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Ashiya(芦屋) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave.

The self-proclaimed disciple of an unidentified God with the cardinal number suffix of 666.

She wields three chakrams, which she deftly uses to cut up her opponents.



Ashiya is a fair-skinned girl with long curled red hair with a pinkish ombré on the ends of some curls. She wears two small tufts of hair up in pigtails held by a tiny yellow ribbon and has a simple gold tiara on top of her head. Her eyes are violet.

She wears a very revealing, flowing pink gown that loosely resembles a kimono, accented by black and long rope of yellow and white. Over her lower half is a flap of white and yellow material with a pink-peach image drawn on it. Around her neck is a loose flowing scarf with a simple gold pendant hanging from beneath it.


Ashiya is too arrogant a girl to those who know her. She is usually in her own world. She acts as if he is some kind of being from the depths of hell, while referring to everyone as mere human beings. For that reason she has few friends. She herself is aware of her attitude and although she is using her full strength to better herself, she fails every time and gets even more aggravated.

In spite of that and her evil shinobi status, her teammates are her friends, and she is hopeful that she will have many more friends.


Combat Capabilities & Gameplay

Ashiya fights using three sharp chakrams as weapons, which she uses to attack her opponents. She possesses the best defense among her teammates, but her attack power is weak.

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  • Ashiya's name (芦屋) may be translated as "Reed Shop", possibly taken from the name of the city of Ashiya in the Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.