Ayame (菖蒲) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave. Above all else her own desires take precedence, she's a very relaxed, my pace sort of girl. At first glance in middle school, she idolized Katsuragi. She's doing well with her 'I want to harass you' appeal. She wants to kill her past self to move on, which is a very negative way to live. Her fighting style is martial arts without weapons, wielding iron gauntlets and iron boots.

In Shinovi Versus and Estival Versus, Ayame appears as the shopkeeper in the shinobi shop (She also appears in Estival Versus as a DLC character).

Appearance & Personality

As she idealized Katsuragi her appearance somewhat matches her. Where Katsuragi has blue as her theme color, Ayame uses red. She has very long, loose flowing hair of black with thin bangs. On the side of her hair is a thin red ribbon tied into a bow. Her eyes are deep red. Ayame's outfit is composed of a tight white top with the sleeves rolled past her shoulders and a loose dull red tie. It is buttoned in a way to reveal the center of her chest, stomach, and neck. Her skirt is a plaid design of ruby and peach with pale pink lines all over it. She wears the same iron boots as Katsuragi, but they are red and gold with a single pink bow on it. She wears them with thick white socks. Unlike Katsuragi, she also has on a pair of iron gauntlets with the same coloring as her boots. Her sleeves beneath them match her socks and are held by dull red ribbon.


Ayame appears girly in comparison to the tomboyish Katsuragi. She is somewhat feminine and has a sweet and helpful shopkeeper nature until provoked or harassed by customers.


Peach Beach Splash


She is shown alongside the other Hanzo girls attending a barbeque holding onto Katsuragi's arm. During this their invitation to the Peach Beach Splash tournament suddenly strikes the grill Asuka was using.

Paradise Episodes

Ayame's Business

Ayame talks to herself about how she's in a real pickle. Though she says this without thinking. Although she is very grateful for being able to run the island shop as it was very successful. She had begun to think that her customers are growing tired of buying underwear and swimwear and began looking for something new to sell but couldn't think of anything. She says out loud that she couldn't think of anything. Shiki then appears telling her to leave that to her much to Ayame's surprise. She does know that Shiki knows about trends and styles and began to think she could help. Shiki questions her what sells these days before answering indie comics*. This confuses Ayame having never heard of indie comics. Shiki asks her if she had never heard of summer or winter comi. She tells Ayame that if she sells an indie comic where the leads, such as shinobi students it'll sell. Ayame thinks about it for a second before deciding to give it a try. But she then points out she can't write or draw. As if on cue Murakumo and Mirai suddenly enter the shop. Mirai offering to write the scenario and Murakumo saying she'd make it into a comic. Knowing that Murakumo and Mirai are referred to as the comic industry's budding threat and the online novelist filled with an explosive imagination respectively she knows that she'll have a hit with them helping her. Filled with confidence Ayame sets out with them to create their hit.

  • Changed from Doujinshi. Doujinshi are self published manga in japan it also applies to magazines and novels.

While the four are out and about Ayame asks if they were writing about female shinobi students. To which Mirai confirms as she says they may as well write what they know. Shiki points out that their friends can give them all kinds of ideas. Murakumo tells Ayame to leave it to them as they'll keep her store in the black. Ayame began feeling excited about the indie comic.

Shiki sees Yomi nearby and they approach her. Murakumo asks Yomi for some ideas for their comic, much to her confusion. Shiki asks her for the sexy ideas and decides to tease them out of her. Ayame agrees with this and they began to spray Yomi with water. When Yomi commented on the coldness of the water Mirai began to talk out loud about the scenario she made. Yomi questioned what she was doing while Mirai continued on leading Ayame to comment that she was making good progress. When they finish with Yomi, Ayame thanks her for the idea. Yomi asks her what kind of story were they planning to write.

They then run into Minori, whom Ayame asks her to help with the shop. Minori happily asks her what she could do. Murakumo asks her to get rowdy, give off a nice, lively vibe as it would be a good reference. Minori agrees to do this. Mirai began to say the scene out loud. Ayame comments about what Mirai said and how their comic would be a blast. Minori says she wants to read it but Mirai wasn't too sure about letting her read it Minori questions her why.

They later find Imu and Ayame asks the others what they should do about her. Murakumo decides to make Imu their gag character, Mirai makes a comment about gags. Their conversation did not go unnoticed as Imu approaches them about what they were gossiping about. Mirai says a scene out loud about how Imu was the final weapon born to Lord Vex and she was created to strike fear into humanity. This confuses Imu. Mirai continues how when people beheld Imu she was laughed at because she was only wearing underwear. Murakumo asks Imu to show her, her underwear for reference. Imu refuses. Ayame began to think that all their ideas were coming together. Murakumo tells Imu that is she doesn't show them her underwear she won't be in the comic. Something Imu was fine with.

Ayame spots Katsuragi and decides to make the comic all about her. Katsuragi questions what she was talking about. Mirai comments to always keep your customers happy something professionals say. She then tells Ayame that whatever story she wants she'll have it. Ayame says she wanted a story of true love between her and Katsuragi she grabs onto her senior student. Who responds by telling her she shouldn't grab her like that. Ayame responds by telling her it was for the shop asking her to go with it. She began to feel her up, Katsuragi tells her to stop only for Ayame to continue on. Mirai comments on how intense she was going. At this point Ayame decides they have everything they need.

Ayame talks about how the comic was finally finished. She flips through the book impressed by how it turned out. She liked how well-made it was especially the illustrations of her and Katsuragi. She comments how there was no way it won't top the charts. She then goes out to the printer to make hundreds of copies. Although it was a lot of copies she thought it would be a good enough story to sell out regardless she even begins to think that she could sell it to other stores on the mainland. She looks at the stacked copies of her book and began to imagine the story of her and Katsuragi spreading throughout the world. Her heart began to pound at the thought of that happening. Sadly Mr. K appears telling her, she thought they could sell it at the shop even pointing out how it was rated 18 and up. Ayame sees him standing behind her gripping a copy in his hand with blood coming from his nose. He then decides to shred every copy although Ayame tries to save one, she isn't able to save a single copy. In the end she doesn't mind as the heated romance was carved into her memory.


Ninja Arts


  • Ayame's name (菖蒲) means "Iris", however it can be translated as "Sweet Flag".
  • Ayame made her gauntlets and boots to match Katsuragi.
  • Ayame's Kansai accent is self-taught from a “Kansai in Five Minutes” book.


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