Ageha (揚羽) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura videogame series who makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave

Her main fighting style involves rose decorated Senbon Needles.



Ageha is a brown-skinned girl with  dark green hair is worn in a long ponytail held by vines with small pink flower buds strewn around them to match the large pink flower worn to the side of her head and bright yellow eyes. She wears a frilly red blouse with the collar a V-shape to reveal the top and middle of her breast.

Her skirt is a long frilly black multilayer with red lining. The back is longer than the front. She wears sheer grey tights with a thorny vine wrapped around her left leg to hold her flower-modified weapon. She wears plain black pumps with straps around the ankle.







  • The name Ageha means "fried" (揚) (age) and feathers"" (羽) (ha) means
    • It can also mean 'Swallowtail Butterfly'.
  • Ageha's fighting costume is based on female flamenco dancer outfit. 
  • Ageha's mother is Spanish.
    • Due to the influence of her mother's country, compared to other girls she has a very mature atmosphere. Her behavior is also somewhat mature. 
  • Ageha loves showy/flashy things, and above all she loves to dance.
    • It seems the reason she chose to pursue the path of a ninja is her father.


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