiss, releasing several hearts towards enemies. However, like in Shinovi Versus, these hearts inflict several damaging effects such as freeze, burn, zap, and poison all at once. They also bounce off of other nearby enemies that come into contact with those that are already under the heart's affects.

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