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Chitose(千歳) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave. Originally from the slums, her parents sold her off. She is extremely distrustful of others, comparable to Yomi's past. She considers ninja to be consumable goods and would not balk at throwing away even her own life.

She wields a giant matchlock rifle that shoots evil bullets.



Chitose is fair-skinned girl with bright topaz eyes. Her hair is pale brown with multiple loose curls and strands - two of which resemble bug antennae.

Her dress she wears resembles a costume of a fairy. It consists of a frilly, below the shoulder blouse of white with white frills lining it held by pink ribbon. The chest is cut to reveal the center with thin string holding it shut. Her skirt is a two-layer tutu of pale blue on top and pale yellow beneath. On each skirt layer are longer strips that resemble small wings. She has a pink ribbon tied around her neck and wears pale blue ballerina flats held by dark blue string.


While she does have a sweet side, she mostly comes off as cynical and distant from others.

Because of her dark and difficult past, Chitose is often distrustful of people. Unlike other shinobi, she believes that ninja are replaceable, including herself and is not reluctant to even give up her own life. This way of thinking is due to the fact that her parents sold her when she was little, but as she lived with other shinobi students she began to change her mind.



Chitose fights using a large matchlock rifle as a weapon. The bullets it fires are made of strange dark energy.


  • Chitose's name (千歳) can mean "Millennium".