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Ayame EV

Ayame PBS

Voiced By Natsue Sasamoto
Faction Hanzo Academy (1st-year)
Age 16
Gender Female
Birthday May, 8th (Taurus)
Blood Type A
Laterality Right
Guardian Wildcat
Weapon Greaves, Gauntlets
Personal Details
Favorite Food Nyuumen (Soumen Noodle Broth)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Height 160cm (5'3")
Bust 82cm (32")
Cup 62E
Bust Volume  ?.???ml
Waist 57cm (22")
Hips 75cm (30")

Ayame (菖蒲) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave. Above all else her own desires take precedence, she's a very relaxed, my pace sort of girl. At first glance in middle school, she idolized Katsuragi. She's doing well with her 'I want to harass you' appeal. She wants to kill her past self to move on, which is a very negative way to live. Her fighting style is martial arts without weapons, wielding iron gauntlets and iron boots.

In Shinovi Versus and Estival Versus, Ayame appears as the shopkeeper in the shinobi shop (She also appears in Estival Versus as a DLC character).

Appearance & Personality

As she idealized Katsuragi her appearance somewhat matches her. Where Katsuragi has blue as her theme color, Ayame uses red. She has very long, loose flowing hair of black with thin bangs. On the side of her hair is a thin red ribbon tied into a bow. Her eyes are deep red. Ayame's outfit is composed of a tight white top with the sleeves rolled past her shoulders and a loose dull red tie. It is buttoned in a way to reveal the center of her chest, stomach, and neck. Her skirt is a plaid design of ruby and peach with pale pink lines all over it. She wears the same iron boots as Katsuragi, but they are red and gold with a single pink bow on it. She wears them with thick white socks. Unlike Katsuragi, she also has on a pair of iron gauntlets with the same coloring as her boots. Her sleeves beneath them match her socks and are held by dull red ribbon.


Ayame appears girly in comparison to the tomboyish Katsuragi. She is somewhat feminine and has a sweet and helpful shopkeeper nature until provoked or harassed by customers.



Ninja Arts


  • Ayame's name (菖蒲) means "Iris", however it can be translated as "Sweet Flag".




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