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Airi is a playable guest character that appeared in Shinobi Master Senran Kagura: New Link during a limited time event, alongside fellow Queen's Blade character, Leina.


Airi is an extremely attractive young woman, who has long, red hair in twintails and blue-green eyes. She is always seen wearing a French maid outfit and wielding a large scythe as her weapon of choice.


Airi is a calm and reserved person, who is generally kind but will attack people if need be. Her kindness, however, can get in the way sometimes, as a wraith, she must feed on others' life force. She is also very dedicated to the duties given to her by The Swamp Witch, even willing to suffer three days of tickle "torture" to prove to Melona how loyal she really is.


Airi serves the Marshland Witch, she who controls the undead and apparitions from the Netherworld and plans to rule over the Continent. She's a spirit summoned from the Netherworld and was enchanted with an obedience spell by the witch. Even if she's being forced to work under her, Airi performs her duties admirably and with no complaints.

Although she's a spirit, Airi's body has substance. Her clothes don't, and they're just an image projected by her, that seem real in the eyes of normal people. Without sucking energy from living beings, Airi can't stay in the earthly plane. She manages to suck energy by touching directly the bodies of her victims, and she seems to enjoy it more when the victim is frightened.

To rule over the Continent as soon as possible, the witch sends an elite troop to enter Queen's Blade. Airi, liking to suck energy from beautiful women, goes to serve her master all too willingly.


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