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Asuka (飛鳥) is a playable character and main heroine in the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls.


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Asuka's shinobi heritage comes from her Grandfather Hanzō on her mother's side. Although her mother was a shinobi, her father was not. Originally, her father dreamed and was on the verge of becoming a successful lawyer, however he was charmed by Asuka's mother. Hanzō did not approve of their relationship, and the two constantly fought about it. Asuka's father loved her so much that he was willing to give up his dream of becoming a lawyer, as long as he could be with her.

According to him, he didn't need dreams or money if he could spend his life with her. Hanzō was so moved by his resolve and dedication that he could not bear to refuse his proposal, allowed them to get married and decided to open up a sushi shop with Asuka's father.

When Asuka was growing up, she had a reputation for getting into fights and beating up boys and girls alike, to which Hanzō told her she was an independent sword, without a compatible shield.

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At some point, Asuka enlisted in Hanzō National Academy to follow Hanzō's footsteps and to understand the concept of being a sword and a shield.

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During her first year, Asuka had some trouble keeping up with both Katsuragi and Ikaruga due to her clumsy nature, but she managed to push through and reached her second year with average scores.

Other Appearances


New Wave

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Asuka appears as a playable character in the mobile card collection game, Senran Kagura: New Wave, alongside the other members of Hanzō Academy.

Bon Appétit!


Asuka was running around the shopping district and without thinking she loudly shouts “I need something big and thick, now!” Which caught the attention of everyone in the area causing them to stop and stare at her. Asuka had no time for shame as she was in a predicament. It had started an hour ago when she was getting hungry and went to buy futomaki rolls in town. No matter where she went, she couldn’t find one big enough to satisfy her. Compared to the futomaki rolls her grandpa made they were too small. “These cute little thin ones aren’t going to do it for me!” She says as she continues her search. She ran all throughout the shopping district and couldn’t find any big or thick or juicy enough to satisfy her need. It then finally occurs to her that the big and thick ones were slowly being phased out in Japan. Girls nowadays preferred bite-sized ones that fit in their mouths. She begins to lament about how big and thick rolls were going to go extinct at the rate they were going and how she’ll never feel satisfaction again. Just as the gravity of her situation was hitting her, she notices a flyer announcing a Super Dish Gourmet Cook-off. This was it; she was going to enter the competition and show everyone the beauty of colossal size and mammoth girth. “For the sake of enormity, I will not abide you!” She shouted.

Round 1 Her first opponent was her teammate Ikaruga which Asuka makes a comment on. Ikaruga replies that it would be a pleasure to battle her. Asuka began asking her which side was she on. Ikaruga was confused at this until Asuka asked her if she liked them big and thick or small and thin. Ikaruga not knowing she was talking about food was questioning what she was talking about. Asuka tells her she was talking about the size of food and began demanding to know what side she was on. Ikaruga asks what came over her and why would she want to know such a thing. Asuka just shouts “Never mind why! Just answer me!” Ikaruga tells her if she had to choose, she’d prefer smaller foods that are easier to eat. Primarily because they’d be less likely to leave stains around her mouth and by her own admission, she thought they were cute when they were small. This angered Asuka who asked her if that’s how it was going to be and if that was the case, she would have to put one in her mouth herself. Ikaruga asks her what she was planning to do. Asuka goes on about how she was going to make her understand the magnitude of size and thickness, so she was going to shove a fat one down her throat. She then tells Ikaruga to prepare herself who begins to shriek. And so, the first round of the competition began with Asuka winning. After her victory Asuka asks Ikaruga how it was and if it tasted great. Ikaruga didn’t respond due to the food in her mouth. Asuka agreed with her and got what she was saying. It was happiness that couldn’t be described by words, like a moment of supreme bliss. Ikaruga once again couldn’t get a word out because of the food in her mouth. At this point Asuka decides to keep on spreading the word of girth. She planned on making everyone to understand the wonders of width and legends of length.

Round 4 Her next opponent was her rival, Homura whom Asuka calls out to. Homura taking notice of her says to her that she was her next opponent and no matter what she wouldn’t lose, she tried to say for them to have a good fight but Asuka tried shoving food into her mouth, leading to Homura asking what she was trying to put in her mouth. Asuka asks Homura if she liked big and thick stuff, so she should stuff her face with a futomaki roll and once again tried to stuff more into her mouth. Homura tells her to knock it off and to not just go shoving things into her mouth and shoves Asuka away. Asuka questions what her problem was and why she pushed her away. Homura tells her, her mouth wasn’t big enough for that roll. Asuka was starting to freak out and asks her to tell her she wasn’t on their side and how she thought she was different. Homura asks Asuka if she sacrificed herself to the will of evil when she wasn’t looking or something. Homura tells Asuka she wasn’t herself at the moment, her obsession with the size of the rolls put her into a trance. Asuka tells her to say she loved all things large and say she loved all things thick. Homura decides that at this point it didn’t matter what she said. An upset Asuka says to her. “For the sake of enormity, I will not abide you!” The next round of the competition began with Asuka scoring another victory. After the round Asuka gives off a hearty chuckle and asks Homura if she understood. The bigger it was the better it was for her. Homura ponders about her strength and how could she have this much power. She thought it was the power of love, love made people stronger. Her love for anything big and thick easily overpowered her own strength at this rate she’d fall behind. She wondered how to surpass her power, she then realized it, she just had to love something greater than size and thickness. She tells Asuka she liked then big, thick and hard. Asuka decided that this wouldn’t cut it, she still had to spread the word to everyone else. She declares “Size is strength! Girth is glory! The world must know!” Homura notes that she didn’t hear a word she said.

Round 5 Her final opponent was her senior Daidōji who Asuka takes note of. Daidōji informs her that she could think of nobody else worthy of being her opponent. Asuka mentions she wouldn’t have expected to find her there. Daidōji also mentions she heard about Asuka’s mission to spread the greatness of large and thick. When Asuka asks her what side, she was on Daidōji tells her, she loved everything large and thick. Asuka was delighted at this, she finally found someone who almost felt the same as she did. Daidōji takes note of “Almost feels the same.” She asks if she proclaimed her love for girth and length was greater than hers. Asuka tells of course as nobody could top her dedication not even her. Daidōji tells her Well said and how fitting it was they’d settle this in battle. Asuka once again declares “For the sake of enormity, I will not abide you!” And thus, the final round of the competition started with Asuka emerging the victor.

Epilogue After winning the contest Asuka was ecstatic on how she beat Daidōji. Daidōji congratulates her and says her passion for size assuredly surpassed her own. Asuka tells her of course it did and “Large as a barge, thick as a brick! That’s how I roll!” Asuka asks Daidōji if it felt like happiness was spreading throughout her mouth. And the satisfaction of being full on top of it all. “I love it. It’s the height of majesty!” she says. She then mentions that all this talk was making her hungry, she then comes up with the perfect solution to her hunger. A futomaki party. She later ordered a big, thick futomaki roll and offered them to Katsuragi and Ikaruga. Both girls take note of the size and weren’t sure if they’d fit in their mouths. Seeing as how they were both hesitant Asuka offered her seniors some encouragement. She tells them not to worry as people could do anything if they tried. She then shoves the rolls into their mouths. The two girls tried to stop her but they couldn’t get too many words out as their mouths were stuffed with food. Asuka does take notice that their mouths were ready to burst, but they seemed happy and was glad. At the tournament she shared portions of epic proportions with the world at large. She hoped that they’d start seeing heftier, thicker foods at every corner from now on. She knew that everyone would work together to find new ways of expanding all kinds of cuisine, arousing her senses to the limit, just the thought of this made her feel warm inside. She then shouts out. “What’s thick makes me tick and what’s huge makes me happy!”

Non-Senran Kagura Appearances


Skirting Shadows

Guren no Uroboros


Ninja Flash! and Shinovi Master

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  • Asuka's name means "Flying Bird".
  • Asuka's Shinobi outfit strikingly resembles the uniforms from the To Love-Ru series and Ikkitousen series' Nanyo's school.
  • Asuka seems to not like her breasts being big and actually wishes they were smaller. (However, it is possible that she says this because of Katsuragi's perverted nature; believing that if her breasts were smaller, then Katsuragi wouldn't grope her.)
  • Asuka shares the same birthday as Ginrei.
  • In Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, there is a costume based on Asuka for Kasumi to wear (DLC).
  • According to the manga Skirting Shadows, Asuka's birthday is at May 8th, in the anime Ninja Flash, her birthday resides at August 22nd. However, in the game series, it seems precept that Asuka's birthday is at September 8th.

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