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Asuka (飛鳥) is a playable character in the Senran Kagura series second timeline. She is the leader of the Hanzō National Academy shinobi team.

A second year student at Hanzō National Academy. Her grandfather Hanzō is renowned as a legendary shinobi, and is the academy’s namesake. Given her remarkable pedigree, she has a lot of hidden potential within her and bears a strong sense of justice.

No matter how hard she may try, though, she can never quite bring herself to look as intimidating as she wants to, likely due to her overall bright and positive personality. Over time, she’s become a source of immense moral support for her friends and fellow shinobi.




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Asuka is a short girl who has her dark brown hair tied in a ponytail with a white ribbon.

In her Shinobi attire, she dons a uniform composed of a yellow vest over a white shirt, and a green plaid skirt to match her tie. Paired with it are black thigh high socks with brown loafers, and on each arm is a guard with bandages beneath them. On her waist are straps to hold her swords, and in this form she continues to wear her short red scarf.

Deep Shadow Mode

Unlike Homura, Yumi, and Miyabi, Asuka does not undergo any significant aesthetic changes. In this mode her hair is simply let down out of its ponytail and she is surrounded by a green aura. The length of her blades are also increased by this aura.


“"We're the same in so many ways, and yet so different. We come to blows whenever we meet. Maybe it's fate."”
—Asuka, Shinovi Versus
Asuka has a joyful and friendly personality and believes in teamwork, sticking together and friendship. She often appears to be gullible or clumsy, but she makes up for it with her determination and earnestness.

Due to her grandfather's teachings Asuka has somewhat of a pacifist nature and doesn't believe in fighting or hurting others unless she views it as completely necessary. Because of this, other shinobi from rival factions often view her as naive given the nature of the shinobi profession which ultimately requires them to take lives.

She also has a fascination with futomaki rolls and how thick they should be. She gets easily upset when her friends like smaller rolls because she believes that futomaki rolls are supposed to be big and thick.


Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus

Hanzō National Academy

Chapter 1
It was a new day at Hanzō National Academy. Kiriya told the group to prepare for training. As they got ready, Katsuragi chuckled to herself as she told Asuka how she saw her rubbing herself with a dry cloth through the window. Ikaruga was surprised about Asuka knowing about old fashioned hygiene. Asuka explained how her Grandpa, Hanzō, taught her the method.

Katsuragi thanked Asuka for the demonstration, which caused Asuka to become embarrassed. Hibari stated how doing it would prevent one from catching a cold. Liking the thought and getting carried away, Katsuragi suggested Asuka to clean herself like that every single day, to the point of doing it naked. Katsuragi's enthusiasm caused Hibari to get enthusiastic as well, but suddenly, Yagyū showed up in a flash while readying her weapon towards Katsuragi.

She felt that Katsuragi was being reckless for inspiring Hibari to do perverted things like that. As Katsuragi questioned why Yagyū had her weapon out, Yagyū stated that she would protect Hibari no matter what. Asuka mentioned how both Yagyū and Hibari are like a couple, which caught Yagyū off guard as she slowly processed what she just heard in her head. Suddenly Kiriya intervened and ended the conversation while also explaining to the group that they'd be doing basic training for the sake of retaining the fundamentals of combat. With that said, the group started their training session.

After the session, Katsuragi stated how it was her intention to have her cute juniors work hard. Hibari suggested Katsuragi to help out as much as she can. To start, Katsuragi demonstrated her way of helping by groping breasts. In a flash, Yagyū appears again and readied her weapon towards Katsuragi.

Quickly, Katsuragi tried explaining to Yagyū how it was a joke, but the reason didn't get through to her. She then asked Ikaruga for help, but Ikaruga declined right away and told Katsuragi how she reaped what she sowed. Hibari then intervened and asked Yagyū if she could come with her to eat some sweets. Yagyū agreed and told Katsuragi how lucky she was to be able to live another day then. Afterwards, both Hibari and Yagyū left.

Post Shinobi Battle Royale (Hanzo Academy Ending - SV).jpg

Sighing in relief, Katsuragi commented on how she'd always commit sexual harassment, even without a head while both Asuka and Ikaruga suggested that the group should always try their best to become a full-fledged shinobi.

Gessen Girl's Academy

Hebijo Clandestine Academy

Homura's Crimson Squad

Estival Versus

Festival Eve Full of Swimsuits (Anime OVA)

Kagura Millennium Festival

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Asuka was out and about openly talking about how she was a breathtakingly spunky shinobi student with her grandfather chasing after her asking her to give him his body back. Turns out Hanzō had switched bodies with Asuka with a body swapping technique he heard about that actually worked, so naturally he tried it out on his granddaughter. He never thought he'd be a young maiden, he began to feel himself up. Asuka's skin was bright and shiny, all of it was smooth to the touch. Asuka calls out to him telling him to stop appreciating her and switch them back. Asuka having gotten his body was chasing after him. Despite it being his body Hanzō actually began to feel uncomfortable at the sight of a desperate looking old man chasing after a young girl. He actually began to understand how that felt now that he got to see it from her perspective. The chase continues and Hanzō reveals he can switch them back at anytime as it's not difficult. But that means he can do it later so he chooses to enjoy this moment as he didn't think he'd get to be all shiny and youthful again. Asuka calls out to him asking him what he plans to do with her body. Hanzō tells her not to worry as he was going to spend quality time with her fellow students. Asuka calls out to him to stop.

Hanzō* comes across Yumi. He calls out to her passing himself off as Asuka. Though Yumi immediately takes notice that something was off. When asked she says something was a bit different about her. He tells her she was thinking too much as he was the legit, authentic Asuka a hundred and twenty percent. Yumi brushes off what she just heard as she could feel an aura of menace around Asuka. He responds by telling her that she was gonna make him cry as she was being so mean. Yumi then drops her behavior apologizing to who she thinks is Asuka telling "her" that she didn't mean to hurt her friend. He then feigns tears and says that he'll cry them out on her light, clear, soft skin causing Yumi to shriek. She responds by fighting back only to lose the fight. Hanzō makes a comment about how physical contact makes a world of difference.

  • Just a reminder from a gameplay perspective it is Asuka we are playing as but from a story perspective it is Hanzō in Asuka's body so we are going to be referring to him.

While out and about on the festival grounds he sees two faces lined up and those faces being Renka and Ryōki. Like Yumi, Ryōki also notices something off about who claims to be Asuka. Hanzō makes a snarky retort. Renka questions when Asuka started talking like "she" just did. Hanzō tells her that he doesn't blame her for doubting as they still don't know each other very well. So that's why they should get to know each other better if they know what he means. Renka grows more suspicious about "her" and says that wasn't Asuka. Hanzō claims that he is and tells them to look at his nice body. Ryōki points out physically it is Asuka, but "she" felt different. Renka asks if "she" was possessed by a Yōma if that was the case they'd beat it right out. Hanzō tells them that he likes it rough and tells them to bring it on. And so the two girls fight who they think is Asuka and subsequently lose. Hanzō comments how great it felt to understand each other through physical contact.

He is approached by Ryōbi who mentions to who she thinks is Asuka that she had a dangerous scent coming off her. Hanzō tells her he doesn't smell it. Ryōbi asks if something was wrong as Asuka wasn't very happy go lucky. Hanzō tells her he just met someone he didn't he didn't care to come into contact with. Ryōbi asks what that meant, Hanzō tells her he meant nothing, just saying. Ryōbi angrily tells him that they were definitely coming into contact. Hanzō glances at Ryōbi's implants and calls them fakes. Ryōbi tells him not to call them fakes. Hanzō comments that she is usually flat and they were fakes. Ryōbi tries to say they were a new revolution. Hanzō responds that they were an old imitation, counterfeits. Angered by this Ryōbi tells him she'll kill him. Ryōbi attacks Hanzō who beats her in the end. He tells her there was nothing wrong about being small, and to cheer up.

Hanzō is suddenly confronted by Homura, Miyabi and Imu having been informed about what he was doing. When Homura tells him that Asuka told them everything he doesn't try to pretend he was Asuka. Miyabi says to him that he had his way but it ends here. Homura tells him that she was going to make him give her rival her body back. Hanzō tells her that he wasn't done having fun yet. Homura then told him to go back to his own body, even calling him a perverted geezer. Hanzō responds that wasn't happening, as his hands weren't done yet. Miyabi warns him that if he kept this tantrum up a demon will come for him. Hanzō immediately knows who she's talking about: his wife Sayuri who is far stronger and more skilled than he is. Imu tells him that when you piss her off, you'll feel it. Hanzō thinks to himself that Asuka must've ratted his current activities out to Sayuri. Homura tells him to stop and come quietly. Hanzō knowing what was coming tells them before Sayuri shows up he'll have all the fun he could get. Miyabi makes a comment that he was hopeless. Hanzō fights all three girls and wins. Knowing what was coming for him next he decides to run to the ends of the earth before Sayuri spots him.

Hanzō tried to find a place to hide from his wife. Unfortunately his attempts are in vain as Sayuri finds him and tells him there was no escape for him. Hanzō shocked at the sight of his wife asks her when she arrived. She makes a comment about how he had been using his own granddaughter's body to do his dirty work. Hanzō tries to say he had a perfectly good reason for doing it. Sayuri brushes his words off and tells him to stop yapping and it was time for him to learn his lesson. He tries to tell her he had a greater purpose for his action, Sayuri questions what purpose did he have, touching young girls. Hanzō foolishly admits that was it and tries to continue his sentence but Sayuri interrupts him telling him that she was going to force him back into his own skin and to prepare himself for what was about to happen to him. Hanzō pleads for forgiveness and tells her he'll do whatever she wants him to do tonight, asking for a little mercy. Sayuri responds by asking him if those were his last words. And so they fight with Sayuri using her Jasmine form to fight and apprehend him*. Hanzō laments that his body was going back to normal.

  • Although the gameplay has Jasmine be the one defeated, however story-wise she got them switched back meaning canonically Hanzō lost this fight.

Asuka EV SGH.jpg
Thanks to Sayuri, Hanzō and Asuka get switched back to their proper bodies. Asuka even cheers at this fact, as for Hanzō he kneels down with his head in apology to his wife. Hanzō even apologizes to Asuka saying he'll never use her body for evil again. Asuka let's him off the hook this one time but warns him about doing this again. Sayuri speaks up saying she wanted to go home as she was exhausted. Hanzō then offers to carry her. She turns to face Asuka and blushes and lets her husband swing her up on his back and carry her away. Asuka reveals that her grandparents love to argue but they get along really well. She wonders if she'll have the same relationship with someone out there. As she watches them walk away she felt warm and fuzzy. Those feelings were replaced with cold and queasy ones, as a sinister presence was approaching her from behind. "Asuka... we have finally find you." Recognizing the voice as Yumi who along with Ryōki, Renka and Ryōbi arrived to confront her not knowing about the body switching. Ryōki angrily says to her "How dare you feel us up like that without even asking?!" All four of them surround Asuka as she tries to explain it wasn't her but they were too blinded by anger to listen and close in on her. Asuka shouts out to her grandfather calling him an idiot.


Hanzō: "Howdy! My name's Asuka! I'm a breathtakingly spunky shinobi student!"
Asuka: "G-Grandpa! Give me back my body!"

It all started with somethin' trivial.

I heard about this body-swappin' technique, so I thought I'd try it out, and it worked! I didn't switch with just anyone, either -- I ended up switchin' with my granddaughter, Asuka!

Hanzō: "Who would've guessed that I'd ever get to be a young maiden... What a time to be alive."

A young woman's body feels so nice, doesn't it?
My skin's all bright and shiny, and everything's soft to the touch.

Asuka: "Grandpa! Stop 'appreciating' me and switch us back!"

Asuka, who got my body in trade, starts coming after me.
Wow, being chased by a desperate-lookin' old man sure is terrifyin'.
I kinda understand how it feels now, lookin' at it from this side of things.

Of course, I CAN switch us back.
Turns out it's not hard at all. I can do it anytime.
But that also means I can do it later. So I think I'll go ahead and enjoy this a bit more first.
I mean, here I am, all shiny and youthful again. I thought I'd never have that.
Sorry, Asuka. When you're old, you've got to learn to be patient.

Asuka: "H-hey, wait! Grandpa, what are you planning to DO with my body?!"

Hanzō: "Don't you worry, Asuka! I'm just gonna spend a little quality time with your fellow students. Har har har har!"

Asuka: "S-S-S-S-STOOOPPP!"

' Hanzō?=

"Howdy! I'm Asuka! Man, this body is great!" -Asuka?'

Beginning of Mission:

Asuka: "Yumi! It's me, Asuka!

Yumi: "Asuka?"

Asuka: "Is-is somethin' the matter?"

Yumi: "You...seem a bit different than usual..."

Asuka: "Nah, you're thinking' too much! I'm Asuka! I'm the legit, authentic Asuka, 120%!"

When facing Yumi:

Yumi: "Th-there is something definitely wrong with you today! I can feel an aura of menace all around you!"

Asuka: "Aww, why are you bein' so mean? You're gonna make me cry!"

Yumi: "M-my apologies. I did not mean to hurt you..."

Asuka: "Waaah! Waaah! I'm so sad!"

Yumi: "A-Asuka?"

Asuka: "Let me cry my eyes out...on that clear, light, soft skin of yours!"

Yumi: "A-AAAH!"

After defeating Yumi:

Asuka : "Mmhmm. Just like I thought, physical contact makes a world o' difference! Har har har!"

"Ooh, new faces! Hey, let me ask you young ladies somethin'!" Asuka?
Beginning of Mission:

Ryōki: "Oh my. Asuka, is that...really you?"

Asuka: "Yeah, what's it to ya?"

Renka: "Hm? When did you start talking like that?"

Asuka: "Eh, I can't blame for doubtin'. We still don't know each other that well. That's why I think we oughtta get to know each other better! Get what I mean?"

When facing Ryōki and Renka:

Renka: "Somethin's really weird! She's definitely not Asuka!"

Asuka: "No, I seriously am. Look, check out my nice body."

Ryōki: "Physically, it's Asuka...but she feels different."

Renka: "Are you possessed by a yōma? If that's the case, we'll beat it right the hell out of ya!"

Asuka: "Har har har! I love gettin' rough! Bring it on!

After defeating Ryōki and Renka:

Asuka: "Understandin' each other through physical interaction... Ain't it great?"

"I found somebody, but they weren't worth it..." -Asuka?

Beginning of Mission:

Ryōbi: "Asuka, you've got a very dangerous scent coming off you today!"

Asuka: "You think so? I don't smell it."

Ryōbi: "You don't seem so happy go lucky. What's going on?"

Asuka: "I just met someone I didn't care to come into contact with."

Ryōbi: "Wh-what do you mean by that?!"

Asuka: "Nothin'. Just sayin'."

Ryōbi: "Screw you! You bet your ass we're gonna come in 'contact'!"

When facing Ryōbi:

Asuka: "Fakes, huh...?"

Ryōbi: "D-don't call them fakes!"

Asuka: "You're usually flat. They're fakes."

Ryōbi: "No, no, no! They're a new revolution."

Asuka: "They're an old imitation. Counterfeits."

Ryōbi: "I-I'll fuckin' kill you!"

After defeating Ryōbi:

Asuka: "Well, there's nothin' wrong with bein' small. Cheer up."

"Crap! I gotta squeeze in all the fun I can before Sayuri catches up with me!" -Asuka?

Beginning of Mission:

Homura: "Asuka! No...Hanzō!"

Asuka: "Wh-what?!"

Homura: "I heart everything from Hanzō...! I mean... Asuka! Geez, this is a pain in the ass..."

Asuka: "Tch, looks like the jig is up."

Miyabi: "You've been having your way, but it all ends here."

Homura: "I'm gonna make you give my rival her body back!"

Asuka: "Uh-uh! I'm not done havin' fun yet!"

When facing Homura, Miyabi and Imu:

Homura: "Hurry up and go back to your own body! You perverted geezer!"

Asuka: "Not happenin'! My hands ain't done yet!"

Miyabi: "Keep this tantrum up and a demon will come after you."

Asuka: "Oh, n-no... Are you talkin' about Sayuri?!"

Imu: "When you piss her off, you know damn well you're going to feel it."

Asuka: "Th-this isn't good... Asuka, you tattled to Sayuri...?)"

Homura: "Now knock it off and come quietly!"

Asuka: "Tell you what. Before Sayuri shows up... I'm gonna have all the fun I can get!"

Miyabi: "S-so hopeless..."

After defeating Homura, Miyabi and Imu:

Asuka: "I-I can't be doin' this! I gotta run to the ends of the earth before Sayuri spots me..."

"S-Sayuri?! If that's the case... Hanzō, ready to dance!" -Hanzō

Beginning of Mission:

Sayuri: "No escape for you, old man."

Asuka: "WH-AAAAAH! Sayuri?! When did you get here?!"

Sayuri: "Usin' your own granddaughter's body to do your dirty work..."

Asuka: "N-no, I had a perfectly good reason for this..."

Sayuri: "No more yappin'! Time to learn your lesson!"

Asuka: "Eeeeeeek!"

When facing Jasmine:

Asuka: "No, Sayuri! I had a...a greater purpose here!"

Sayuri: "What "purpose"? You mean touchin' young girls?"

Asuka: "W-well, there's that, but also, um..."

Sayuri: "I'm gonna force you back into your own skin! You get yourself ready, now!"

Asuka: "P-please forgive me, Sayuri! I'll, uh... I'll do whatever you want tonight... So how about a li'l mercy, huh?"

Sayuri: "So those are your last words, are they?!"

After defeating Jasmine:

Asuka: "Uuuhhh... My body's goin' back to normal..."

Asuka EV SGH.jpg

Asuka: "Yay! I'm back to my normal self!"

Thanks to Grandma, Grandpa and I have just swapped back to our original bodies.

Grandpa kneels in front of Grandma and bows his head in apology.
Grandpa, the legendary shinobi, is no match for his wife.

Hanzō: "Asuka, I was wrong! I'll never use your body for evil ever again!"
Asuka: "All right, you're forgiven for now...but if you even THINK of trying this ONE more time..."

Sayuri: "C'mon, let's go home. I'm a little pooped over here."
Hanzō: "Here, let me carry you."

Grandma looks in my direction and blushes, but then she lets Grandpa swing her up onto his back, and they leave together. Those two love to argue, but they actually get along really well.
Maybe someday, I'll have that kind of relationship with someone out there.

As I watch them walk away, I feel warm and fuzzy. Then I feel cold and queasy, as a sinister presence approaches from behind.

Yumi: "Asuka... We have finally found you."

Yumi and the others surround me all at once.

Berserk Ryōki: "How dare you feel us like that without even askin'?!"
Asuka: "Y-you guys?! No you got it all wrong... That was Grandpa..."

I try to explain, but everyone's too angry to listen.
Without another word, they close in on me.

Asuka: "Waaaaaah! Grandpa, you suuuck!!"

Dual Shinobi Hearts

Time to Teach

Growing bored with abusing Ryōna constantly, Haruka decides to tease and toy with Asuka and Homura's feelings towards each other, to which Ryōna decides to tag along with Haruka.


"I'm...bored." -Haruka
"Whaaa?! IT CAAAN'T BEEE!" -Ryōna

Peach Beach Splash


She is shown alongside the other Hanzō girls attending a barbeque. During this their invitation to the Peach Beach Splash tournament suddenly strikes the grill she was using.

Hanzō Arc

Paradise Episodes


Main Articles: Asuka/Shinovi Versus  · Asuka/Estival Versus  · Asuka/Peach Beach Splash

She uses two wakizashis, or short Japanese swords (although one sword is slightly longer than the other) in combat. She is quick and nimble on her feet which allows her to move about and catch her enemies off guard with her quick and sharp attacks. Her Ninpos utilizes the power of the earth.

"None of Asuka's stats stand out, but none of them are lacking either. She's well-balanced for close-range combat, and she can take hits while she's at it. She lacks any difficult techniques, making her a beginner-friendly character. The only thing she severely lacks is range. When surrounded, it's best to finish her combo with an Aerial Rave to get out. When going against long-range enemies, dash in for the kill. Her Ultimate Secret Ninja Art has her transform into her Deep Shadow mode, whereupon her moves change completely. She can home in on her enemies just by attacking, but dealing damage to one specific targeted enemy is a bit difficult. Take out other enemies before going after high-profile targets." -Estival Versus: Asuka's Battle Card

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Arts

Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
Resolution of Bloom Shinovi Versus The opening song for the game. It is sung by Yumi (Yumi Hara) and Asuka (Hitomi Harada).
Successor of Hanzo Asuka's theme. It also plays when you fight against her.
SUNSHINE FES Estival Versus The opening song for the game. It is sung by Yumi (Yumi Hara) and Asuka (Hitomi Harada).
SUNSHINE FES (Asuka's Version) Asuka's solo version of the opening song.
Grandma's True Intentions Asuka's theme after transforming. It also plays when you fight against her.