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Chihaya(千早) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave as a 3rd year at Metropolitan Hakuō Women's Academy.

She is Kochō's right arm and is one of the "Three public moral princesses". She has an easygoing personality and strangely, she worries about the enemies she defeats. The reason she became a ninja was because she left it to chance; she doesn't really think ninjas are anything special.

She attacks enemies by manipulating crafted candy that has been strengthened with ninja arts.



Chihaya has a pale complexion and long black hair worn in a ponytail with a purple band. Her thick bangs frame her face and she has eyes of teal. She wears the white and dark blue school uniform of her school with a gold badge on the left of her chest and a red arm band pinned to the left arm.

In turn over, Chihaya gains a lilac-white kimono with a floral design and a red ribbon band wrapped beneath her chest. She gains floral ornaments to her hair and four gold sticks. Her lavender sandals have red toe straps and are worn with white socks.


Chihaya is very calm and, unlike Kochou, is more tolerant of others. She even occasionally shows concern for the opponents she defeats. The reason she became a ninja was by chance, but she doesn't really think ninjas are anything special.




She fights in an elegant manner. Chihaya uses her hairpins to form a kind of candy that she can manipulate to enhance her attacks. She can use them in different ways to attack, being able to create weapons or even animals.


  • Chihaya's name (千早) can be roughly translated as "Early Thousand".
  • The general students of Metropolitan Hakuō Women's Academy call her "Sakurajo" (桜女 "Sakura Woman") though it is unclear if this is a nickname or if Chihaya is her shinobi name and the general students don't know it.