Senrankagura arc angels

A.R.C. Angels' Emblem

A.R.C. Angels
is a rock band made up of five high school girls. These girls are also shinobi students, and fight using their instruments as weapons. They were introduced in Shinobi Master Senran Kagura: New Link.

Distinguishing Characteristics

While they all wear similar school uniforms when not in their shinobi transformation state, it is unknown what school the members of the band belong to.

The rock band is managed by Saint Venus, a company designed to train Evil Shinobi and have them infiltrate various industries. When forming the band, Saint Venus had the girls transferred to the same school.

Notable Characters

Members of A.R.C. Angels

First Year Students

Second Year Students

Third Year Students


  • A.R.C. Angels is a rare faction that is actually led by the youngest member.


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