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Bashō (芭蕉) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She started out by making her first debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave, and returned as a DLC character in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash.

As a relaxed individual, Bashō enjoys reading poems in quiet places. She has a calm, carefree personality and is charmed by Hikage's mysterious atmosphere. When she gets nervous, sometimes the tone of her voice goes strange and starts to sputter occasionally.

Her fighting style involves using a large brush, which conceals a sword to stab enemies, and ink character ninja arts.



Bashō has fair-pale skin and light purple eyes. Her hair is about chest length with a few strands longer, including two that stick down the center of her forehead. On the side are black bands held by tiny gold clips with chains of gold beads and pink flowers hanging from it. She tucks a paint brush behind one of her ears.

Bashō wears a pale brown kimono with loose, long sleeves and a cape of white and green with a floral design that ties around her neck on a black string. She wears a pair of loose, dull red hakama pants and around her waist is green material with yellow string. On each foot is a white toed sock.


She is a very calm and carefree yet very poetic. She enjoys reading poems and often searches for inspiration to write them. She tends to get nervous at times, which changes her tone of voice drastically. She also takes a keen interest in Hikage, due to her mysterious personality.


It is unknown what Bashō's history is about that got her in Hebijo Academy. It does make her have an interest in Hikage's aura, however.


  • Bashō/Peach Beach Splash

Bashō uses her large paintbrush as a melee attack to damage and knock back her opponents. It also has a hidden sword to attack her opponents. She not only relies on that, she also uses art-based attacks. Her Ninja Arts are based on the characters she writes. Other than that, all of her animations are the same as the other girls.

Like some of the Sōji' Skill Cards, Bashō's specialize in decreasing the enemies' accuracy for a duration. These cards share the same effect with the Bebeby Pet Card.


  • The ninja art she uses is essentially the same as Bashō's from HunterXHunter whose specialty is using the power of words of haiku.
  • Bashō's name (芭蕉) can mean "Japanese Fiber Banana".