Aria (亞璃亞) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura videogame series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave. A 3rd year at Sakigei municipal, A personality like a Polish charango, she likes fun things. Uneventfully living in the past, she gazes toward the future. Things like the occult, urban legends, etc tend to be romantic to her.

She crushes her opponents with gigantic cymbals.


Appearance & Personality

Aria is lightly tanned with slanted purple eyes and medium-long black hair pulled into a ponytail held by a black ribbon.

She wears a red and indigo split top and matching pants, each lined by white fluffy trim and ruffles. Her top and pants have a split color theme, in that the left side of the chest, right sleeve, and right pant-leg is light red, while the opposite side is indigo. It has a white shuriken print all over it. She wears gold shoes with a small white pom-pom attached to the toe, matching the pom-pom's going down the center of the chest.

Over her hands she wears black protectors accented by gold. On her head is a small white band with a red squeaky nose and two shuriken, to resemble a clown face. It has two thin pieces of material attached to it, following her outfit theme. Around her neck is sheer, black material.





  • Aria's name derives from the Italian musical term aria, however the kanji of her name (亞璃亞) can be roughly translated as "Lapis Lazuli Ranks".


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