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Aimu(藍夢) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave G Burst. She is one of the 10 new girls that were announced at the Sernan Kagura live stream on 8th January 2014 and were released 14th February 2014.



Aimu has a light tan complexion with large, caramel-colored eyes and dull brown hair that curls up on end. Her bangs are brushed to the left with a single blue hair clip on the right.

Her attire consists of a white and gold Chinese top beneath a dark indigo and brown bolero and a blue and gold bow. Her skirt is an indigo pleat with gold, white, and blue lining to match her stockings. She wears a flowing black cape and a witches hat with a thick blue band around the middle, adorned with a single white circle and a yellow ribbon. On each foot is a black boot, while her lower arm is covered with a black and blue sleeve.


Combining innocence and curiosity, she's every bit as childish as she looks.  Her teammates dote on her like a little sister, and she spends her days indulging her every whim.

She believes she was a fallen angel in a past life, and conducts herself as such, but aspires to reach the top.


Member of the Zodiac Star Committee and a first-year high school student. In the past she was helped by Leo.


In battle, she shoots from long distance with the large bowgun on her left arm.


  • Aimu's name (藍夢) means "Blue Dream".