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Sum41Champ Sum41Champ 18 March


Anime is 1 of my passions

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BlasterTheDragon BlasterTheDragon 25 December 2021

Merry Christmas!

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BlasterTheDragon BlasterTheDragon 31 October 2021


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BlasterTheDragon BlasterTheDragon 5 June 2021

Attention Everyone

Read this article, for it will inform you what will happen in the upcoming week:

Wiki Adoption planned

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BlasterTheDragon BlasterTheDragon 4 May 2021

May 4th

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AkihitoZero5454 AkihitoZero5454 23 March 2021

Non-canon story idea

I have an idea of a Non-canon story where Asuka becomes a runaway Ninja and everyone in Hanzo Academy is saddened which also results in her being wanted by the authorities and a female agent in a red gown armed with dual pistols that are loaded with stun ammo to arrest her. Asuka takes off her Ninja clothes and only is right now wearing her usual lingerie but still keeps her wakizashi.

Ayako: An agent sent by Hanzo to arrest Asuka and bring her back to Hanzo Academy. She wears a revealing red gown and carries dual special modified Beretta 92FS loaded with electric stun bullets and also conceals dual net firing derringers between her cleavage. She is very agile and has arrested many runaway Ninja and is a very good interrogator. She is sarca…

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BlasterTheDragon BlasterTheDragon 15 March 2021

Senran Kagura x Hyperdimension Neptunia Crossover Game: Let's Talk!

Ever since I saw the trailer for Senran Nin Nin Ninja Taisen Neptunia, I was ever excited, knowing that two of my favorite animes came together to make a bonafide crossover. I want it to come out already, but since it will release at the 8th of April in Japan, I want to discuss about the main priorities of the game and what it will offer us.

  • 1 Questions To Discuss
    • 1.1 What Type of Game Will SenKa X Neptunia be?
    • 1.2 Will the Game Have a Western Release?
    • 1.3 Will the Game Be Released For Other Platform Consoles?
    • 1.4 What About Censorship? Will the Game Contain It?
    • 1.5 Because SenKa X Neptunia is Coming, Does That Mean Senran Kagura: Se7en Is Canceled?
    • 1.6 Are There Any New or Certain Mechanics Presented in the Game?
    • 1.7 What Does the Game Offer For the Characters?…

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Hoang-Anh12345 Hoang-Anh12345 4 March 2021


First blog post

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BlasterTheDragon BlasterTheDragon 15 February 2021

Feburary 14th

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BlasterTheDragon BlasterTheDragon 26 December 2020

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 13 December 2020

True Orochi

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BlasterTheDragon BlasterTheDragon 1 November 2020

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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Miracle Max Miracle Max 16 October 2020

New Wave Archiving Project

Update: New Wave has officially ended!

As we know, Senran Kagura: New Wave is going away in less than two weeks. As such, I've been trying to archive as much information from it as possible, focusing primarily on story scenes so we can learn more about all the characters.

I was initially taking hundreds of screenshots, but soon figured out how to take videos instead, so I created a Youtube channel to upload them to which you can find HERE.

This blog will keep track of my current progress and I'll try to update it as I go.

Note that some videos may be uploaded but still set to private until I have the time to go through and make sure they're okay and add the descriptions and such. This will primarily be for the Event scenes which can easily be …

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BlasterTheDragon BlasterTheDragon 1 October 2020

What if there was a Senran Kagura 2D fighting game?

As I was watching gameplay of  Senran Kagura Estival Versus, I was thinking about an interesting idea; what if the next Senran Kagura was a fighting game, with two girls fighting to the last breath (or in this case, last thread of clothing)? I know that SK is already a fighting game in general, but I was thinking of a proper 2D fighting style game, such as Street Fighter 5 and Mortal Kombat 11.

If I can add anything in the game, I would like the Ninja Arts to stay back in so that they can be used as Super Moves or to make special attacks much more better. And the feature in Shinovi Versus, where you must have low HP in order to use your Ultimate Shinobi Art, I would like that in the game too, as another Super Move. It builds tension in the …

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Miracle Max Miracle Max 17 September 2020

New Wave Down Messages

These are some (all?) of the messages you may receive when attempting to play Senran Kagura: New Wave when the servers are down for maintenance or updates.

Text in italics are comments by the artist or director.

The translations may not be completely accurate.

  • 1 Fūma, Break through the Limit!!!
  • 2 The Scene Backstage
  • 3 Hebijo Academy's New First Year...Ayame!?
  • 4 Kanon
  • 5 From the event "Harmony of the Shinobi, a Flash of Wickedness Blooms in Heaven" with Chiyo & Syuri
  • 6 Hibari Performing Muramasa's Maintenance
  • 7 Movie Poster for "Mummy Horde: THE MOVIE"
  • 8 A Memory from Summer
  • 9 Sōji's Swimsuit / Back View
  • 10 Yūyaki / Glasses Style
  • 11 Hijikata, Shinobi Transformation Summer Edition
  • 12 Hiroko the Delinquent
  • 13 Ranmaru Eating Ice Cream
  • 14 Gallery

Some of the images used in t…

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Miracle Max Miracle Max 9 September 2020

New Wave Interactions: Overseers of the Festival and Independents

Continuing from Senki Shu's Interactions, this blog will cover the random comments and poked reactions of the Overseers of the Festival as well as Kagura and Naraku.

Again, I can't promise my translations are 100% accurate.

  • 1 Renka
  • 2 Hanabi
  • 3 Kafuru
  • 4 Ryōki
  • 5 Jasmine
  • 6 Kagura
  • 7 Naraku

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Miracle Max Miracle Max 1 September 2020

New Wave Interactions: Senki Shu

Since this is going to be about a dozen pictures per character and 84 characters, I figured I should split these by factions.

I'll update these as I can. I started with Yuki since I've been working on stuff for her today anyways. I'll try and have them all done before New Wave is taken down.

To be clear, these are just the random comments they'll say or reactions when you poke them on the Interaction page of Shinobi Communication. These are not the Shinobi Cutscenes which I'll try and upload later.

Again, I can't promise my translations are 100% accurate.

  • 1 Hyōki
  • 2 Miki
  • 3 Reki
  • 4 Maki
  • 5 Yuki

I'll finish these up before moving on to the next faction.

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Miracle Max Miracle Max 1 September 2020

New Wave Affection Up Quotes

This post will contain all of the quotes that character's say when you rank their Affection from 1 to 2 in Shinobi Communication in Senran Kagura: New Wave.

As these are currently all of my level 2 Affection characters, I also have the second dialogue cutscenes for each of them as well.

I can't guarantee my translation is 100% accurate.

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EdwMaginot EdwMaginot 28 August 2020

FanGame: Senran Kagura: Soul Calibur

(Blog post derived from a fanon article now deleted, I am not the original author.)

Senran Kagura: Soul Calibur is a proposed crossover. The starting version of the game should be below.

  • 1 Actions
  • 2 Story
  • 3 Soul Calibur
    • 3.1 Playable characters
    • 3.2 Non-playable characters
  • 4 Senran Kagura
  • 5  Game Mechanics

Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold. The legend of the Soul Calibur heroes has truly taken shape. It has become a fascination for Sayuri and Kagura. And they have decided to work together to civilize the Soul Calibur characters for modern life by having them go to high school. A new dimension is created so that the girls across different schools and the Soul Calibur characters can all go to high school together. …

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GogonSnake9989 GogonSnake9989 16 August 2020

Senran kagura 2021




Guardian animal:dinosaurs (jurassic park/jurassic world)

Weapons:massive weapons

Ability:weaponry master super eating powered bite animal morphing (dinosaurs) mystical martial arts 

animal combat (dinosaurs) ninjutsu supernatural stealth stealth combat blade storm generation

Chi manipulation power via gesture gesture casting pure aura manipulation water walking

Wall running supernatural cooking elemental combat ninja magic technoganic power link

Discern location discern target astrokinetic combat shuriken proficiency dinosaur physiology

Environment combat simulations actions fighting instinct Cross-wall jumping sensory tracking

Absolute intelligence chi magic substitution creation shuriken creation skill enhancement


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Miracle Max Miracle Max 7 August 2020

Table of Character Ages

After writing yesterday's blog, I got curious about everyone's official ages at different points in the story and decided to create this table.

As stated in the last blog, New Wave used everyone's age circa Burst, even if they weren't in Burst. You can tell by looking at the characters introduced in Shinovi Versus and seeing that some of them are younger if they hadn't had their birthday by Burst. Looking at character's school year also confirms this. So using this we can get everyone's starting age.

The only known exception to this is characters that weren't introduced until Estival Versus (Sayuri and the Mikagura Sisters) have their Estival Versus ages listed instead. Though the Mikagura Sisters are a slight problem as their ages and birth…

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Miracle Max Miracle Max 6 August 2020

Character Ages effect on Timeline

So it turns out that the character ages actually update as the games progress to reflect the time of year. It's hard to track in English though, since the ages are ripped out of the English versions.

I knew we had different ages listed for Timeline 1 and Timeline 2, but I hadn't really looked into it before. It's apparently because Deep Crimson takes place immediately following the events of Burst in Timeline 1, but Shinovi Versus takes place 6 months later in Timeline 2.

Due to that 6 month difference, several of the characters are older due to when their birthdays fall.

New Wave actually came out a few months before Shinovi Versus and uses the same ages as Burst for the characters that appeared in that, and plugging in the ages from Gessen …

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Miracle Max Miracle Max 5 August 2020

Musing about Timelines

We currently have games divided into two timelines (and spinoffs).

However things seem a bit more complex than that. Senran Kagura: Burst by itself has two different storylines that cannot both happen in the same timeline. Then Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus has four!

Plus a lot of spinoffs seem to get referenced in later games, seemingly making them canon.

Sequels also seem to take things from multiple paths when referencing what happened in the past.

Granted, Senran Kagura: Estival Versus established that there are definitely alternate universes (and it's even possible to travel between them), so everything happened somewhere, we just seem to concern ourselves with two main timelines while the others are forgotten.

Senran Kagura: Burst (Hanzō E…

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Wikiman117 Wikiman117 1 May 2020

If anybody even cares to read this

I am currently playing the original Burst for the 3DS if I see anything that isn't already on here I'll add it. That and I just want that badge for a blog post.

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EdwMaginot EdwMaginot 20 January 2020

SKEV Cinematic Screenshots

When I relook at SKEV cinematics, I often open the Windows Capture tool, and take some photos of frames I particularly like. I decided to share some. They are shown in the order they were taken. Yes, most of them are about Ryouki.

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 4 January 2020

Kasumi (DOA)

Kasumi (霞) is a guest character in Shinobi Master Senran Kagura: New Link. She is the original protagonist of the fighting game series known as Dead or Alive.

  • 1 Profile
    • 1.1 Appearance
    • 1.2 Personality
  • 2 Ninja Arts
  • 3 Gameplay
  • 4 Trivia
  • 5 External Links

Kasumi is a slender, physically-fit and petite young woman. She has copper brown eyes and long amber hair, which is commonly tied with wither her trademark yellow or blue ties. Her original blue kunoichi outfit is very well-known.

Kasumi is a more compassionate character than many of the other fighters. She is an honorable and kind spirit, and although a highly skilled kunoichi with deadly abilities, she does not enjoy or wish to fight. Many of the statements she makes in the game series before a round begins ref…

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Henry444 Henry444 6 December 2019

I need some freinds

i need more freinds on the wiki i like this game and i need freinds

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Henry444 Henry444 6 December 2019

I think Hibari is cute

hibari is my personlay fav senran kagura character because shes so cute

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EdwMaginot EdwMaginot 28 June 2019

Character Classifications

In Senran Kagura, the fighter girls are, in term of fighting, all different, which leads to interesting variations of Gameplay, which make some character fun, others less.

In this wiki, it seems that there isn't any clear way to classify characters fighting styles. Some go with Pokemon-like using abstract elements, but this isn't enough to describe what all characters have here: Thematics and Type.

Every characters are themed by 3 types of thematics:

Guardian, the only confirmed thing we know about the character's thematics, as it tends to be the most explicit in some cases, or "passive" in others.

Example: Ryoki's Guardian is the Chimera.

Style: The esthetic and overall look, only based on the Ninja outfit, which was supposed to be representa…

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IceMountain505 IceMountain505 11 June 2019

My Male Senrans

Full Name: Fujin (風人)

Age: 16

Birthday: July 2nd

Shinobi Rank: Jonin

Element Affinity: Wind

Laterality: Right

Secret Animal: Scorpion

Zodiac: Cancer

Chinese Zodiac: Tiger

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Silver; White (Awakened)

Height: 5’6ft

Eye Color: Grey; Silver (Awakened)

Skin Color: Dark

Personality: Goal-Oriented, Creative, Resourceful


Wind Style: Shirokaze Wind Style: Vaccum Ball Wind Style: Tornado Fist Wind Style: Air Bullet Barugen

Secret Jutsu 

Wind Style: Silver Hurricane Wind Style: Nimbus Universe

Family  Shirokaze (Aunt), Unamed Deceased Parents, Fumi (Childhood Friend), Kuro (Foster Brother)

Affiliation: Good Shinobi Affinity Weapons: Shuriken, Bo Staff, Jo Staff, Air Shuriken, Air Blades Blood Type: A Positive Kanji: 風人 (God of Wind)


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Henry44 Henry44 7 February 2019

Hibari is best waifu

I think Hibari is best waifu because how cute she is.

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Feinoha Feinoha 13 October 2018

Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal censored (PS4)

Hello just wanted to make a post for those who might not be up to date with the news about this game. Fairly recently (as of October 2018) Sony has decided that a mini-game has to be cut from the western releases of the PS4 version of the game. The Steam version will still have the removed content intact, so if this important to you, you might consider buying the Steam version of the game and/or complaining to Sony.

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Chrislee93 Chrislee93 6 March 2018

Asuka is not just joined in Super Smash Bros. no more.

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785081 785081 25 February 2018

Senran Kagura/Manyuu Hikenchou crossover

I'd love to see a Manyuu Hikenchou crossover with the Senran Kagura franchise I'd love to see the girls of Senran Kagura run for their lives and try to keep their tits from being deflated and stolen from the manyuu clan and I'd love to see haruka rin dadoji katsuragi have their big massive tits deflated down to the breast size of mirai

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LiveFunDoGood LiveFunDoGood 29 November 2017

I never played this game before

I jusr really like some of the characters appereances and putting them in hyperlocal scernarios. I also like to pop up and edit out grammatical mistakes sometimes.

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TwinTails100 TwinTails100 15 November 2017

I'm back, I guess.

Hey everyone, I decided to log in for a bit and see how the wiki's been. Did any new admins show up? I remember three when I last logged in. I've been away for a while so I pretty much forgot how to promote users to admin status, though I could easily just look it up. A lot has changed since then, both this wiki and Wikia. How's site traffic been going?

And for any new users, if you've ever received a pm from me when making an edit, it's a bot. 🤣

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FeruEnzeru FeruEnzeru 11 October 2017

Are there scenes cut from the JP version of the 2013 SK Anime?

blog posts removed for very huge reasons

(looks like i won't be needing this wiki anymore it seems (due to 2018 perhaps))

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FeruEnzeru FeruEnzeru 4 October 2017

Senran Kagura English Dub Wishlist and Voice Actors/Actresses

blog posts removed for very huge reasons

(looks like i won't be needing this wiki anymore it seems (due to 2018 perhaps))

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SkarMC SkarMC 8 August 2017

How come the Yang Scroll is Green and not White

In the Anime, the scroll of Yin is black but the scroll of Yang is green. How come it's not white I've been wondering this for a while.​

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Chrismh Chrismh 31 August 2016

Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni-

I'm sorry of the community is a bit picky about topics outside of the series or not, I'm never here long enough to find out anything XD I found out about this strange game just recently while browsing through Amazon. While looking at the pictures I suddenly realized, "wait, why does this look familair to me?"

As it turns out, the people who made Senran Kagura made this game. The description says its supposed to be even more "adult-like", but I can't really find anything on it. I am a bit curious in it though, cause it sounds fun and the art is really cute.

Anyway, I wanted to write this topic because I was hoping maybe someone else here may have known something about it. And if you didn't know about it now you did, you can find some pics and…

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Theta444 Theta444 22 February 2016

In Regard Of Western Release Of Senran Kagura Estival Versus

Welcome To Kagurapedia A Senran Kagura Wikia. In This Blog We're Talk About The Western Version Of Senran Kagura Estival Versus. There's No Ikkitousens (Kan'u,Hakufu & Ryofu) To Appear In English Version Due To License. This Time Senran Kagura Fans Will Replace The Ikkitousen Characters With Gal*Gun (Ekoro,Kurona & Amatsuka Patako) As The New DLC Characters For Western Version. This Gal*Gun Characters Is Only Guest Characters To Featured Normal Mode,Frenzy Mode and Tenshin Mode Of Gal*Gun Characters,New Sountracks For Gal*Gun Characters & Victory Pose For Gal*Gun Characters & Senran Kagura Characters Licensed By Pqube UK

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Reiyanami Reiyanami 27 January 2016


Hello, mod of SIA here. I've added the recent cards in the character's pages.The only ones that I haven't added is the Kagura SR of her in the police outfit along with one or two more cards because I'm still new here and don't know how to add an SR or LR category of their pages. If anyone can tell me how to do that for future reference, that would be most appreciated.

And another question is if there's a union, do you put it in one of the character's pages, put it up twice to put it in each character's pages, or is there a setting where you can share the image between two characters?

Sorry if my questions are stupid. I'd just like to contribute. :)

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Feinoha Feinoha 21 January 2016

Userbox uploaded

Hello everyone I just wanted to tell you that I've uploaded a base template that can be used in making Userboxes, that I originally found on the Love Live wiki, on the wiki called . I've already made one derivative template the template that can be used to add your PSN account name (with a link) to your user page.

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Feinoha Feinoha 5 October 2015

New Footer

Hey everyone I just submitted the wiki for the new Games footer yesterday. Today Wikia staff has implemented it on our main page. Please be sure to check it out.

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Purple Heart Purple Heart 2 October 2015

Table of Contents

I've altered the appearance of the Table of Contents for the wiki. You can see the new look on literally any page that has a table of contents at the beginning. This will help pages with more section headings and information look less long (since the TOC tends to extend pretty far down) and that means less scrolling up and down for people. I hope you like it~

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Purple Heart Purple Heart 1 October 2015

Wiki Font

I've altered the font of the wiki to give it a more "Asian" feel to fit with the whole shinobi thing of the series. The normal font is the same for when you type but header fonts among other things have been changed. You'll also see it on the wiki activity. So... I just wanted to know.. do you like this? Or do you want to go back to the basic style?

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Purple Heart Purple Heart 28 September 2015

Admin Highlight

I've made it so that the admins of this wiki will have their names highlighted in red to make them stand out from normal contributors. It's just to make it easier for newer contributors to distinguish them in case they need an admin's assistance.

That is all~

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Feinoha Feinoha 27 September 2015

Reorganization notice (Senran Kagura Bust)

All of the Senran Kagura Burst related articles are now found in the category burst instead of the old category which has since been deleted (by me). This should help the category match the main article more closely. I've already posted a similar notice on SIA.

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Leon Tekashi Leon Tekashi 27 August 2015

Scroll Box Problem

So once again, there's a problem on Katsuragi's page. In the scroll box for Shinovi Versus, two of the images I put in there aren't appearing, but when I click on them, they appear. It's probably another bug or something. I'm not sure on what to do for this one. The problem started happening after I finished the Hanzo National Academy arc.

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Leon Tekashi Leon Tekashi 25 August 2015

Katsuragi's page

This is strange. So I was working on Kat's page as usual and save changes. Suddenly, everything disappeared. When I go to edit mode on the page though, everything reappears, but when I get out of it, everything disappears. Is this some sort of possible glitch or something else? I really hope Kat's page doesn't get messed up, cause that would seriously suck.

Edit: The page came back, but we should still look into this just in case.

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