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Chiyo (千代) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave. A 1st year at Sakigei Municipal, a cheerful girl that likes fun things. She likes to cause mischief, until middle school she lived among boys. She dislikes skirts that restrict movement.

Her trumpet acts like a blowgun.



Chiyo is pale-fair skinned with big, deep blue eyes and short, shoulder length hair of dark grey that curls up on the end. She is normally depicted in a male school uniform.

Her turn over outfit includes a white, elbow-length sleeve shirt with very thin suspender straps held by silver shuriken ornaments decorated with a gold musical note. Her pants are dark grey denim khapri with pale grey cuffs with pale brown lines all over it. She wears brown boots and armor pieces over her hand and lower arm, and on the top of her head is a black bowler hat with a thin lavender strap around the middle. Around her neck is a black tie with a shuriken image depicted on the bottom.


Chiyo is a cheerful and fun-loving girl. She has a very mischievous but somewhat manly personality, as up until middle school she would mingle and play with boys. She likes to have a lot of fun and often gets into mischief. What she doesn't like is wearing skirts, because according to her, they restrict movement.




Chiyo uses as a weapon a trumpet that acts as a blowgun. She hits enemies with her trumpet and can blow and shoot a powerful blast of air. Her attacks are not as powerful as the rest of her teammates, but she makes up for it with her good defense.


  • Chiyo's name (千代) can mean "Thousand Years".